Armistice Day Prince Harry lays wreath to remember the nations war dead

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. England and Scotland footballers are expected to risk breaking Fifa rules forbidding “political statements” when they wear poppy armbands at their World Cup qualifying match at Wembley later. People gathered at war memorials and in schools, offices and other public places across the UK to pause for two minutes to commemorate the moment the guns fell silent for peace at the end of World War One, on 11 November 1918.Prince Harry read Rupert Brooke’s poem The Soldier, written at the beginning of the war, as part of the service at the National Memorial Arboretum. Prince Harry attending a Service of Remembrance at the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in StaffordshireCredit:Chris Radburn/PA Wire 11:44AMHarry reads war poem 10:31AMFans urged to respect Armistice Day Prince Harry attending a Service of Remembrance at the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire After paying his respects, he read aloud a poem, The Soldier, by the First World War poet Rupert Brooke.Harry served for 10 years in the Army, and was twice deployed to Afghanistan. Prince Harry, 32, attended a Remembrance Service at the Armed Forces Memorial alongside veterans and representatives of the Army, Royal Navy, and RAF. Football fans have been asked to respect Armistice Day events as thousands descend on the capital for the England v Scotland World Cup qualifier.About 14,000 Tartan Army supporters are expected to flock to London for the sell-out game at the 90,000-capacity Wembley stadium which kicks off at 7.45pm on Friday.A Met Police spokesman said: “We are aware that in the past Scottish supporters have congregated in Trafalgar Square.”Given the match falls on November 11, we have also been liaising with the Royal British Legion, who will be hosting their ‘Silence in the Square’ event in Trafalgar Square to mark Armistice Day.”Scotland Yard said it would use the football unit Twitter account (@MPSFootballUnit) to liaise with fans through the day.Virgin trains advised supporters to book ahead and arrive early, with hundreds of additional seats added on services between Glasgow and London.Trains from Edinburgh and Glasgow are expected to be at their busiest on Friday morning, as will return services on Saturday from Euston and King’s Cross stations.Superintendent Alex Carson, who is co-ordinating the British Transport Police (BTP) operation, said: “We want fans to enjoy themselves and for everyone to have a safe and peaceful journey, but we will have a highly visible policing presence to ensure any anti-social behaviour or crime is swiftly nipped in the bud.” Prince Harry led the nation in remembrance on Friday as he laid a wreath at the National Memorial Arboretum.It followed a two-minute silence observed across the UK for Armistice Day.Silence fell at 11am to remember servicemen and women killed in battle.last_img read more

