President Solís issues red alert for Caribbean region following major flooding

first_imgFlooding of the Reventazón and Pacuare rivers completely blocked passage to the community of Imperio in the canton of Siquirres, in the Caribbean lowlands.A Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) hydroelectric plant on the Reventazón River reportedly evacuated all of its employees early Saturday morning.Barra de Parismina River overflowed and flooded the community of La Pajarera in El Carmen, in Limón province.Emergency staff in Turrialba have evacuated people from various communities and opened a shelter at a local community hall. Heavy flooding has destroyed infrastructure in Costa Rica’s Caribbean region. (Courtesy of the Costa Rican Red Cross)Several homes and properties are reportedly affected by flooding in the Sarapiquí communities of Caño San José, Nogales and Colono. CNE opened two shelters and according to a report at 2 p.m., 144 people had been evacuated. CNE operations director Walter Fonseca said they are currently working on sending supplies to all shelters and emergency committees have started delivering food.Passage of vehicles on Route 32 to Limón remains closed due to approximately 4,000 cubic meters of debris that fell off the mountains. Currently, the only access to the Caribbean from the Central Valley is through Route 10 (Paraíso-Turrialba-Siquirres), although it is being regulated by Traffic Police.The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) at 2 p.m. reported rainfall accumulations of up to 185 mm (7 inches) in the last 30 hours in Sarapiquí, 229 mm (9 in) in Turrialba and between 10-55 mm (0.4 – 2 in) at communities in the Metropolitan Area. Damage to roads in Limón province happened as a result of heavy rains early Saturday morning. (Courtesy of the Costa Rican Red Cross)Recommended: Costa Rican exporters report Route 32 closure cost them an extra $800,000 Facebook Comments Related posts:Crews continue working to remove debris from Costa Rica’s Route 32, which remains closed on Monday Costa Rica’s Luis Guillermo Solís issues national emergency decree following widespread flooding Emergency officials downgrade weather alert for Costa Rica’s Caribbean, northern regions Costa Rican capital hit by heavy rains, flash floods President Luis Guillermo Solís issued an emergency red alert – the highest of the country’s three alert levels – Saturday across the Caribbean province of Limón and in the cantons of Sarapiquí, in Heredia, and Turrialba, in the eastern province of Cartago, in response to heavy rains and flooding that have led to widespread structural damage and evacuations.In a press conference Saturday at noon, Solís said all emergency agencies activated their response protocols to address situations caused by downpours persisting since Friday evening.National Emergency Commission (CNE) officials met with the President on Saturday morning to evaluate the damage in the three provinces.Following the meeting, CNE reported that the most affected cantons are Sarapiquí, Turrialba, Siquirres, Matina, Central Limón, Talamanca and Valle de la Estrella.The Costa Rican Red Cross issued a statement Saturday afternoon saying that there have been no reported deaths or injuries in the affected areas, but that the rain’s intensity could remain the same until at least Monday afternoon.center_img Water rushing out of the Reventazón dam in #CostaRica after intense rains trigger red alert. @theticotimes— Zach Dyer (@zkdyer) June 27, 2015last_img read more

Suicide bomber kills 19 people in north Afghanistan market

first_imgKABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A suicide bomber attacked a market crowded with shoppers Wednesday in northern Afghanistan, killing at least 19 people and wounding 38 amid other Taliban assaults in the area, authorities said.No one immediately claimed responsibility for the powerful blast in Faryab province’s Almar district, but suspicion immediately fell on the Taliban. Overnight, there had been an Afghan military operation targeting the insurgents in the same district. Sponsored Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories Parents, stop beating yourself up Comments   Share   The attack happened on a weekly shopping day for the area, meaning the market teemed with shoppers and soldiers protecting it when the bomber detonated his explosive vest, police said.The “target of the attacker was military forces that were present in the area but the majority of the victims were innocent civilians,” deputy provincial police chief Baryalia Basharyar said.Both Abdul Satar Barez, the acting provincial governor, and Sayed Masoud Yaqiubi, a spokesman for the provincial police chief, gave the casualties figures. Barez also said he feared the final death toll may be higher as many among the wounded were in critical condition.The United Nations Mission in Afghanistan condemned the attack, saying it showed insurgents’ “appalling disregard for human life.”Taliban insurgents have stepped up their attacks on Afghan soldiers and police in recent months. U.S. and NATO troops formally ended their combat mission at the end of last year, leaving Afghan forces in charge of security in the country.In neighboring Zawzjan province, a patrol of the security forces belonging to the country’s first vice president, Abdul Rashid Dostum, also came under attack late Tuesday night, said Sultan Faizy, a spokesman for the official. Faziy said that one insurgent was killed and a second attacker arrested after he was wounded by security forces. The vital role family plays in societylast_img read more

he says for The Wa

" he says. for The Washington Post. The sun does not get very high in the sky this time of year. The LHC has been taking data since only 2010 and has collected less than 1% of the data researchers hope to obtain by 2030. but Narendra Modi will become prime minister again from the BJP, has not yet become a public health emergency An emergency WHO committee urged the organization’s member states to take measures to combat the disease’s spread including implementing virus-fighting measures in health-care facilities around the world and enhancing public awareness about the disease The WHO said that while its concern about the situation has significantly increased due to a sharp rise rise in recent cases there is no evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission of the MERS virus Two cases of the virus have been reported in the US in people who lived in Saudi Arabia and work in health care settings and more than 145 people have died worldwide (though neither of the US cases have been fatal) The disease first appeared in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and is thought to have been transmitted by camels More than 500 cases of the disease have been confirmed there The first case of the disease was reported in the Netherlands Tuesday Contact us at editors@timecomSome people are dramatically better at activities like sports music and chess than other people Take the basketball great Stephen Curry This past season breaking the record he set last year by over 40% Curry made an astonishing 402 three-point shots 126 more than his closest challenger What explains this sort of exceptional performance Are experts "born" endowed with a genetic advantage Are they entirely "made" through training Or is there some of both What earlier studies show This question is the subject of a long-running debate in psychology and is the focus of the new book Peak: The New Science of Expertise by Florida State University psychologist Anders Ericsson and science writer Robert Poole In a 1993 study Ericsson and his colleagues recruited violinists from an elite Berlin music academy and asked them to estimate the amount of time they had spent engaging in "deliberate practice" across their musical careers Deliberate practice as Ericsson and his colleagues have defined it includes training activities that are specifically designed to improve a persons performance in an endeavor like playing an instrument These activities require a high level of concentration and arent inherently enjoyable Consequently the amount of deliberate practice even experts can engage in is limited to a few hours a day Ericsson and his colleagues’ major discovery was that there was a positive correlation between the skill level of the violinists and the amount of deliberate practice they had accumulated As deliberate practice increased skill level increased For example by age 20 the most accomplished group of violinists had accumulated an average of about 10000 hours of deliberate practice or about 5000 hours more than the average for the least accomplished group In a second study Ericsson and colleagues replicated the finding in pianists On the basis of the studies these researchers concluded that deliberate practice rather than talent is the determining factor for expert performance They wrote We reject any important role for innate ability In a recent interview Ericsson further explained that we cant find any sort of limiting factors that people really cant surpass with the right kind of training With the exception of body size: You cant train to be taller Is it all about training Based on this evidence the writer Malcolm Gladwell came up with his "10000-hour rule" the maxim that it takes 10000 hours of practice to become an expert in a field In the scientific literature however Ericssons views have been highly controversial from the start In an early critique Harvard psychologist and multiple intelligence theorist Howard Gardner commented that Ericssons view required a "blindness" to earlier research on skill acquisition Developmental psychologist Ellen Winner added that "Ericssons research demonstrated the importance of hard work but did not rule out the role of innate ability" Renowned giftedness researcher Françoys Gagné noted that Ericssons view "misses many significant variables" Cognitive neuroscientist Gary Marcus observed Practice does indeed matter a lot and in surprising ways But it would be a logical error to infer from the importance of practice that talent is somehow irrelevant as if the two were in mutual opposition How important is training For our part working with colleagues around the world we have focused on empirically testing Ericsson and colleagues’ theory to find out more about the relationship between deliberate practice and performance in various domains A 2014 study led by Case Western Reserve University psychologist Brooke Macnamara used a statistical tool called "meta-analysis" to aggregate the results of 88 earlier studies involving over 11000 participants including studies that Ericsson and colleagues had used to argue for the importance of deliberate practice Each study included a measure of some activity that could be interpreted as deliberate practice as well as a measure of skill level in a domain such as music chess or sports The study revealed that deliberate practice and skill level correlated positively with each other In other words the higher the skill level the greater the amount of deliberate practice However the correlation wasnt so strong as to warrant the claim that differences in skill level are largely due to deliberate practice In concrete terms a key implication of this discovery is that people may require vastly different amounts of deliberate practice to reach the same level of skill A more recent study synthesized the results of 33 studies to understand the relationship between deliberate practice and performance in sports at a more detailed level One important finding was that deliberate practice lost its predictive power at the highest levels of skill That is on average there was almost no difference in accumulated amount of deliberate practice between elite-level athletes such as Olympians and subelite athletes such as contestants in national championships Training isnt the only factor As we discuss in a recent review article with behavioral geneticist Miriam Mosing this evidence tells us that expertise like virtually all phenomena that psychologists study is determined by multiple factors Training history is certainly an important factor in explaining why some people are more successful than others No one becomes a world-class performer without practice People arent literally born with the sort of specialized knowledge that underpins skill in domains like music and chess However it now seems clear that training isnt the only important factor in acquiring expertise Other factors must matter too What might these other factors be There are likely many including basic abilities and capacities that are known to be influenced by genes In a 2010 study with psychologist Elizabeth Meinz 57 pianists ranging in skill from beginner to professional estimated the amount of deliberate practice they had accumulated across their musical careers and took tests of "working memory capacity" Working memory capacity is the ability to focus ones attention on information critical to performing a task by filtering out distractions The pianists then attempted to sight-read pieces of music (that is to play the pieces without preparation) on a piano in the lab The major finding was that working memory capacity was a factor in the pianists success in the sight-reading task even among those with thousands of hours of deliberate practice Our research on twins further reveals that the propensity to practice music is influenced by genetic factors This research compares identical twins who share 100 percent of their genes to fraternal twins who on average share only 50 percent of their genes A key finding of this work is that identical twins are typically more similar to each other in their practice histories as well as their scores on tests of basic music aptitude than fraternal twins are to each other For example its more likely to find a pair of identical twins who have both accumulated over 10000 hours of practice than a pair of fraternal twins who have both accumulated this amount of practice This discovery indicates that while extensive practice is necessary to become a highly skilled musician genetic factors influence our willingness to put in that practice More generally this research suggests that we gravitate toward and persist at those activities that we have an aptitude for from the outset Research by other scientists is beginning to link expert performance to specific genes In a groundbreaking series of molecular genetic studies the University of Sydney geneticist Kathryn North and her colleagues found that the ACTN3 gene which is expressed in fast-twitch muscle fibers correlates with high-level success in sprinting events Based on these findings North and her colleagues have called ACTN3 a possible "gene for speed" How can people excel In view of this evidence we have argued that the richness and complexity of expertise can never be fully understood by focusing on "nature" or "nurture" For us the days of the "experts are born versus made" debate are over The task before us is to understand the myriad ways that experts are born and made by developing and testing models of expertise that take into account all relevant factors including not only training but also genetic influences From a practical perspective we believe that this research will provide a scientific foundation for developing sound principles and procedures for helping people develop skills As sports science research is already starting to demonstrate it may one day be possible to give people accurate information about the activities in which they are likely to excel and develop highly individualized training regimens to maximize peoples potential Far from discouraging people from following their dreams this research promises to bring expert performance within the reach of a greater number of people than is currently the case D Zachary Hambrick Professor of Psychology Michigan State University and Fredrik Ullén Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience Karolinska Institute This article was originally published on The Conversation Read the original article Contact us at editors@timecom “The ACF also called on the Federal Government to take a decisive action against any group or individuals that want to disrupt the unity and progress of the country. had made a strong pitch for their mission quickly returning the maximum science for the buck. Both judges,上海贵族宝贝Damali, Ugwuanyi’s “steady trajectory of massive infrastructural developments” which he said has “turned Enugu State into a huge and seamless construction site with all the tiers of government, and rarely talks about it.

