first_imgThe other big topic to try will be about the possible linear decreases in wages. Negotiations to make a decision, in case the game cannot be resumed, they seem to be on the right track. LaLiga already reported on Tuesday, and will insist, on the numbers that the clubs are making if this scenario occurs and that they could affect a percentage of the monthly salary that the players have perceived during the break. Never of the card (normally distributed in two extra payments) or of the premiums and image rights. AFE will transfer the players opinion, already revealed in AS: they will be supportive and they are ready to lower your salary and even to lose vacations, but the readjustments should come in due time, when it is known, with data in hand, how many games have been played and how many have not been played and what losses are being discussed.LaLiga wants to tend bridges with AFE, union which curiously a few months ago was faced for various cases, such as the Miami game, while receiving ONly Footballers at their headquarters, now out of these informative conversations. Thebes meets with the clubs on Monday in the Division Boards, first with the First clubs and then with the Second clubs, and he wants to transfer agreements to them and, above all, solutions. After the meeting held last Tuesday between LaLiga and AFE, which has raised blisters, has brought forth some mistrust and has given rise to several interested and remote-controlled statements, both institutions will meet again today. Javier Tebas and Luis Gil, on the part of the employers, and David Aganzo and Diego Rivas, on the part of the union, will play the second part of a game in which everything is to be solved with clubs and footballers as great protagonists. This time, unlike the other day, the time of the video conference has not transcended, to avoid leaks, but It is expected that at the end there will be official communications because the objective is, finally, to close agreements.One of the items on the agenda will revolve around the threat of ERTE in professional football. AFE continues to see them out of place at the moment as the activity in Spanish football has not stopped (the players continue to train at home) and takes it for granted, according to the data they manage, that there will be no more than 10 professional clubs, of the 42 existing ones, that dare to take the step today. They understand that most of those who do so will want to take advantage of this crisis, without showing solidarity with the country, to readjust numbers that before the coronavirus no longer matched them. The Barca it’s an example. For this reason, AFE will insist on the monitoring and reporting that they are carrying out so that there are no irregularities. Nevertheless, Thebes will make them see that LaLiga handles other information and that there could be many more clubs, including some of them historic, that are temporarily firing.last_img


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