Police officer who fostered child sex abuse victim went on to abuse

first_imgA police officer who fostered a 14-year-old girl after she was rescued from child sex abuse went on to abuse her himself, a court heard.Social workers placed the teenager in the care of the serving Metropolitan Police officer and his wife and moved her 300 miles to live with the couple.But she ended up having an illicit sexual relationship with her foster father during which they twice stayed at a hotel together. Body builder and former gym instructor Andrew TimblinCredit: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd Body builder and former gym instructor Andrew Timblin She is a very young woman with her life before her. It’s to be hoped she will be able to transcend the impact and make her proper place in the world and move onJudge Jeffery Lewis The teenager was left with ex-bodybuilder Timblin despite his hardman reputation and the youngster’s tearful pleas to her mother not to leave her alone with him.The girl who was seen to suffer panic attacks when she knew she was about to be left with Timblin was raped by him when he offered to watch a film with her.He assaulted her again on a subsequent occasion in similar circumstances. Police were called in when she told her older brother about the rapes and pleaded to come home and he alerted their father.When officers located the girl she initially denied she had been raped but when she was separated from her mother, she revealed her torment.In July 2014 she was placed in foster care with the policeman and his wife but she was removed from the placement the following December when the officer himself went to police and admitted he was having an affair with her.Detectives initially took no criminal action as the girl claimed nothing had happened between them but the truth emerged in January 2015 when she was reported missing from her grandmother’s home.It emerged she and the officer had stayed in hotel in Stockport before going back to his flat in Essex. He later pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child and child abduction. The policeman who is in 30s was jailed for seven years at a separate hearing. Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester was told the girl had lived a stable family environment in Lancashire with her father and two siblings after being removed from the care of her mother in 2004 over her junkie lifestyle.The mother – who cannot be named for legal reasons – lost touch with her daughter but in 2014 she contacted her over Facebook and falsely claimed the girl’s father wasn’t her real dad.She then encouraged the youngster to come and live with her by portraying her father in a “bad light.” The girl was so curious about her mother she left home – only to end up sleeping rough with her in a churchyard for two nights.The mother then confiscated her daughter’s spare clothing and sold them before leaving her alone with a series of older men whilst she went to get drugs.The girl would regularly go missing and police called to find her, located her in a hotel room with a man aged 33 and also at the home of a hoodlum convicted of involvement in drugs and guns.Despite her chaotic lifestyle she went back to her mother and was eventually introduced by her mother to burly Timblin who was known as “the Bear” in his hometown of Stockport and who has a tattoo of the words ‘Sex Machine’ inked across his stomach. Police arrested the officer when the teenager was found hiding in a stairwell near his flat after she was removed from his care. Indecent pictures of them were found on her mobile phone.Prosecutors say the girl now 16, is so emotionally damaged she regularly self harms, has post traumatic stress disorder and has repeatedly attempted to kill herself.The girl had been left at the mercy of various “inappropriate men” by her manipulative and drug addicted mother before being rescued.Details of the scandal emerged as former gym instructor Andrew Timblin, 60, was jailed for 21 years after he was found guilty of raping the victim and another teenage girl, aged 17 in unrelated attacks.Two other men were acquitted of sex charges whilst the girl’s 40-year old mother – who has five other children – was given a nine month sentence suspended for a year for child cruelty. Henry Blackshaw, prosecuting, said the girl had “been removed from the stable home life given for 10 years by her father” by a mother who was a “homeless drug addict with a chaotic lifestyle who could never have offered a child a safe and secure home.”He added: “She lured her daughter to leave her father’s home and join her in her chaotic lifestyle, variously sleeping rough or dossing with her associates. She used the fact she had care of her daughter for sympathy in order to gain access to the homes of others to stay.”As a result of the mother’s neglect, the girl was sexually assaulted and raped. It was well known that Timblin was an unsuitable person to have care of her and the girl’s mother was apparently aware of that, as it is she who told her daughter.”Despite this she left the girl in his sole care constantly whilst she went out, she believes to use drugs. The daughter begged her mother not to leave her with Timblin and begged to be allowed to accompany her mother – but her pleas were ignored.”An associate noticed the girl was extremely distressed and vomiting – he likened this to a panic attack. “The mother lied and manipulated her daughter, use her daughter to obtain bed and board and left her with inappropriate males despite the distress shown by her.”Mr Blackshaw said the mother had also encouraged her daughter to run away when she was placed in care and that caused her to be sent to the foster home in Essex.Timblin denied wronging but was convicted of rape, indecent assault, unlawful wounding and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He will be on the sex offenders register for an ‘indefinite period’.Judge Jeffery Lewis said the girl had been affected “significantly” and told Timblin: “You betrayed the innocence of her childhood for your sexual gratification.”She was abused by you at a significantly younger age at a time of transitions from child hood to womanhood and all the emotional and physical changes that involves.”She will be in the very early stages of dealing with the aftermath of your conduct towards her.”She is a very young woman with her life before her. It’s to be hoped she will be able to transcend the impact and make her proper place in the world and move on.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Jeweller 74 murdered for a safe code by gang who tried to