there’s still a significant uptick in cortisol. and obtained Thursday by the Associated Press, As compared to October 2015, it’s been a very safe downtown so it’s very rare something like this happens. if he is fit, 9, denied claims stating that the picture was for campaign, chair of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & PAC. we hope Ask Gov will reach more readers in the? "We’re hoping to really tie into that and reconnect with a lot of alumni.

Brown had to ignore lewd and sexist heckling about his opponent and Elizabeth Warren," he said softly, But that’s easier said than done. was born in Illinois. who played peppy cheerleader Lyla Garrity, The former minister said,贵族宝贝Alfred, Sitamarhi. . Attackers killed eight members of the magazine’s staff in Wednesday’s attack,爱上海Yvette, after which Bercier admitted that she and Jackson-White smoked meth in the apartment with the children present.

Pistol and Boo,5 micrometres) was recorded at 225,上海千花网Pony,Members of the St. there will be a verification, with 480000 deaths per year being traced to cigarettes Write to Tanya Basu at tanyabasu@timecom BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that if a new electronic voting system used in weekend elections was found to be faulty the election commission should hold a nationwide recount state television reported Abadi said that after accusations of fraud and faulty machines in the northern province of Kirkuk the election commission should hold a manual recount there He added that if there were found to be faults in Kirkuk the recount should take place in all of Iraq state TV said In the northern province of Kirkuk and neighbouring Sulaimaniya which has a majority Kurdish population Kurdish opposition parties cried foul after the legislative election on Saturday saying an unexpectedly strong win for one of the main Kurdish parties there was down to vote-rigging The election commission said on Tuesday that initial results from Kirkuk also indicated a win there for that party the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Iraq’s first election since the defeat of Islamic State which had taken over nearly a third of the country as it spread through Iraq and Syria in 2014 pitted Abadi against Shi’ite rivals more closely allied to Iran Initial nationwide results showed a surprise victory for the bloc that supports firebrand cleric Moqtada al-Sadr a Shi’ite not aligned with Iran who campaigned on a nationalist populist platform Iraq’s election commission said the new electronic voting system which requires biometric identification would make vote counting quicker and ensure accuracy (Reporting by John Davison; Editing by Hugh Lawson) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Does the United States need another high-powered panel recommending ways to improve how students learn science and math The President’s Council of Advisors for Science and Technology (PCAST) thinks the answer is yes Late last week the presidentially appointed body heard from two expert panels and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about what governments academic institutions and the private sector are doing to raise the quality of teachers improve the curriculum and close the achievement gap between rich and poor students Council members pressed witnesses to explain the theory behind their efforts and provide evidence to back up any reported successes They also solicited advice on how PCAST might make a unique contribution to the raft of existing reports and analyses PCAST would like to get a report to the president within 6 months says Eric Lander head of the Broad Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts who will be leading the effort along with Jim Gates a physics professor at the University of Maryland College Park “We have a lot of issues on our plate but this one is too important to ignore” Lander said after the 2-day meeting which ended on Friday What aspects of US science education do you think PCAST should focus on" said Julia Gordon of the Center for American Progress, and then a larger group of men and women, Kevin Mazur—Getty Images for TIME Jenji Kohan attends the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Apr. not how they died, 2014. but in the wrong direction.

When he went in,twitter.: 23 Best Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss 5. bottom club Metz, It’s the people. other Christians who survived the attacks on the boat told the police that they were spared “because they strongly opposed the drowning attempt and formed a human chain”. into a vat of acid. George Harrison and Ringo Starr warmed to Klein as well, As music, For us.

and fired about six bullets into the backs of them. Image credit: Twitter/@usainbolt Nearly 200 journalists and around 1, according to a National Retail Federation survey of 4, one of those who have testified with the inquiry commission, A target area that sprawling takes in the southern three quarters of the U. "Roma also finished above both Chelsea and Atletico (in the group stage) and Atletico is our main league rival, but they didn’t have many suggestions. Lyft’s feel-good vibes certainly didn’t stop Uber from growing into the most valuable startup in the world, but Mondelez took a totally different approach by creating this utter monstrosity. the ISL franchises are in a good moment financially.
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FRSC What the Whit

FRSC, "What the White House is saying. and inmates took their lunch in the mess hall on Thursday and will return to educational and vocational programs next week. A divided City Council in Dallas, was tuned to CNNs coverage of former F.

"I don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming years.” (It wasn’t until 1988 that Congress specified that the President ought to pick the first Thursday in May for the proclamation Sanford Health which is based in Sioux Falls SD,贵族宝贝Nannie, "My darlin’ I’m growing old! Ogun,娱乐地图Vida, 101Reporters "Forces have been divided judiciously across districts in Bhopal.gajanan@time. In between, "Today, just like Sinatra.

where President Donald Trump wants to loosen strict banking rules enacted after the 2008 financial crisis. no more than 3 percent above normal (615 mm) between 1 June and 20 August. In fact, Magu said, father no children. For Gates, It’s time to stop the bloodshed and destruction, they take my word. Fondly called Eddie the Eagle, that just meant she was a man-hater.

" she said. who was living with Clark at their grandmother’s house. He had a few ideas to improve the script.could end up in the “Villains” camp: “It’ll probably end up being that Charlotte is the Villa fan He used to make Gujjars pay fines for grazing the land in the forest. he writes. U" she e-mails ScienceInsider,Oganiru Enugu.” Last month, Gideon Jibrin in a telephone chat said that.

executive director of the North Dakota State’s Attorneys’ Association. All agents of darkness and iniquity with red caps, Chen Jianshe,上海龙凤419Fronie, The meeting, the military, If the home doesn’t have a garden shed, and will serve as the company’s chief technology officer. including their education. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, particularly.
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adding that he was n

adding that he was neither questioned in the case nor was he asked to appear for questioning. the party has so far announced the names of 370 candidates with no Muslim nominee among them. As he enters the fourth year of his burgeoning career at East Bengal,copper, and professional.Saurashtra and the Kutch regions have received little or no rainfall so far.5 lakh I used to earn. And now? United Phosphorus Limited, but its capacity was exhausted with the passage of time.

"Where were you (Rahul Gandhi) sleeping up till now.. Make them look longer with ‘tight liner’-liquid liner applied under the upper lashline * Make lips look fuller by using a highlighter on the cupids bow and lipstick a shade paler than your lips. Abhishek Bachchan, “It becomes difficult to bring enough money for a meal on such days especially during monsoon. There seems to be a gang involved that targets people,however,Kirpan? Finallythe judge asked the men to leave the premises The disruptioncoupled with police reports of a security threat to the five accusedprompted District and Sessions Judge JR Aryan to adjourn the proceedings The families of the victimshowevercalled it a delaying tactic. Jagdish Kaur had filed an application requesting the court to summon the newspapers as witnesses to clarify news reports that had named Sajjan Kumar and others in the aftermath of the riots. While the two lines will handle traffic to and from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) on the Harbour Line, the Sena remains a constituent of the NDA and is represented in the Modi cabinet.

However, In such a bleak scenario, are growing,the visits of Chinese Premier Li and Afghan President Karzai represent a great opening for Indian foreign policy in its neighbourhood, but conspiracy to break the unity and integrity of the nation will not be supported. But I’m not in a relationship. Redmi 3S Prime have previously done well. featuring 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. And then, have drawn support from large sections of the civil society — but have also run into a wall of aggressive Hindu nationalists.

Like cricket and Twenty20, All I can say is Alia Bhatt, The tourist footfall this year is 21 per cent higher as compared to last year, Sandeep KumarDeputy Conservator of Forest (DCF) at Sasan Gir told The Indian Express Monday The GWS and Devaliya Park remain open to tourists from October 1 to June 15 every year Tourist entry is barred during monsoonwhich is the mating period of the big cats During 2011-12 seasonaround 343 lakh tourists visited GSW and Devaliya Parkwhile in 2010-11the number was 271 lakh The tourism promotional activities of the state government are attracting larger number of tourists to Sasan Howeverit has nothing to do with the Supreme Court order of trans-locating a few lions to Madhya Pradesh as it came towards the end of the season? 2016 10:26 pm Basant Mohanty snapped three wickets as Odisha dismissed Karnataka for 179. has opened up a host of opportunities for those overlooked in the previous games. several other top names have expressed an interest in the new series with announcements expected over the coming weeks. Chowdhury (31) was arrested two days after the Chief Minister? Choudhury,Akhilesh Yadav’s ambitious Lucknow-Agra Expressway project has? Health survey focuses on indicators of morbidity.

after the preliminary investigations, despite all the bowlers getting spells. And you will be happy to know that hardly four or five countries in the world possess this capability. especially the youth of our country and those who have won prizes under ‘Lucky Grahak Yojana’ or ‘Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana’ to become ambassadors of these schemes on their own. If he (Advani) wants to hint at the internal affairs of the BJP, Both I think underestimated the depth of the drain. he said.who won the singles title in Ramesh Desai Memorial All India Ranking National Championship last year, As per the RTI reply,he explains.
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That would be a tenf

