Uruguay Hosts Subregional Workshop to Develop New Strategies against Terrorism Financing

first_img The Subregional Workshop on the Fight against Terrorism Financing: Major Current Risks, of which Uruguay is the host, has begun. The event is organized by the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE), part of the Organization of American States, with the collaboration of the Defense Ministry. Our president’s general secretary for anti-money laundering activities, Carlos Díaz, the executive secretary of the South American Financial Action Task Force (Grupo de Acción Financiera de Sudamérica, GAFISUD), Alejandro Montesdeoca, the OAS representative in Uruguay, Ambassador John Biehl de Río, and the undersecretary of the Defense Ministry, Dr. Jorge Menéndez, attended the opening ceremony. The undersecretary of the Defense Ministry, Dr. Jorge Menéndez, declared that this event addresses the fight against terrorism financing and current risks, and he said that this topic is of fundamental importance for the world, the region, and our country in particular. He added that this course will fundamentally make a significant contribution by strengthening the individual capabilities of the participants, who are representing agencies to which they will bring back what they learn, and he affirmed that this is definitely a way of strengthening the region’s capabilities in response to this plague. At the same time, he highlighted the possibility of establishing and strengthening relationships between countries and institutions, with the mechanisms that exist in the region to address this topic. The OAS representative in Uruguay, Ambassador John Biehl de Río, thanked the Uruguayan Government for its support and readiness to hold this workshop. Ambassador Biehl de Río indicated that the fight against terrorism is taking place on fundamental terrain, not only for citizen security, but also for strengthening democracy. He affirmed that the chief enemy of dialogue, a democrat’s fundamental weapon, will always be the fanaticism that leads to terrorist actions, and that our quality of life may be affected if everyone does not play a role in this fight. This event was organized by the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism and the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (OAS/SMS/CICTE and CICAD), the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC/TPB), and the Executive Secretariat of GAFISUD, under the sponsorship of the Uruguayan Government. Delegations from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay and representatives from our country, in different areas such as specialized courts, national public prosecutors’ offices, specialized police, customs police, border police, and intelligence units, are participating in the course. By Dialogo September 08, 2011last_img read more