A 74-year-old jewellery shop owner was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a gang of suspected thieves who dumped him in a country lane after beating a safe code out of him, a court heard.Jurors were told Ramniklal Jogiya was bundled into a van while walking home and repeatedly tortured until he gave up information that would give his kidnappers access to a safe containing gold at his shop. After doing so, one member of the gang is accused of entering the shop in Belgrave Road, Leicester, on January 24 disguised in a burka but was unable to open the safe due to a 12-hour time-lock. Meanwhile, Mr Jogiya had been dumped near a gate to a muddy field near Stoughton in Leicestershire where he was left to die. His body was found at about 10am the following day by a retired couple driving past the scene.Claiming the robbery must have been planned over several weeks, if not months, Mr House alleged that Thomas Jervis, Callan Reeve, Charles Mcauley and Javon Roach are all guilty of murder on the grounds of joint enterprise. “The reason he was kidnapped and tortured was because those who were responsible, these four defendants and probably one other, needed information from him to enable them to enter his jewellery shop, turn off the number-coded burglar alarm, access the number-coded safe and steal the valuable gold jewellery within. Birmingham Crown CourtCredit:Google Maps Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Birmingham Crown Court “To get that information those involved all knew they would have to force it out of him if they were to have any chance of success.”Mr Jogiya was therefore beaten until he divulged the information they required.”Once they had that information he was dumped, probably still alive but seriously injured, miles from help, thus allowing the group to access the shop, with the keys they had taken from him.”In this case, the prosecution say all four defendants had the same intention when they set out on this criminal enterprise.”All four knew that to get that information from him it was all but inevitable that pain caused by physical violence would have to be inflicted upon him to force him to divulge what they needed.”All four knew that really serious harm may be necessary. All four were, so to speak, in it together.”Jervis, 24, of Enderby Road, Whetstone, Leicestershire; Mcauley, 20, of Gooding Avenue, Braunstone, Leicester, and 20-year-old Reeve, of Aylmer Road, Leicester, have all admitted kidnap and robbery but deny murder and manslaughter.Roach, 30, of Norwich Road, Leicester, denies charges of murder, manslaughter, robbery and kidnapping.The trial continues. He died as a direct result of his significant injuries, coated in mud and lying in the gateway of a field beside a quiet country road.James House QC Mr Jogiya was grabbed from the street by at least two men, bundled into the back of a stolen Ford Transit van which was being driven by a third male, Mr House told the court.”He was then badly beaten, in effect he was tortured for information,’ the prosecutor said.  “His head was beaten, causing a bleed on the brain and traumatic brain injury.”The court heard that Mr Jogiya was handled with such force that one of his biceps was ripped away from the bone, six of his ribs on the left side were broken, and he had multiple injuries to his hands and fingers.The court heard he had also suffered 21 distinctive circular injuries to the torso and shoulder area, suggestive of something being used to inflict repeated pain.During his opening speech to the jury panel, Mr House said Mr Jogiya was abandoned, probably still alive, in an isolated location – with his mobile phone having been thrown away by his kidnappers.Mr House added: “He died as a direct result of his significant injuries, coated in mud and lying in the gateway of a field beside a quiet country road. Opening the case against the four men who deny Mr Jogiya’s murder, prosecutor James House QC told Birmingham Crown Court that the gang member in the burka tried to rob the safe after the “sophisticated” kidnapping. read more

Archbishop faces questions over Amazon and zerohours hypocrisy as Church refuses to