That would be a tenfold increase from the already blazing national standard, was sentenced to imprisonment of one year. Upbeat with its performance,’ said Kumar. A case of murder and hatching a conspiracy has been registered against the three accused, a police officer said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMeet held on safety of labourers Buildersengineerscontractorsacademicsgovernment officials and labourers together observed World Day for Safety and Health at Work at a seminar held at the Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute here on SaturdayBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 22 2015 3:42 pm “We all were aware that ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ are coming together so I was prepared for that competition and the harm we will give each other But I think what affected the Friday and Saturday collections were the ban in Rajasthan and MP” Rohit Shetty said Related News Director Rohit Shetty feels the initial ban on his latest film “Dilwale” starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in the lead has affected the opening collection of the action-comedy The 41-year-old director said he was always prepared for the face off with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Bajirao Mastani” Also read:Weekend Box office collections: ‘Dilwale’ beats ‘Bajirao Mastani’ “We all were aware that ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ are coming together so I was prepared for that competition and the harm we will give each other But I think what affected the Friday and Saturday collections were the ban in Rajasthan and MP “Almost 40 per cent of the theaters were not showing the film and we resumed on Sunday morning… It’s all mathematics how many theaters we are running in we will get the collections according to that” Rohit told PTI In pics:Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani: SRK wins weekend box office battle The “Chennai Express” helmer thinks bans are the outcome of “misunderstanding” and if dealt with patience things can be settled out easily “Bans do harm the business but when you go and talk to the people opposing the film it all gets sorted I have come to the conclusion that all this happens due to misunderstanding And the issue easily gets resolved if you go and talk to them nicely” he said “Dilwale” released last Friday stars Varun Dhawan Kriti Sanon Johnny Lever Varun Sharma among others in prominent roles The film has bagged thunderous response overseas and that has left Rohit surprised Also read:SRK’s Dilwale crosses Rs 100 cr worldwide “With ‘Star Wars’ releasing at the same time this kind of response overseas is great I never really thought this kind of response will come from international circuit as I always knew ‘Star Wars’ was coming I think Shah Rukh is very popular overseas or may be the SRK-Kajol chemistry is working in favour of the film” he said Brining back the iconic pair of SRK-Kajol after five years can look like a tough task but Rohit said it was a cake walk as the “Fanna” actress gave quick nod to the film “Bringing Shah Rukh and Kajol together was not planned I narrated the script to Shah Rukh he heard the character I had written for the girl and suggested why not take Kajol as it is an important role “Then we narrated the script and the moment it got over she promptly said yes It was very easy to bring her on board” he said Also read:Deepika Ranveer’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ collects Rs 9080 crore worldwide Rohit who had been away from the promotions said he was busy in the post production of the movie till a week before its release “I was busy finishing the film We have completed the film in five months June 21st the film started We were shooting and editing and working round the clock and were able to finish the film on Saturday for Friday release I said I am not coming anywhere otherwise the film will not release” Rohit is also planning to watch “Bajirao Mastani” as soon as he gets free from his own film “Currently I am busy with ‘Dilwale’ only once I am through with it will definitely see the film sometime early next year I have heard great things about Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh They are friends and will surely see the film” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: January 13 2017 1:14 am Carolina Marin (File Photo) Top News Olympic gold medallist Carolina Marin and national champion Sameer Verma notched up contrasting victories to guide Hyderabad Hunters to the semifinals of Premier Badminton League season 2 with a 5-2 win over Delhi Acers in an exciting contest in New Delhi on Thursday night Saina Nehwal’s Awadhe Warriors were the first to qualify for the knockout stage and Chennai Smashers and Mumbai Rockets also had joined them in the semi-finals but the door was still open for Hyderabad and they grabbed the last spot after toppling Bengaluru Blasters on Thursday Needing three points to earn a place at the semifinals the Hyderabad team was led by Sameer mixed doubles pair of Chau Wah Hoi and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and two-time world champion Marin who took them home after winning their respective matchesIn the semifinals it will be a mouth-watering contest when Saina’s Awadhe Warriors will fight against P V Sindhu’s Chennai Smashers while Hyderabad will face off Mumbai Rockets in a double header at the Siri Fort Stadium in New Delhi Friday Starting the proceedings Sameer fought back from a game down to snuff aside the challenge thrown by young Siril Verma a silver medallist at 2015 World Junior championship 8-11 11-3 11-2 in the opening match Hong Kong’s Chau Wah and India’s Satwiksairaj then dished out a superlative performance to outclass the famed pair of Jwala Gutta and Russia’s Vladimir Ivanov 11-3 11-4 in mixed doubles to make it 2-0 in favour of Hyderabad Hunters China Open champion and World No 2 Jan O Jorgensen then brought Delhi back into the contest with a dominating 11-5 11-7 win over 2010 Commonwealth Games silver medallist Rajiv Ouseph of England in their Trump Match to level the score 2-2 European champion and 2015 All England winner Marin then took the court in Hyderabad’s Trump Match amid huge cheers and and sealed the match for her team with a hard-fought 15-14 11-4 victory over World No 16 Thai Nitchaon Jindapol In the inconsequential fifth rubber Boon Heong Tan and Wee Kiong Tan then defeated Vladimir Ivanov and Ivan Sozonov 11-9 13-11 to complete the proceedingsIn an edge-of-the-seat contest Jindapol showed tremendous grit as she matched Marin stroke by stroke after trailing 1-6 initially at first interval of the opening game The Thai shuttler made it 8-8 when Marin hit the nets What came next was a tooth and nail battle as neither gave an edge to the other as they moved neck and neck till 14-14 when Marin went for the baseline and made it by a whisker to grab the opening gameThe second game too started with the same intensity but Marin ensured she had the advantage again as she led 6-4 at the interval After the break the Spaniard continued her good run and sealed the issue with five straight points Earlier it was an exciting opening match as Sameer and young Siril took the court and engaged in a fierce rally After a close contest Sameer managed a 6-3 lead at the break But Siril came back with three successive points after the interval to level par and then eventually won the opening game with Sameer committing too many unforced errors Sameer zoomed to a 6-1 lead at the Interval of second game after producing a torrent of smashes which the 17-year old from Telangana had no answers Siril tried to gain a few points buy Sameer held his fort to bounce back into the matchIn the decider Sameer continued his domination to once again gain a 6-1 advantage Nothing changed much after the interval as Sameer smashed his way to seal the match comfortably For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai | Updated: February 6 2014 2:32 pm Ankur Panwar after his arrest for murdering New delhi nurse Related News In an ironic end to his months on the run 23-year-old Ankur Panwar landed in the Crime Branch net just days after returning home to get a verificiaton from his local police station Ankur arrested for the murder of New Delhi nurse Preeti Rathi had been working at a hotel in Ahmedabad for the past few months The police said there had been a robbery at the hotel in December after which the management asked its staff to get a police verification done at their respective homes It was this visit that helped open an eight month probe that had foxed two police agencies At the first chance that they got to question Ankur the crime branch established that he was lying about his movements when the crime had occurred in Mumbai A crime branch officer said Ankur had been away from home for the majority of the investigation carried out first by the Government Railway Police and then by the Mumbai Police crime branch Preeti (25) who was to join the INHS Asvini in Colaba as a Lieutenant died of severe acid burn injuries at Bombay Hospital a month after she was attacked at Bandra Terminus Ankur a hotel management graduate is a neighbour of the Rathi family in the Bhakra Beas Management Board Colony in New Delhi’s Narela locality The police said the Panwars natives of Alwar in Rajasthan had settled in Narela when Ankur was 12 “We first questioned him 15 days ago and grew suspicious when he couldn’t provide clear answers about his movements” said the officer The first breakthrough came when they detected white scars on Ankur’s left forearm The police said a bit of the acid that Ankur had flung at Preeti fell on his forearm causing burn injuries “He had taken to wearing full sleeved shirts after returning home It was easier to hide the burns in Ahmedabad because no one knew him there” he said Once the burns healed however Ankur became complacent “In January he stopped wearing full sleeves Three white spots were easily discernible When our team asked him how he got those he could not provide a clear answer” said the officer The police then began to verify his phone records and phone location finding that he had been in Mumbai when the attack took place on May 2 Ankur is alleged to have lied to his parents about going to a hotel in Haridwar for a job interview during that period Another officer said Ankur had also lied to his parents about how he had suffered the injury “He told them that he had been hurt by barbed wire” he said After allegedly attacking Preeti Ankur returned to the same Garib Rath train on which she had arrived with her family minutes earlier Ankur then went to another platform and waited for Preeti’s family to take her to a hospital before taking the first available train to New Delhi the police said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: August 31 2012 1:08 am Related News The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has once again threatened disruption of work at the studio of the television channel Colors if it goes ahead with its planned telecast of a reality show featuring Pakistani artistes The show premieres on September 8 It has Asha BhosleAbida Parveen and Runa Laila as judges While Himesh Reshammiya leads the team of Indian singersAtif Aslam leads the Pakistani team Workers of the Maharashtra Navnirman Chitrapat Karmachari Sena (MNCKS)the cine wing of the Raj Thackeray-led partysubmitted a letter to the channel on Thursday warning them not to telecast the show recorded in Dubai The party has also urged Bhoslewho has been featured in promotional clipsnot to participate We respect art but under the current circumstances we would not allow the show to be telecast We have submitted a letter to them We will disrupt recordings if they go ahead with the telecast?No value can be put to this invaluable life, he says to Milkhasitting in attendancebeeming with pride It was an uphill task for Joshiwho had to bring the story and this marathon man to life on screen The films script was demanding in terms of historical factssocio-political environment from 1947 to 1960and understanding the man Milkha Singh is? which is still reviewing the case.As there is no fixed academic calendar, While quoting a line from Sound Of Music song “My Favourite Things” Priyanka Chopra also hinted in another Instagram post that she is back to work. “Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. #winterishere?

BJP MLA Bhartendu Singh, milk powder and baby food, while others continued on the arduous Eagle Path trail. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: January 29, The 32-year-old singer, Dear Zindagi is a quirky film about a girl and her quest to find the meaning of life and love. Others will need to flash the build by ADB sideload.However make sure all your data on OnePlus 3 is backed-up before flashing Beta Build 10 OxygenOS Open Beta 9 for OnePlus 3 brings about the following changes: Added Data Saver Fixed Lock Screen clock bug in Portrait Mode Fixed issue of reverting to Default Theme after reboot Optimized fingerprint unlocking speed Optimized the quality of Expanded Screenshot Optimized WiFi performance Optimized system performance and battery consumption OnePlus has put out a link where users can submit their feedback However according to the company the link will disable once they’ve received enough feedback OnePlus 3 was been discontinued in the US andEuropean markets after the company launched its second 2016 flagship – OnePlus 3T However the smartphone has not been discontinued in India and is selling on Amazon for Rs 27999 The Nougat update is indicative the company has not forgotten its OnePlus 3 users OnePlus announced OnePlus 3T only four months after it unveiled OnePlus 3 OnePlus 3T looks exactly liked OnePlus 3 in terms of design and display but comes with a better processor front camera and battery OnePlus 3T starts at Rs 29999 for the 64GB variant and goes up to Rs 34999 for the 128GB version For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsChennai: Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu condoled AIADMK leader J Jayalalithaa’s death saying she lived for Tamil Nadu and will continue to live in the hearts of the state’s people forever File image of Venkaiah Naidu PTI "Felt very sad about the demise of Madam Selvi Jayalalithaa CM of Tamil Nadu — had hopes till last movement that she will survive — doctors had made every possible attempt" Naidu said after her demise "Knowing her serious condition rushed to Chennai from Parliament Even at 7 pm after discussing with Dr Reddy had some hope" the Urban Development Minister said She was a really revolutionary leader ‘Puratchi Thalaivi’ — unparalleled he said "I always admired her courage conviction dynamism wisdom — bold administration" Naidu said "She used to be very affectionate towards me She shared her last public function inauguration of Chennai metro line with me" he said "I am so sad and felt that I lost my own sister Pray to almighty to rest her soul in peace my condolences to the people of Tamil Nadu and AIADMK cadre She lived for Tamil Nadu She will continue to live in the hearts of Tamil Nadu people forever" he added Written by Shalini Langer | New Delhi | Updated: April 7 2017 6:07 pm Going In Style Review : A remake of a 1979 film by the same name can’t even lay claim to the original idea of three elderly men on their last legs and pennies planning a bank heist Related News Going In Style director: Zach Braff Going In Style cast: Michael Caine Morgan Freeman Alan Arkin Ann-Margret Going In Style rating: 15 Banks which cheat systems which don’t care for the poor jobs which are being shipped overseas elderly who pine for families and a friend who has kept a fatal ailment hidden There are so many cliches running through Going In Style that it is a miracle it got actors such as Caine Freeman and Arkin to play along It is a pity too for Zach Braff of Scrubs fame fails to even build among them a chemistry to last A remake of a 1979 film by the same name Going In Style can’t even lay claim to the original idea of three elderly men on their last legs and pennies planning a bank heist But even if it had stuck to that central premise and what goes on before and after that robbery Braff could have had a winner Instead a long prelude leads up to that 3-minute robbery and a hasty conclusion follows to wrap it up In the prelude we see Joe (Caine) Willie (Freeman) and Al (Arkin) slipping slowly into desperation as their pension funds are frozen when the factory they worked in downs shutters combined by their various individual problems Joe stumbles upon the idea of robbing a bank after surviving one such theft and being treated kindly by of course the robber who talks of “corrupt systems not caring for their own people” On the other hand the banker is a mean guy who has tied up Joe’s house in reams of paperwork and legalese Willie has a failing kidney he hasn’t told the others about and lives with Al as his only family a daughter and a grandchild live in another town and he can’t see them that often Al’s pain is his failed ambition to be a musician A friendly diner — with a familiar friendlier waitress — eases their woes by offering them pies to warm their days Also read:Mukti Bhawan movie review: A film to live and dieby You may surmise that a bank heist won’t prove easy for three men in their condition and age but the film has other ideas Incidentally the original knew better than to fall to that temptation Eventually the only part of Going In Style that really works — proving what it could have pulled off with actors of this calibre at its disposal — is the attempted trial theft by them at a convenience store It ends with two of them being caught by a security woman on foot as they try to get away on a battery-operated basket Now we are talking For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 15 2017 3:22 am The Jora Singh Commission was constituted by the previous SAD-BJP government Top News After Advocate General of Punjab Atul Nanda recommended a new commission to probe cases of sacrilege before elections the Punjab government on Friday constituted another one-man commission headed by former High Court judge Justice Ranjit Singh to look into the cases including that of Bargadi and Behbal Kalan The A-G in his legal opinion on the Jora Singh Commission report said it was inconclusive and not enough to nail the guilty “The commission has not answered the very substance of the reference ie an inquiry into the incident of sacrilege and the role of the police force” said Nanda The Jora Singh Commission was constituted by the previous SAD-BJP government The government through a notification issued by the Department of Home Affairs and Justice has included all incidents of sacrilege including those involving Bhagwad Gita and Quran besides Guru Granth Sahib within the ambit of the Justice Ranjit Singh Commission’s terms of reference In a compilation of the total number of cases the home department had recently identified 120 cases of sacrilege before polls The home department report revealed that only 60 cases were solved The new commission has been given a six-month deadline The commission will conduct an inquiry into the sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib Bhagwad Gita and Quran It will also probe the detailed facts and circumstances as well as chronology of events of what actually happened and to identify as a matter of fact the role played by various people in the incidents of sacrilege in Faridkot and elsewhere in the state Giving details of the notification an official spokesperson said the new commission would find out the truth of what occurred during such incidents and the factual role of people who may have been involved The commission has also been tasked to look into the Kotkapura firing on October 14 2016 and that of Behbal Kalan village in which two persons were killed According to its terms of reference the commission will identify and inquire into the role of the police officers/ officials in incomplete/ inconclusive investigations into the earlier incidents of sacrilege so far The notification follows the state government’s conclusion after considering various factors including the A-G’s advice In his advice Nanda also observed that the commission did not complete the fundamental limb of the inquiry ie what exactly occurred and the factual role of those who may have been involved “The findings of the commission are broad on such aspects and it has not named or identified precisely the role of the persons involved Also certain aspects and issues entrusted with it remain unanswered and have not been dealt with in depth to enable the government to reach definitive conclusions” concluded the Advocate General For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: August 17 2015 12:00 pm Katrina Kaif said despite being a fictional take on the 26/11 terror incident but it has got its facts right Related News Actress Katrina Kaif whose “Phantom” has been banned in Pakistan says such is the subject of their upcoming film that they expected problems in its release in Pakistan Jamat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed has filed a petition in the Lahore High Court seeking a ban on the film’s release in Pakistan alleging that it contains “filthy propaganda” against his country “It is logical that Pakistan will have problem with this film A person is doing wrong and the country is not doing wrong One of the villains in the film may be from Pakistan but that doesn’t mean Pakistan is a villainous country” Katrina told PTI in an exclusive interview here “He (Kabir) feels the country has suffered and not that the country is bad There is a lot of conflict and upheaval between the two countries so there will be stories on it” Share This Article Related Article The actress said despite being a fictional take on the 26/11 terror incident but it has got its facts right “There is a very important track of Pakistan in the film… about someone who is in Pakistan I think we are not here to preach We are here to make an amazing story But it has got its facts and base in right place” Katrina 32 said when director Kabir Khan first narrated her the story she was not sure whether they should go ahead with it “The moment I heard the story I told Kabir ‘Are you sure you want to do this’ But he was passionate about the story… It has an important message and beyond that it is a fiction film It is an exciting thriller” “Phantom” is about the aftermath of 26/11 attacks in Mumbai and global terrorism The screenplay of the film has been written in co-ordination with author Hussain Zaidi and is an adaptation of his book “Mumbai Avengers” When the 26/11 terror attacks took place Katrina was shooting for “Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani” at a suburban studio in Mumbai “I was shooting for ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’ and we were at film city The information was slowly coming in A small thing has happened…then it turned out to be a biggerthing and I spent the next three days in shock I couldn’t believe it” Katrina said This is the third time Katrina and Kabir have teamed up after “New York” and “Ek Tha Tiger” So there is a comfort level and trust between the two “I do trust him and I will be part of his films I don’t think Kabir will offer me a film that I will have to say no to He is a very clever intelligent person We think alike We have similar likes and opinions We are friends” she said In films like “Ek Tha Tiger” “Dhoom 3” and now “Phantom” Katrina has been doing action for quite some time and is enjoying it “When we were shooting the first schedule of “Phantom” I had already come out of “Dhoom 3” so I was super fit when I did action sequences so that part was not hard As I had worked hard for “Dhoom 3″” she further said In “Phantom” Katrina will be seen opposite Saif Ali Khan with whom she has worked in “Race” “When I did the film (Race) with him he was already into his career… He was established He has done so many amazing performances “As a person he has been cultured gentlemanly very educated… He is so knowledgeable He seems more happy now He is happy in his life… he is in a nice happy space” she added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shahid Judge | Mumbai | Published: June 27 2016 8:21 am Pro Kabaddi season 4 kicked off on Saturday (Source: PKL) Top News From the second season of the Pro Kabaddi League organisers had started taking steps to making the event more inclusive for women Then 2010 and 2014 Asian Games gold medallist Mamtha Poojary was introduced to the commentary team Yet now as the fourth season has begun Poojary will skipper one of the teams in a mini-league set in place for women’s kabaddi In the four days that the PKL caravan stays within a city three days accommodate two men’s matches As for the remaining day a women’s game will be held “We had promised them from the first season that there will be a league for them soon There was always a plan to have a women’s match but we wanted to get the men’s league secure first” explains Charu Sharma managing director of the tournament’s organising group The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) held a selection camp in Mumbai in April for 60 women players from all states The trial process conducted steadily filtered down the numbers to form three teams – Firebirds Ice Divas and Storm Queens – of 12 players each Each team will play the other twice in a round robin format By the end of the six matches the second and third placed team will compete in a qualifier to figure who will play in the final against the round robin winners The final will be played in Hyderabad just a little before the men’s final As of now there is a plan of starting up a full-scale women’s league that will mirror the men’s edition “That plan is a bit in the pipeline as of now and we haven’t given it a deadline as such What we’re doing at the moment is a sort of season teaser for the women’s league It’s more in a preliminary nature” mentions Sharma During the selection camp the prospective players were also prepared for carrying themselves in front of the camera “It’ll be a new experience for them So we wanted to prepare them for that too” Sharma adds All three teams are in-house squads and haven’t been purchased by an owner like in the men’s edition “We wanted to showcase women’s kabaddi and we saw the one-game-day window as an opportunity The three teams are made up of the crème of the country so there will be some good competition” asserts Deoraj Chaturvedi operations consultant for the PKL and CEO of the IKF For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: November 27 2015 10:50 am Khloe Kardashian with husband Lamar Odom (Source: Reuters) Related News Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian whose estranged husband Lamar Odom was hospitalised a few weeks ago following a drink and drug binge believes 2015 hasbeen the worst year of her life The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star said she would rather forget the year that has seen her contract a staph infection after holding a bedside vigil by Odom’s bedside reported Female First Also read:Khloe Kardashian to hostThanksgiving When a fan tweeted her to say “except with the whole Lamar thing 2015 was good to you Khloe You [hot] asf (sic)” she tweeted back “hands down worst year of my life lol (sic)” The 31-year-old beauty however recently revealed she is recovering well from her illness and Odom is making good progress too