The Rev Peter Ould, a priest from Canterbury, said: “The Church of England has used its shareholdings to apply public pressure already, for example helping to bring shareholder motions to the Rio Tinto AGM.”It would be nice to have more transparency about how they are working with companies like Amazon, but sometimes private influence can be more effective than public grandstanding.”It was also revealed on Friday that several Church of England cathedrals have advertised zero-hours contract roles, which the Archbishop has also condemned. Conservative MP Ben Bradley called his stance “hypocritical”. Last month Bath Abbey issued an advert for a tower tour guide on one of the contracts. The Rev Pete Hobson, a priest who represents faith workers at the Unite union, said he believed the Archbishop was acting deliberately to draw attention to the issue within his own church. The Archbishop of Canterbury faces questions within the church over Amazon and zero-hours “hypocrisy”, as it refused to reveal its full portfolio. On Friday the Church of England declined to provide any detail on the Church Commissioners’ investments beyond the top 20 holdings published in its most recent annual report. Disclosed investments, which make up 6.7 per cent of the Church’s total investable assets, include Amazon, Alphabet, which is Google’s parent company, and HSBC, which have all been embroiled in scandals over tax avoidance. Earlier this week the Archbishop of Canterbury named Amazon in a speech to the Trades Union Congress as among companies which “get away with paying almost nothing in tax” and “leached off the taxpayer”. The Church said it would retain the investments because “it is more effective to be in the room with these companies seeking change as an active shareholder than speaking from the side-lines”. Amazon has defended its tax policy, saying: “We pay all taxes required in the UK and every country where we operate.“Amazon has created more than 25,000 good jobs with good pay and benefits across Britain and we are proud of the work they do on behalf of customers every day.” The Church declined to provide detail of the action it was taking to implement change within the companies, or of any plans it had to do so. Clergy and bishops suggested that more information should be forthcoming, with Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, bishop of Ripon, Tweeting: “I think it would be good to hear how this challenge is making an impact”.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “There may well be people who have been made to feel uncomfortable by it – nothing wrong with that,” he told the Daily Telegraph. read more

Faux leather promoted by ethical designers like Stella McCartney is polluting the

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. In response to the problem of micropollution, campaigners have asked consumers to buy better-quality clothing for long-term use, rather than taking part in the “fast fashion” trend.Friends of the Earth plastic campaigner, Emma Priestland said: “It’s been estimated that clothes washing causes 1,600 tonnes of plastic micropollution to be washed into UK rivers and oceans every year.“With so many people realising the harm that both leather and plastic can have on our planet, maybe the leather-look has finally had its day?“And of course we can all help by choosing good quality clothing that we wear for years – not just months.”A Stella McCartney spokesperson said: “While we use polyurethane and polyester as an alternative to leather in our products at Stella McCartney, research to date shows that the primary issues for concern to the ocean is from microfiber shedding which cause pollution (including ocean waste).  But microfibre shedding mostly occurs during the machine washing of garments – none of the Stella McCartney faux leather products are machine washable so avoids this issue which can happen during the care of the product.”Faux leathers are not perfect but they are lower impact to produce, can be recycled and cruelly free. We are working on new alternatives that we think are the best way forward, things like Bolt Thread’s MYLO material which is natural, biodegradable and low impact.  We also use ECONYL® a regenerated (recycled) nylon that is made from fishing nets as well as factory waste considered to be the most sustainable option for recycled nylon.” While many who buy faux leather often think of themselves as ethical buyers, the material could be polluting the oceans and killing fish, according to a BBC expert.Patrick Grant, creative director of Saville Row tailors Norton & Sons, said ‘ethical’ designers like Stella McCartney who promote the use of plastic alternatives to leather are causing micro-plastics to enter our water systems.The Great British Sewing Bee host said the designer is helping make man-made fibres fashionable, which could cause pollution.”Eighteen years ago, she  had been telling people to switch from leather to polyurethane and now the fish have it inside them,” he told the Daily Mail.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––Grant, who studied materials science at the University of Leeds, suggested: “Maybe we should eat less meat, but we do eat meat, so we might as well use the hides of the cows we eat rather than kill our fish.” Lets be clear, plastic itself should not be vilified, it is a wonderful material that performs lots of vital functions (viz medicine, food, engineering). Its the way we consume it and dispose of it that is the problem. We’ve got to end rampant disposable consumerism.— Patrick Grant (@paddygrant) October 5, 2018 Although the designer uses high-end materials, he worries that she has made these fibres fashionable for cheaper brands to use. He explained: “Stella McCartney’s business is her business and almost certainly Stella is using the very best alternatives, but the problem is that all the people that have seen what she’s doing have copied her and polyurethane has taken off as an alternative to leather. But it is bad s***: the way it’s made and the way it doesn’t biodegrade.” read more