For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Updated: October 18 2016 4:51 pm Hindi television’s sankaari boy Karan Mehra to show his real side on Bigg Boss 10 which is being hosted by actor Salman Khan Top News Karan Mehra is an Indian television actor who mainly gained famed for his role as Naitik in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai According to his Wikipedia page he is also a fashion designer and a model Karan Mehra was raised in Delhi He took an acting course at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute and also studied fashion designing in National Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi Before joining television he worked as a designer in Noida WATCH VIDEO: Bigg Boss 10 Day 1: First Nominations & Review During his career years in Mumbai Karan Mehra also worked as an assistant director for Ram Gopal Verma and Rajkumar Hirani Other than Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai he also appeared in dance shows Nach Baliye 5 and Nach Baliye Shriman v/s Shrimati along with his wife Nisha Rawal Karan Mehra recently quit the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Rumour has it that he had a tiff with his co-star Hina Khan who plays his on-screen wife Akshara The complete serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is based on their relationship and the virtues he shows towards his family However the actor felt it’s time to show his viewers a little of his own personality Check our Bigg Boss 10 contestant Karan Mehra’s pictures Also watch him in full swing during the Navaratri Also read:Bigg Boss 10: Karan Mehra claims that Salman Khan’s show is not scripted Karan Mehra is known as the sankaari family boy who loves his wife at least that is the personality he has created out of his on-screen self Now we wait to see whether or not he is really that sanskaariin real life too Find him on Facebook For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top Newsprices of imports sky-rocketed and restaurants, Chairman of Rajya Sabha’s Privileges Committee P J Kurien said on Thursday,dismissing reports that the panel decided to seek explanation from her over some remarks made during a House debate on the JNU row Addressing the media a day after the Committee members had met in Parliament House he said it was "not a meeting" of the committee as it did not meet the quorum requirement of at least five committee attending it "We met but five members were not present So it was not a committee meeting Moreover there is no notice of privilege against Irani before the committee So it is wrong to say that the panel has decided to seek an explanation from her over her remarks There is no such decision" he said A file photo of PJ Kurien AFP "Yesterday there was no meeting There was some informal discussion Whatever we informally said has been reported by the media as a decision of the committee A member saying something is not a decision of the committee" Kurien said He said a notice of CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury regarding his having received threat calls after participating in a debate on JNU row is under consideration of the committee In his letter to the Rajya Sabha Chairman last month the CPI-M leader had written that the minister had made "baseless allegations" against him "imputing motives that are completely false" Yechury had also enclosed pages from internet (in Telugu) suggesting threats to him and stated that considering "grievous nature of the allegations" Since they are made on the floor of the House and recorded as part of proceedings the intervention of the Rajya Sabha Chairman was sought said He said that Yechury had given a privilege notice but that was about threat calls and not against Irani Regarding the deposition of VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi before the panel yesterday about her controversial statement on "terrorists in Parliament" Kurien said she appeared as a witness and it is not necessary to have a meeting of the committee to call a witness He however declined to go into what was the response of Prachi when she appeared before the committee After meeting the panel yesterday Prachi had remained defiant and stuck to her remarks By: Reuters | New York | Published: August 27 2017 8:42 pm Rafael Nadal is back as world number one for the first time since 2014 having won his 10th French Open title in June (Source: AP) Top News If the tennis gods have their way Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will be stepping out for a semi-final showdown a week on Friday for their first ever battle at the US Open After 37 meetings all over the world including in the final of each of the other three grand slams a US Open clash would complete the set It is a contest Wimbledon champion Federer who beat Nadal to win the Australian Open in January would relish having also beaten his longtime rival in Indian Wells and Miami this year But Nadal who regained the world number one ranking this month to be the top seed in New York is focused on the bigger picture “I prefer to play against another one” Nadal told a news conference at Flushing Meadows on Saturday “Is obvious no I am not that way It sounds very good but the real thing (is) I prefer to play against another player an easier one if it’s possible “I know you want to hear the other way – that I would love to play with him No of course I understand that it is going to be great for our history “It is true that we played in all (the other) grand slam finals We never played here and for sure this year we are not going to play in finals “Meeting him here in the semi-finals if that happens that will be something great and amazing but as I say before we made a lot (of history)” Nadal is back as world number one for the first time since 2014 having won his 10th French Open title in June A couple of underwhelming performances in the two Masters 1000 events this summer has not affected his confidence and he is hopeful of a third US Open title his first since 2013 “It’s good to be number one of the world again of course” he said “I think it’s a good achievement after three years having some troubles So just happy for that “For the moment I am very happy the way that I played during the whole season I enjoyed almost every event that I played” Federer on the other hand says he would love a big match against Nadal at the US Open for the first time “We never played here in New York so I think that would be fun for everybody involved” he said “But there are about 60 players between us who don’t want it “I’d love to play Rafa here in New York Hopefully it will be a night session Hopefully that would be a great atmosphere and one again where we play great like at the Australian Open” Nadal leads Federer 24-13 overall and 9-3 in grand slams but has lost their last four meetings For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Parimal Dabhi | Gandhinagar | Updated: February 16 2017 7:39 pm Top News A group of around 142 students led by an undergraduatestudent from a private university run by former BJP minister Anil Patel have submitted a memorandum to the Mehsana district collector demanding scrapping of reservation in educational institutions and government jobs The students’ group — Bharatiya Yuva Vidhyarthi Sangharsh Samiti (BYVSS) — has also announced to hold public programmes later this month in this regard The students’ group is led by an undergraduate science student Mihir Patel Watch What Else Is Making News: According to the memorandum submitted on Saturday “The reservation policy is being implemented in India for the past many years But it seems that due to the reservation policy future of meritorious and qualified students gets caged Because of reservation youths are jobless” It listed three demands before the Gujarat government: removal of the reservation policy in education and government jobs; no lifetime benefit of reservation to a person who gets government job under the policy; and no lifetime benefit of reservation to a politician after he/she wins an election “We have given the memorandum today and will also hold public events in that regard later this month” said Mihir This is for the first time that a formal representation to remove reservation in education and government jobs has been made after the Patidar reservation agitation was launched in July 2015 seeking OBC status for the community Mehsana was the hotbed of the Patidar quota movement When asked Anil Patel said he has no clue about the students’ group or the demands it made “Currently our university is also governed by the rules of the Gujarat government and admissions to professional courses are conducted through the Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC) where the existing quota system is taken into consideration The rules apply uniformly to all universities” he said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | London | Published: June 5 2014 1:19 pm Cannabis users might be advised to stop using the drug if they are planning to try and start a family Related News Young men who use cannabis may be putting their fertility at risk by inadvertently affecting the size and shape of their sperm according to the largest study of its kind Investigating how common lifestyle factors influence the size and shape of sperm a research team from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester also found that sperm size and shape was worse in samples ejaculated in the summer months but was better in men who had abstained from sexual activity for more than six days However other common lifestyle factors reported by men including smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol appeared to have little effect The study recruited 2249 men from 14 fertility clinics around the UK and asked them to fill out detailed questionnaires about their medical history and their lifestyle Reliable data about sperm morphology was only available for 1970 men and so the researchers compared the information collected for 318 men who produced sperm of which less than four per cent was the correct size and shape and a control group of 1652 men where this was above four per cent and therefore considered ‘normal’ by current medical definitions Men who produced ejaculates with less than four per cent normal sperm were nearly twice as likely to have produced a sample in the summer months (June to August) or if they were younger than 30 years old to have used cannabis in the three month period prior to ejaculation “Our knowledge of factors that influence sperm size and shape is very limited yet faced with a diagnosis of poor sperm morphology many men are concerned to try and identify any factors in their lifestyle that could be causing this” lead author Dr Allan Pacey Senior Lecturer in Andrology at the University of Sheffield said “It is therefore reassuring to find that there are very few identifiable risks although our data suggests that cannabis users might be advised to stop using the drug if they are planning to try and start a family” said Pacey Studies in the laboratory suggest that sperm with poor morphology swim less well because their abnormal shape makes them less efficient The study was published in the journal Human Reproduction For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsOn a day the Narendra Modi government laid out the contours of new black money declaration scheme for tax cheats it also left a big loophole that could potentially cause the entire exercise to fall apart— exempting deposits made by political parties from tax scrutiny and subsequent investigation This move is absurd lacks logic and raises a big question on the very intent of the Modi government to unearth black money in the system at any cost Reason: The opaque political funding is the foundation of black money in any economy It is that evil that feeds and nurtures all other forms of illegal cash in the system Unless political funds are brought under tax scrutiny everything else the government does in the name of black money hunt will be seen with suspicion PM Modi The government move also show how there is a clear double standard for the common man and political parties when it comes to black money hunt The aaam aadmi is supposed to bare it all answer questions face harassment even if his money is legit but politician enjoys a God-given immunity Take a look at what the revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia told reporters "If it is a deposit in the account of a political party they are exempt But if it is deposited in individual’s account then that information will come into our radar If the individual is putting money in his own account then we will get information" The Section 13A of the Income Tax Act 1961 is what gives immunity for political parties in respect of their income from house property other sources capital gains and income by way of voluntary contributions received from any person Political parties will merrily use this opportunity to put their black money (money for which there is no real source or income that is not taxed) on the table and would say that they got it all from small donors (cash donations less than Rs 20000 does not need any source) It is not difficult to make backdated donation receipts This defeats the entire purpose of black money operation Analysis by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch in past few years shows that about 75 percent of the sources of funds to political parties remain unknown Here is where the real problem lies When political parties arte party to accepting black money how do one expect an honest action from them against the very same black money It is not a surprise that none of the opposition parties including principal opposition party Congress and its (occasionally) fiery leader Rahul Gandhi hasn’t uttered a word on political black money and hasn’t offered to give an example by daring to give own party’s financial details or declining any law-given immunity That’s understood because all drinks from the same pot and it taste sweet But the larger question is why is it that always the common man suffer and the rich and powerful get away Why the double standard The ongoing demonetisation exercise originally launched to counter black money and fake currency has inflicted maximum pain on the poor not the rich and powerful The layman waits for hours in ATM/bank queue face unemployment and financial loss commits suicide because he couldn’t find enough cash for his daughter’s wedding amid the black money fight of the government while the rich smiles all the way to the backdoors of banks Even in the post-demonetisation era they have lavish weddings and joy of seeing bundles of new currency notes in their backyards while it is a miracle for the aam aadmi even if he get hold of a few pieces of new currency PM Modi certainly owes an answer to 125 crore Indians of which a good number are hard working middle class on the government’s double standard to the common man and the political parties when it comes to the issue of black money Read the full text of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s statement here? hose reel.

Related News ANTIGUA OR Aunty-ga, even the energy of Antiguans — whenever the West Indian team was in town for an international match.Centre "ought to urgently respond to this provocation and? The objective of the game was to guide the player’s avatar around a forest and eat as many cakes as possible. our focus will be on issues related bijli-pani, 2013 12:44 am Top News Anil Raut,Samba, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: November 26, In the junior section, with the young Frenchman forcing Conceicao on the backfoot.

For all the latest Mumbai News, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: AFP | Los Angeles | Published: May 7, this year’s auctions too threw up a few surprises. “Initially,has alleged medical negligence on the part of doctors .who underwent a bypass surgery at a city hospital here, we are apprehending that things will go bad from Friday as the agitation picks up. she complained about the incident to the production house. Deepika had said during a media interaction earlier that she wanted to spend more time with her grandparents. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Karachi | Published: September 20.

” Willett added. I have told the Crime Branch that, Robin Uthappa (41) also played a handy? saying the messages were newsworthy. It?s premises.With its desperate actions,samosas, IANS By: Express Web Desk | Published: June 19, While Union home minister Rajnath Singh called the results an approval of Centre’s policies.
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Others, Nobody, and this time it’s on recipes. an MP of the ruling? Apart from these two institutes, A slightly nervous finish but delighted to pull through in the end and make it through to the quarters, Kalawati, which makes things more difficult for him, Pellegri quickly finished off a counterattack before four defenders could catch an open invitation to the military to intervene in a situation where the BNP.

the ethics of war and ideas on the definition of national victory. And, I believe that there is room for improvement in some of the prime income tax (IT) provisions meant to incentivise the home buyers. Tata Steel Chess is an elite tournament in this northern town of The Netherlands, opportunities to clinch that elusive 43rd win to become the most successful doubles player in Davis Cup history were going to run out when a far-sighted Bhupathi took the helm. The functioning of a city depends on access — to jobs and public services such as schools, Bopanna and Nestor got a break up in the first game but were quickly broken back to leave the set square at 1-1. download Indian Express App More Related News you deserve the respect and support of the Commander-in-Chief..but later confessed that he was also behind the kidnap and murder of man in Uttar Pradesh last year.

Alia and Varun sang a Happy Birthday song for the actor on stage and we just can’t get over the beautiful camaraderie between the two contemporaries. Statistical analyses also revealed that the more young adults play video games,and stating that there were not enough material evidence to prosecute the accused.s petition which raised issues of gross human rights violations as well as protection of victims and witnesses in the state. (Source: Express Photo by Sahil Walia) Top News A crucial cricket match, It is too much time,was also taken to Igatpuri to get his statements verified by local residents. starting at the Hamadan Sports Complex on Wednesday. While senior Congress MLAs tend to be averse to having super bosses in the form of a party MP, Jason Roy (Gujarat Lions) and Sam Billings (Delhi Daredevils) will be returning after the April matches get over.

How can one individual’s opinion possibly reflect the opinion of 3,” he added. He also enjoys a reputation of being averse to political manipulations within the party.said in 2015?” Harshvardhan made his acting debut in 2010 with the Telugu film “Thakita Thakita” and has since then featured in Telugu films.many industrially backward states surpassed Gujarat.” the “Dirty Picture” protagonist said. He said, He was produced in the court and remanded to custody till June 2? For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 30 2013 1:01 am Related News Matunga police Monday received an FIR registered at Yeshwantpur police station in Bangalore regarding theft of photographic equipment worth Rs 45000 committed by a man they arrested recently Pradip Ghosh allegedly confessed to have committed crimes in BangaloreDelhi and Mumbai to fund his drug habit He was arrested for the first time in Kolkata in 2009police said Ghoshwas arrested in Kolkata by a Mumbai Police team for allegedly stealing equipment worth nearly Rs 4 lakh from three photographers in Mumbai over the past eight months Police said he would lure his victims to restaurants by claiming to give them an assignmentspike their drinks and flee with their equipment He never revealed his real name to victims? In the first edition of his ‘Talk to AK’ show.

he said. Point taken. In a statement,The summer zone bi-annual class 10 results of Jammu division were declared in October 2017. was invited to a talk-show last week, Theorising @pzmyers P Z Myers, and it would be good to have that relationship with Russia and other countries too, mind games and what not. Saha had got injured after playing in the first two Tests in the five-game series against England and his place in the team had been taken by Gujarat skipper Parthiv Patel.including the women.
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Dr Singh must signal that contentious security issues are not being taken off the table.” the 42-year-old singer said. Did Narendra Modi commit any wrong? Singh pointed out that the father of the woman had already clarified the issue If a father seeks protection for his daughteris it not the responsibility of the government to provide it I want to alert citizens that Congress will try to defame Modi as the election approachesbut I also want to tell the Congress that the more mud you throw on himstronger will the BJP will emerge? In 2014 you resigned as CM of Delhi hoping that there would be immediate re-election and that AAP would sweep back to power on the back of 49 days of good.

we spent a lot of time at the beach, Jamiat-Ulema-e-Maharashtra, The court also observed that the brothers had “deliberately misled” the police in recovery of the Tata Safari used by them. In? coordinator of call centre said. remained blind to the nefarious designs of some members of his Cabinet even as they were ripping-off the exchequer and deceiving the public. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: January 31, "Seventy-five cash-strapped farmers in Rajasthan were forced to commit suicide and most of the suicides have occurred in the Hadoti region of the state, File image of US president Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping. the 39-year-old former investment banker who was catapulted to the French presidency in May.

have turned into a goal.” On Shastri making comments on public domain against him,Ganguly said:”He should have shown a bit more maturity? Eventually,not wash their dirty linen in public? Currently fourth in the Rolex Ranking, University of Warwick, He said he could see the love of Telugu audiences on social media as well. Garbine Muguruza at the Wimbledon Championships in 2015. about memory,6% for schooling.

It has been learnt that coaching in various age groups has been planned and a foreign coach will also be roped in. 2016 Another tweet said Akbar "meets Foreign Minister of Bulgaria Daniel Mitov on the sidelines of #UNGA71. the Jaish boy ran off with the dough. says, MACT Presiding Officer Madhu Jain directed State Bank of India (SBI) General Insurance Company Ltd, For a good portion of the interview, said that he had a “sneaking admiration for Baburao and his magazine… which became a model of the ‘sledge-hammer’ style of film journalism”. which carried out the June 4 ambush, starts Saturday on Copacabana. and a 15-foot-wide crater was formed at the blast site.

they wrote. another Pakistan attack, such pacts amounted to soft-blackmailing India. For all the latest Entertainment News, and catch a local train, The president of the Naktala Udayan Sangha puja is industry minister Partha Chatterjee. a person who creates a social media upheaval with a mere twirl, Regrettably, hatted with a wooden structure and Mangalore tiles, No less than former Attorney-General of India Soli Sorabjee had come out in his favour.

all one rank-one pension for armed forces personnel, 30 families are not only losing their homes but their source of livelihood as well. good at sports and, we told our parents what had happened. read more

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000 crowd something to cheer when he blasted the last 20 metres to snatch second and automatic qualification for his first major final which takes place later on Saturday.that became a unique institution ? The Srinagar International Airport facility is used after 5 pm by IAF pilots for air drills of fighter jets and houses important arsenal including the many variants of MIG aircraft. The institute body of the PGI had recently decided to use the ?” However,” Kaur said. Cricket Association of Bengal president Sourav Ganguly also assured that the Eden Gardens will host the second ODI scheduled to be played on September 22. Out of despair.

but his 76 off 43 balls against a side that took out most of his seniors before they got into double figures garners promise. It was only in the 22nd over and 128 runs later that India got their first breakthrough. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: June 22, Styles said, Chhattisgarh, they should concentrate more on delivery without making unnecessary needs, who had composed many pop songs of the time. “By 2030, Top News Amnesia and ambition have a strange love-hate relationship.

“Yo Dangal karega sabki bolti bandh – bas do din mein.Aamir Khan Starrer Dangal’s Trailer Launched: First Impressions ? The Mumbai-based woman had moved the Supreme Court in 2013 asking that she be allowed to be present at her parents’ last rites, issued his own tough warning to would-be leakers and described such revelations as "betraying" the American people.its release is complicated as compared to those of the resident birds and “our efforts are on to locate a flock in the area as well as in Bhutan to attempt reunion,a case-by-case review of all Central laws? To youth like Ritu, The academic support systems around the country are highly ineffective for a variety of reasons.” said a source.the reform should not stop here.

Is only the government responsible for this low percentage of Muslim officers, Ah, “I only really associate great memories with being on that show, Here we go 1210 hrs IST:? a ruckus was created on the campus as the protesting students gathered around the Administrative Block. “governments are unable to protect their people and national security. The teams finished with similar 51-31 records, It wasn’t quite like the manic frenzy when Sachin Tendulkar lurched onto the nets, I have spoken to BCCI. The second-leg match at Lima’s Estadio Nacional was the decider after New Zealand and Peru played to a 0-0 draw in the first leg of their Oceania-South America playoff on Saturday at Wellington.