British woodland changing as landowners shun traditional trees for exotic varieties to

British woodland is changing with landowners shunning traditional trees for exotic varieties to future-proof forests against climate change, pests and disease, research has found. Landowners were also now choosing fast growing native trees such as wild cherry as well as less common British varieties such as Field Maple, Hornbeam and Lime alongside ‘familiar’ non natives such as Sweet Chestnuts and Black Walnut. A report by The Royal Forestry Society (BFS) has found that half its members were not planting more species than they were five years ago, and were picking varieties like Eucalyptus and Redwoods, which are more common in Australia and the US. Britain’s failing ash and oak woodlands, which…–– ADVERTISEMENT –– Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Women are put off smear tests because they worry it will reveal

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Women could be put off smear tests because they fear the results will imply promiscuity, according to new research. Polling of more than 2,000 women found that around four in ten thought that being diagnosed with the human papilloma virus (HPV) – which can cause cervical cancer – was a cause of shame.Around eight in ten women will become infected with HPV at some point over their lifetimes, but only those with specific high-risk types of the virus will go on to develop cancer.The survey by charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer trust found that four in ten women would be worried about what people thought of them if their smear test results detected HPV.And they were equally fearful that the result meant their partner had been unfaithful – although the virus can lie dormant for decades.The findings, presented at Cancer Research UK’s early diagnosis conference in Birmingham, comes as the NHS in England prepares to replace standard cervical cancer screening, which looks for abnormal cells, with HPV screening, later this year.Studies suggest the number who develop cancer could be cut by a fifth, because the tests detect abnormalities far earlier, when they are easier to treat. Robert Music, chief executive of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, said: “We must address the level of misunderstanding that exists around HPV. Most people will get the virus in their lifetime so it is worrying to see such high levels of fear or shame associated with it. Research suggests the number of cases each year will fall from 2,500 to 2,000 a year, under the plans.The new poll found seven in 10 women would be scared to hear they had HPV and two thirds would worry it meant they had cancer.Many women who responded did not understand the link between HPV and cancer. One in three did not know it can cause cervical cancer and almost all of them did not know it can cause throat or mouth cancer. Researchers found that only 15 per cent of those questioned realised HPV was commonplace.Sara Hiom, Cancer Research UK’s director of early diagnosis, said: “It’s really concerning that there’s so much misunderstanding about HPV. It’s a very common virus and most of the time, it will sit dormant and not cause a problem.“Testing for the virus is a better way to identify people who may have changes in their cervix, which, if left untreated, could develop into cervical cancer. So HPV screening is an excellent way to prevent cervical cancer from developing in the first place.“Every woman has the choice whether to go for screening but busting the myths and removing the stigmas surrounding HPV is vital to ensure people feel more confident to book and turn up for their cervical screening appointment.” read more

2017 CSEC results No reason for celebration – Education Minister

…says 11 subjects recorded a decline in performance comparative to 2016Despite Guyana recording a minimal increase at the 2017 Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) examinations, the Education Minister has indicated that she is not satisfied with the country’s performance, especially given alarming results attained in critical subject areas such as Mathematic and English.The Ministry on Tuesday released its annual report on the country’s performance at the CSEC examinations, during which it was revealed that Guyana this year recorded a 0.29 per cent increase in the overall performance.during the release of the 2017 CSEC resultsThis was as Education Minister Nicolette Henry took to the podium at NCERD on Tuesday to present an overview of the country’s accomplishments at CSEC 2017.Henry conveyed to the gathering, “Overall we saw and increase of one per cent and there were 35 subjects that we took this year.”She went on to say, “Guyana achieved 63.68 per cent pass rate with Grades One to Three and that is against 63.39 per cent in 2016. Of these, 12.49 per cent of the entries gained Grade Ones, 22.72 per cent gained Grade Twos and 28.47 per cent gained Grade Threes.”While outlining the performance of the students, Henry indicated that of the 35 subjects pursued this year, there was a 100 per cent pass rated achieved for two subjects while for 10 other subjects areas, 90 per cent of the students managed to secure outstanding performances.An additional 14 subjects have seen improvement in the overall pass rate as well.However, despite of those positive accomplishments, the Education Minister lamented over the fact that four subject areas projected no improvements, while a whopping 11 subjects recorded a decline in performance.Mathematics, English Language (English A) and Literate (English B) were all among the subjects recording worrisome pass rates.Whereas the already troubling pass rate for English A at the 2016 sitting was recorded at 59.3 per cent, this year saw a further decline with only 57.99 per cent of the students gaining Grade Threes and above at this essential subject.With that, Minister Henry posited that despite the improvements in some areas, the results this year do not merit a national celebration.On that note she relayed, “When you recognise that you’re, you know, going downward in terms of performances in several subject areas. I looked at 11 subject areas I will think it will not be consistent with normal behaviour for us to be celebrating that today.”As a result of the unsatisfactory performances, the Education Minister indicated that strategies will be put in place ensure improvement at CSEC in the coming years.“It seems to me there is a lot of work to be done, this is not the worst performance we have seen but Guyana certainly needs to be moving in a different direction when it comes to education,” the newly appointed Education Minister expressed.Moreover, emphasising the need for actions to be taken to better cater for the nation’s youth, Henry reassured those in attendance that, “It seems to be a long road ahead of us. The good thing though is the battle that we believe is quite a winnable battle and we will do all that we can possibly do with resources available to us and the Ministry of Education to ensure that we are on the right path where we can eventually get to the place where all you can see is joy and celebration,” but stressed, “we are not there as yet.”Nevertheless, of 12,684 candidates registered for CSEC this year, a sum of 164 students secured Grade One passes at eight subjects and more at the 2017 examinations. The results also reflect outstanding performances emanating from regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Ten and Georgetown.Of this total, 93 of the top performers hailed from schools across Georgetown, with Queen’s College walking away with the majority, producing 41 of the high flyers. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCSEC, CAPE results to be released tomorrow- HarmonAugust 16, 2018In “latest news”Over 600 students recorded zero passes in 2018 CSEC examsAugust 18, 2018In “latest news”CXC results expected online todayAugust 18, 2017In “latest news” read more

Man dead reputed wife injured in Ruimveldt fire

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedWest Ruimveldt man who shot reputed wife in mouth to be charged soonNovember 3, 2016In “Crime”Mother still critical after chopping incident, attacker takes lifeNovember 28, 2018In “Crime”Police working assiduously to solve murder of West Ruimveldt man- HickenNovember 22, 2016In “Crime” Police are investigating a fire in West Ruimveldt, Georgetown during the wee hours of Monday morning which has left a 56-year-old man dead in his home while his alleged reputed wife was injured.The deceased has been identified as Christopher Bramble of West Ruimveldt.According to Police “A” Division Commander, Marlon Chapman, the injured woman- who has not yet been identified to INews- is presently nursing burn wounds at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.While Chapman disclosed that he has not yet received a full report of the incident, INews was told that the fire occurred as a result of Bramble’s reputed wife allegedly locking him and herself in the home they shared, before setting it alight.Residents in the area were recorded by media operatives describing the woman as “abusive” to Bramble.The house that the duo shared was reportedly completely destroyed.Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi) read more