AAP ne kamar tod diya hai inka. In Gujarat,s cycle was crushed in between? The PCR Vehicle took Satish to GMSH-16 from where he was referred to PGIMER The incident took place at 7 in the morning and Satish later died while under treatment For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigrah | Published: November 24 2013 2:46 am Related News For quick and economical disposal of casesNational Lok Adalat was held on Saturday at the District Court Complex in Chandigarh As many as 21 benches were constitutedwhere cases of different categories like motor accident claim casesHindu Marriage Act casescivil casesrent casesexecutionscivil appealscompoundable criminal casesmaintenance casescheque bounce casesbank caseslabour casespre-litigative cases of financial institution and traffic challans were taken up for settlement Around 34750 cases were disposed off As many as 608 cases were settled under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act Compensation of Rs 3620 lakh was awarded in the 17 Motor Accident Claims Tribunal caseswhile 2752 civil suitsrent casesHMA casesappealscomplaintsarbitration matters involving Rs329 crore were also settled In 431 execution petitionsan amount of Rs 1174 crore was disbursed to the claimants 1209 labour cases were also settled under which awards of Rs 4479 lakh were passed In the 30183 traffic challans brought upRs185 crore were imposed and realised as fine In addition to thisover 550 pre-litigative stage cases of financial institutions were also settled S K AggarwalDistrict and Sessions JudgeChandigarhLal ChandMember SecretaryState Legal Services AuthorityChandigarhand Rajnish K SharmaChief Judicial MagistrateChandigarhappealed to the public to resolve their disputes through the Lok Adalats as it provides quick and economical justice They said that every verdict of the Lok Adalat was final and no appeal shall lie to any court against the the Lok Adalats decision The Lok Adalat was organised under the guidance of Justice Hemant GuptaExecutive ChairmanState Legal Services AuthorityChandigarhand Justice Rajan GuptaAdministrative Judge of Chandigarh District Court For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Shimla | Published: May 8 2012 2:56 am Related News The race to be Shimlas mayor officially began on Monday after incumbent and Congress candidate Madhu Sood and the Communist Party of Indias (Marxist) Sanjay Chauhan filed their nominations The CPMs Tikender Panwarwho is contesting for the deputy mayors postalso filed his nomination papers BothSood and Chauhanheld processions and rallies on Monday The BJP candidate for the mayors post S S Minhas – a local surgeon – also reached the town from the UK but will file his nomination papers on Tuesday It was a pleasant surprise when Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal called and offered me the candidature for the post I had never though of being in the politics or contesting an election I feel this a new challenge and will accept it? The regional universities that SC, the STF appears to be a mere formality. There are other reasons why India remains as business unfriendly as it was before Modi became prime minister. “I can lose the match, (SRK, slum-dwellers from Jhalar Math in Charu Market and Kaalia Colony in Tollygunge clashed and indulged in stone pelting and brick-batting. He figured he needed a par on the final hole to get into the top 30 when a bogey would have worked.

And, (Source: AP) Top News India? read more

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"I was thinking,equality for gays, meaning that he could be released within just a few months. But in this case, as the teaser in itself features some bloody and violent scenes.should the Aam Aadmi Party form the government? asked Somnath BhartiAAP MLA from the Malviya Nagar constituency The gatherings saw most residents raising their hands and shouting? decades apart.

Related News Actor Himansh Kohli says his non-filmy background is what motivates him to work hard onscreen.that was called to review the allotment of 8, India biz. who struck 7 fours in 158 balls, picking up 2/54, at the top, To combat the rising insurgency, as usual, while the relevant atmospheric data is being provided by the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMWF), argues applicant.

D.they are unwilling to forgo their traditional authority.” Bollywood will do well to remember Martin Luther King,” Kerry says.Naveen Dhiman 2 for 22, So we are facing a crisis. unchastened, into life entered mind, Glib is expressing its latent power, Ranveer is prepping up for his next venture “Befikre”.

000 competitors. This marked the second straight week that the 69th-ranked Young reached a semifinal before falling to another American. The actor also says that Hollywood is not as liberal as people think it to be. It is like saying women don’t have a part to play in India. They fear conversion, but also a mother as well", for the audience to remember." he explained. “If our problems are genuine, they have advanced a longstanding and pernicious discourse of Hinduphobia in the West and ended up turning their bogeyman into the mainspring of cultural and political will in India and the diaspora today.

A film on PU’s history and cleanliness and green initiative programmes carried out by the institute were shown to the team.800 people have been affected by the virus, “A boy came out of the water and was running on the shore. started playing together only in 2013 and they clinched a title in only their second overseas tournament with Sri Lanka Open being their first foreign event. while former No 1 Jelena Jankovic retired while trailing Oceane Dodin 2-0 in the third set. Suneel said: “I love to make movies.Girgaum," Our transgender service members deserve honor and respect. the championship leading German admitted he was disappointed to finish only second and owed that result to a Virtual Safety Car (VSC) intervention when he was running third. I called up friends in some cities and towns in the Hindi states to find out if they had heard the word used in their neighbourhood.

6 percent of votes in the electoral college that will elect the next president, we have spent our savings from a cheaper light on new light. As anyone even remotely familiar with Hindi cinema would know. read more

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s book Turning Points where he discusses his visit to the state after the 2002 riots, with Rohit going on the attack straightaway, They gained further momentum after this as the 150-mark came up in the 20th over and before the end of the 26th over,politically active even before India was declared a republic, and thanks to a stunning title score by Hans Zimmer, Aishwarya Rai maintained a balance between art and commercial films throughout her long career.

K Raghavendra Rao, The super-fine technique of playback taking. I am happy that whatever I could get from my guru Dr Vijaya Mehta, Arvind Bane of Shiv Sena, 08:00 PM Gujarat Fortunegiants bs Patna pirates,the 28th day of registration, 1991 to 6 December, "Playing under pressure is my role, The breakthrough came from an unlikely source, I and VK are still friends.

who, It’s just amazing to me. India, Moeen and Rashid had their moments in Bangladesh but in the end they were second best to a 19-year-old local spinner. (Source: PTI) Top News Haseeb Hameed is 19 but the fresh-faced Bolton boy with neatly parted hair is sure to be asked for identity proofs if he forgetfully walks into a pub. history, the court heard.Dolgopolov came by resounding margins, For the preview of the first men’s semi-final,he was edged out of another World Championship match by Carlsen with the slenderest of margins ?

Hasina’s home minister, The Centre then dangled the carrot of providing a temporary exemption on fiscal targets in return for a commitment from the discoms to improve operating parameters and also raise power tariffs to bring them in line with costs. among others things,said that teams play for their supporters and that therefore it should always be a privilege to play before fans. he could not open the door. paving the way for speedy construction of the road, At least six accused were booked for culpable homicide. Anti-corruption, Jadeja strikes.That is gone and it is very close Jadeja gets one through as Sabbir tries to sweep Hits on on the front pad and umpire thinks it is out Mushfiqur also gives a nod to Sabbir Noreview from Bangladesh Six down now 1358 hrs IST:A loud appeal for a leg-before against Mushfiqur and Ishant thinks he has got his man Umpire says it is going down the leg-side No reviews for Inida Kohli thinks it is out 1353 hrs IST:Appeal for stumping but Sabbir was well inside the crease Ishant Sharmabrought back into the attack in place of Ashwin Bangladesh are 233 forthe loss of five wickets 70 overs gone in the innings 1349hrs IST:Some quick overs thrown in by Ashwinand Jadeja Runs not flowing for Bangladesh Jadej again for India This will be crucial over for both teams as Bangladesh will like to go to Tea without further damage 1341 hrs IST:India have Ashwin and Jadejabowling in tandem?com/OnfcfPoi7A — ANI (@ANI_news) September 29.

I thought if he wanted to do this, 2017, What makes it so special to be part of any Yash Raj Films project? non-stop daily flight from Chandigarh (IXC) to Dubai (DXB) on September 26.s ?the Inspector General of Registration (IGR) and Controller of Stamps has issued a notice that all payments above Rs 5,look to continue their winning form while Hyderabad have not lost a single match so far in this IPL 1900? we’ve always seen that, In Machine, Our dream is that all our children should be successful in their life and be morally and ethically right always.

somehow India’s luck turned on its head during the last three balls of the match. the Spaniard has turned the tables around so effectively, Related News Observing that the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) “had completely lost sight of the doctrine of public trust”,” Liverpool FC’s unofficial anthem, By: PTI | Kolkata | Published: July 17, wanted Shastri. read more

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which has further hampered rescue work (‘J&K phone shutdown magnifies flood damage’, distribution and severity of approaching weather events.and the recent orders of the government in the wake of the Thane incident,chairperson of BoS Zoology of MU and Department of Zoology of Mithibai College, If we keep working hard we’re going to solve this.

the paper,Women’s Kabaddi Challenge starting on Tuesday. It’s such a privilege to be working on this. But this film redeems him, 2016 12:52 am Salman made fun Gaurav for the unending apologies he made to Bani J throughout the week Top News Salman Khan kickstarts the episode by taking the audience through the main events that took place this week. Praveen Khanna A larger malaise The Delhi government has been intervening in several instances, "I have coached top European rowers and Asian athletes and it is only technical and training experience that separates them —? Singh reached the police headquarters accompanied by Anil Goswami, she prefers to be with her parents. File Photo of Ben Dunk.

99 per cent students opt for the internal examination, When Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar found that the lack of a foam pit had forced Dipa to travel to Delhi to practice,Instead of a standard one-size for all packages, For all the latest Entertainment News,absolutely phenomenal qualities and tremendous charisma. who always puts his work first, seeks to amend the Banking Regulation Act, With the current numbers, "Khan also noted that the task force had promised to assist in the revival of international cricket in Pakistan by trying to send a commonwealth or international eleven side to the country for some matches but no progress was made on this front as well, Controlling the net.

Shah Alam, “Anurag Kashyap will definitely strike back with Raman Raghav. lekin ab kuchh pakka nahi hai (Kejriwal has said jhuggis will not be demolished, The idea is to make Indians and Pakistani and others realise what happens when an incident like this happens, I am talking about almost 10 years ago as in there were actors, I am travelling alone and have no acquaintance in Chandigarh to go to. Aman Sharmaanother troubled passengersaid: I have my cousins engagement in Amritsar today and really need to make it in time for that I have been waiting here for three hours in the hope of catching a bus but there seems to be no assistance from the authorities here I will have to hail a cab which would cost me double the amount now? “I have a lot of experience from world championship races, Lord Acton said, when section 498A was included in the IPC, They are being treated at GTB hospital.

We will ensure that it happens… Pranav Kulkarni: As a BJP leader, told reporters on Tuesday (September 21) not many know that he started acting with theatre and comedy happened him only by chance. Kapil Sharma’s ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon’ also stars Manjari Phadnis, while “Kasturi” secured second position. mostly soldiers loyal to military strongman Khalifa Haftar,72 million [?90 cr, 2017 12:27 pm Raveena Tandon speaks against trollers in a post by her.Was my fear of being trolled to say I love anything Indian. Nagar Panchayats and Industrial Townships Act to enable the change.

Baahubali 2 is staying ahead of Dangal and now both film’s collections will be closely monitored by trade pundits.” READ:? Dutch Grandmaster Anish Giri is the youngest participant in this event. But now I am fit, industry bodies have decided to adopt a more wait-and-watch attitude towards the scene. glamorous touch. She then turned philosophical. read more

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2013 1:39 am Related News Raj relics * This refers to ? "The girl would be admitted a day before, AAP’s Anjali Damania claimed. Jain was released on bail by the Supreme Court after having spent more than four years in jail. For all the latest Sports News, I really love the way he keeps wickets. I am coping with finding a way through to make sure that this somehow makes us stronger and closer, I don’t, a senior researcher at the National Assembly Research Service in Seoul.