Spending power of the people reduced by 18 Opposition Chief Whip

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedTalk about ‘Partnership’ is all fluff – Teixeira tells OppositionApril 8, 2014In “Politics”Jagdeo says Govt hiding from its own BudgetDecember 16, 2016In “latest news”Govt scaring away foreign investors, competing with private sector- TeixeiraDecember 7, 2017In “latest news” File photo: PPP/C Chief Whip in Parliament, Gail Teixeira‘Naked with nothing for the people of Guyana’ is what the 2019 Budget was described by the Chief Whip of the Opposition, Gail Teixeira as she delivered her remarks during the debates before the National Assembly on Thursday.Questioning the benefits of this and the prior three budgets presented by the APNU/AFC coalition Government, Teixeira asked for proof of the “good life”.“By the end when this budget is approved, we reached almost 1 trillion dollars…what would our country benefit from that sum in such a short period of time? Where is the proof of the pudding? Where is the transformations? Where is it that we can say that we are going forward. The ministers have also been hard of ears to what has been said not only by us who have been pointing out problems, but also by the trade unions, businesses, the people are talking and you have been hard of ears to what the people are saying…you have come into this House with this bullyism that nobody counts except you” the Chief Whip reprimanded.According to the Member of Parliament (MP), the people of Guyana are suffering and the Government’s main concern since it took office has been for vengeance against the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C).Teixeira chastised the Government for its vengeful ways which never sought to build national unity among the people of Guyana.The MP noted that the coalition Government has blinded its eyes to the woes of the people in this failing land.“We have heard about this being a good life but I want to ask the Minister on a human level, do you not see what is going on in the streets? Woman selling water for a living, beggars, the biggest industry in your Government is selling dog food…is this the new economy that you are proposing for the people” Teixeira questioned.“Mr Speaker do they not see that our people are suffering? Do you not hear, have you talked to the taxi and minibus drivers, the boats operators who are talking about the lack of business? Have you asked the business people what is happening? You go to barbers, nail technicians, do you not notice that they are earning less? Are you blind, do you not see what is happening to the people? The vendors, you move them…400 people a lot of them are women… ask the miners what is happening with them…report showed that this economy was being boosted by gold that was keeping the country afloat…you went and seize their equipment, the one thing that is holding us up…you admitted it in the budget that gold is now going down…you need to change your policies!” the Chief Whip rebuked.Touching on the health sector, Teixeira stated that the callousness of the coalition Government is causing the death of women daily in our health institutions.She condemned the claims made by Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence of improvements and questioned why in the 21st century, women are dying as a result of maternal complications.“You say everything is improving that we are doing great in health and yet two days people have to spend in the emergency because of the lack of facilities……women are dying from maternal complication…you keep talking about improvements and women are dying because of callousness, lack of drugs and care…what sort of improvements are you really talking about” the MP probed.As it relates to taxation, Teixeira questioned why fuel cost is yet to reduce even though the price of fuel decreased globally.Further, she noted that calculations shows that each Guyanese citizen in 2018 paid $265,000 to the Government per capita in tax.As a result of this, the MP revealed that spending power is expected to reduce by a whopping 18 per cent.“Let’s talk about purchasing power, what drives the economy is people’s ability to spend…they are stimulating the economy so that people have more to spend and so Mr speaker, in 2019 the total spending is expected to reduce by 18 percent…that is $462,000 per household in Guyana. Do you understand when we say that this cannot be the good life? People have to buy children’s supplies…they need to take care of their families…people will now be spending less” Teixeira revealed.The thing about developed states, the Chief Whip stated is that even when a Government changes, institutional memory remains.This she noted was not the case of the coalition Government who squashed projects and fired experienced people attached to the Opposition without thinking of the benefits of those people and projects to Guyana.“You fired keys members in every Ministry…you removed town clerks, REOs, Chairman, middle management and then you have a problems with execution… the Specialty hospital, Amaila Fall project, roads projects, these were programs that were in the making with investor being looked at…if you were not so small minded to allow the projects to proceed then there would have been changes now” Teixeira posited.According to the MP, the recently held Local Government Elections (LGE) where PPP/C had a landslide victory is a landmark year for the party.The Chief Whip noted that Guyanese are in essence telling the Government that their performance is bad.In conclusion, the MP questioned where is the $30B GuySuCo loan reflected in the budget? The $788M part of the $18M US signing bonus from ExxonMobil, where is it? Where is the $18M that was supposed to be in the consolidated fund?“You have lost a golden opportunity to present a better budget…this budget will not improve the lives of our people…this Government is on borrowed time…thanks to this budget, we will get into Government  in 2020” Teixeira  declared. read more