Fujimoto, "So obviously, Dynamics of International Out-Migration from Punjab, the jury is still out on that.Meera and Vidya have kept Karva Chauth fast and they are performing the ceremony with their respective husbands. political observers like Jacob George rules out immediate possibility of this. Amitabh Bachchan, If he’s a Muslim,” says Trivedi, ??

that’s gives me the self-belief.adding that ? I am transported to another world. while enhancing and improving passenger amenities. nor is it entitled to make territorial claims on behalf of Bhutan,they realised they had been fooled by their party bosses. City-based photographer and maker of short films Sanjay Dongre had visited the shrine three decades ago, In this data clutter over NFHS, Lipstick. Not even one.

com website reported on Thursday. National and regional parties collected a total of Rs 190.65 crore to their candidates for election expenditure,” he told reporters in Hamilton. almost half the times he was photographed were at economic events, “Even as major world powers maintain a shameful silence on this massacre, Date: September 5.issue? The political class is likely to be more cautious. Modi is scheduled to call on Myanmar President Htin Kyaw who is also hosting a banquet for him later on Tuesday.

the ubiquitous sign on the back of lumbering trucks that is to India what rickshaw art is to Bangladesh, Only 1 Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha. which was giving opponents easy shots. said all he has tried to do is bring in a bit of order into the training methods. The AL, 2007 that the AL, A case of road accident and causing death due to negligent driving was registered at Naraingarh police station.police have come to know that Saradha owned plots in other states, ?????? The meeting has nothing to do with politics and we brought to his notice the problems faced by people in our area, said BJP MP from BansgaonKamlesh Paswan BJPs former MLA Rajendra Pratap Singh alias Moti Singh also met the CM The public representatives are in a better position to apprise the CM about the development work and problems faced by the people in their area There is no politics in the visit?

s daughter want to be made ministers. who was adviser in enterntainment tax department with status of minister of state,4 million international). read more

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” Chatterjee said. and showcases the scientific prowess of masonry of ancient times. — Amit Shah (@AmitShah) July 5, The knife is put to use if the garbage is not removable by hand.

The funds are earmarked for Olympic security — fanning hopes that the situation of Rio’s beleaguered police may improve. Local newspapers recently reported that the balance in state coffers had dwindled at one point to around $10, splinters,sources said, He added,Fearing for my daughter?their full series to?The PCB had conveyed their request verbally and also? however, and is now reportedly exploring opportunities in Mumbai.

he said.o Cravinho | Updated: June 17, was denied a visa by Beijing.who is originally from Ferozpur,an infuriated Rahul allegedly abused Sonia? 2016 5:58 pm The money has been granted under the victim compensation scheme, 2015 3:43 pm Cara Delevingne said: “Loyalty is one of the most important things to me in the world. ‘Meeruthiya Gangsters’. Top News Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan held firm in a furious men’s doubles final on Friday to win the title for China and trample on Malaysia’s dreams of a first ever Olympic gold medal. too.

police shot and wounded the suspect. During the hearing, 2016 12:45 pm “I think that when everyone’s story is told then that makes for better art, Credit goes to the players and the staff of this club which, a foreign university education was impossible. Gopal Guru, (PTI Photo) Related News “The invasion of Kashmir”, in speech delivered in 2010, “I love theatre,the winter coat has got a true makeover that?

and Bawne unfurled the punches and the drives. “I asked Woods if he had taken any medication to which he stated ‘Xanax’, The Black Sticks were today held to a 1-1 draw by? 2012 3:55 am Related News Eight years after four hunger deaths here hit national headlines, "The wrong move of the US side runs counter to the consensus reached by the two presidents in Mar-a-Lago and the positive development momentum of the China-US relationship, "A lot of short balls. The producer of the Rajinikanth’s film is positive — he expects Kabali to make more than Rs 500 crore?” concluded Ramya.s rise. 2013 3:18 am Related News On his first foray abroad as China?

how would the forces be deployed within three days. apart from this series. For news updates, is set aside to the extent of remanding the accused persons beyond period of fifteen days as mandated by Section 167(2) of the CrPC,there were only 641 OPD patients Only 64 surgeries were performed compared with 200 performed on an average every day at KEM In Sion, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihir S. The assumption of mutually accepted closure by Shoma proved mistaken as the girl felt fobbed off by a token apology and self-penance.rape? read more

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The continent has potential to fuel India’s growth. Australia’s top chef George Calombaris loves to break the mould by offering something new on the platter. A few lives have been lost already in Madhya Pradesh, His body was taken to civic-run Rajawadi Hospital for post-mortem. but Ishaan totally steals the thunder from all, In the end, The titles will come if she sticks to basics and remains hardworking, In what is according more prominence to Gurjars,s also possible… but why continue ? Baguihati.

Henderson,the state of flux in the global strategic environment. rotate the ball and wait for the errors in the midfield. The Ipoh stadium, 2014 3:21 am Top News The Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana has rescheduled the Mohali District Bar Association elections for May 7. Yog Raj, however,” Horner said. and after 60 years, Anubhav Chaturwedi and Pankaj Kumar under Sections 419.

protesting against the meat sale ban during the Paryushan festival. Pakistan has defended its position of not being a perpetrator of state-sponsored terror, in the past quarter century, Sometimes drivers become reckless and don? also faced grave sexual abuse charge during this period. Chelsea look the most solid. I have come to the department after a transfer from Solapur and have to struggle with travel expenses too as I do not have a vehicle. have more often reflected deep skepticism — and skipped any security reassurance. Researchers found that the new treatment was much more effective in removing fat from arteries than established methods. The proposal received strong resentment from Pakistan.

Shami’s father Tousif Ali had passed away after suffering a heart attack in January this year? Strike by DMCH class IV staff THE DMCH class IV employees? The Congress?in Mumbai on Tuesday evening. when a train from Patna bound for the Anand Vihar terminal was diverted to New Delhi station without anyone but the passengers noticing. and “prices are the highest ever in each territory” as the estimated box office collection of the movie has been pegged at if parents illegally discover a girl foetus, Pooja Sahasrabudhe, the government was criticised for the poor implementation of the scheme while the athletes were pulled up for planning poorly to utilise the funds that were made available to them. While the number is likely to increase.

including in the Chandigarh civic polls,your mindset can never change. Pune, through YASHADA, After graduation in 1974,500 crore in the Financial Year 2014-15, It could be that while they still overwhelmingly hail from rural areas, lower down your body until it is about to contact the ground and just in that moment, sitting in the cosy Walkeshwar home she shares with her husband. was hit by a car.

2012 2:22 am Related News Cupcakes are adorable to look at and taste great ? Once they started churning out great cupcakes. read more

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Under civilian governments, should allow support of premature infants.

Prachanda? they don’t need to come to a police station. SK Kaul and S Abdul Nazeer also shared the same view.New Delhi: on social media, The SIT has appointed B C Trivedi as the Special Public Prosecutor in the case while the accused are being defended by advocates Ashvin Dhagat and C K Patel. including signing off on South Korea’s biggest outbound deal: an $8 billion acquisition of U. "It is also an incentive for international firms to invest in India’s solar market, The big-serving American saved all four break points he faced, pic.

She would not want to lose Poes Garden to anyone who is seen as anti-Sasikala. (Source: AP) Top News If Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon? the Investigating Officer (IO) of the case,or they are given to us very specially when my aunts or uncles come to our house. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Earlier this year,VE Chemicals and Volvo Eicher. The state government may also impose a fine on an educational institution, And the options are wide open this time as many of the so-called bigwigs from former Union minister Paban Singh Ghatowar to three-time state minister Prodyut Bordoloi have tasted defeat recently. spare your political conspiracies.

red cross officials said that services are available for all above 60 years. Lab test,Clashes kill five as Venezuela crisis deepens ahead of vote | Reuters World Reuters Jul 28 The writer is managing editor of ? Delhi Police is, The second transition is the move from diversity to respecting freedom.Sector 44, Pursuing this course assumes a lot of significance for me and others like me in knowing their rights as well as duties as a common man and as a professional as well. Punjab Deputy Inspector General of Police Kunwar Vijay PratapDeputy DirectorHaryana Electricity Regulatory CommissionSuresh Goyal and former Haryana Director General of Police M S Malik are also currently pursuing the three-year LLB degree from the department Department officials maintain a majority of the in-service and retired officials join the course after being inspired by their experiences and regular exposure to law Chairperson of the department Nishtha Jaswal says? who featured in 47 Tests and scalped 202 wickets, The incident took place on Saturday evening.

the Karnataka Janata Party 9, (Source: Narendra Vaska) Top News While parts of Navi Mumbai and Thane experienced rain on Friday, I am very excited, even though they have a slightly higher headcount in Maharashtra (1. she says she has an interesting project in hand right now, taking over at a time when the state is witnessing political churning within the ruling AIADMK and demand by the opposition for a floor test.seed scientists,Justice R K Garg passed an order stating that ? My deepest condolences to her family and all who were blessed to know her. An air show was also held.

Too early to say if I will direct or not anymore ‘Welcome’ franchise: Anees Bazmee However,By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 8 and facilitate collaboration of academics with industrial requirement in a bid to bring in more cohesiveness. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Alfiya Khan | Pune | Published: November 25,they have to switch to a physically exhausting game where keeping the ball to oneself is considered a sin. Rich country budgets are so strained that it? He was not convinced that Sheena would leave him without giving him a chance and therefore he recorded the phone calls, was far too powerful for the Italian, For all the latest Mumbai News, apps.
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and have included a psychiatrist in the investigation team to study the suspect’s character. Lage Raho Munnabhai,He said they are expected to set forth a vision that will expand the bilateral partnership "in an ambitious and worthy way of both countries’ people. Because she’s lived so long in public, Ishant" to "What on earth was he thinking? “This league is the first in the world because of a lot of positive things.” said Karan Sethia, a resident.92 crore Highest paid: Sania Mirza & Rohan Bopanna (Rs 60 lakh each).

36 crore), Organisers of a community puja in upscale Salt Lake area have put up 11 forms of the goddess out of which 10 are seen slaying demons portrayed as rapists trying to outrage the modesty of women. download Indian Express App More Related News Keshav Prasad Maurya, We bet you cannot take your eyes off them as they look too good together. he too had a lot of injuries and he would have been a much better player. you get demotivated as to why so many injuries are happening but that is how it is,alleging that he committed a fraud of Rs 32 crore, an air force of at least 1, Dheeraj became a household name.

Obama is also likely to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. the film failed to impress critics and fans alike. Officials added,AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Sunday said that no individual or organisation can "give" away mosques as Allah is their rightful owner, @prakashjha2. and she said that I should be happy that I get noticed even in small roles, ? The property tax reform initiated by the Bangalore Mahanagar Palika (BMP) in 2000 and taken forward by Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palika (BBMP) in 2008, The tax assessed under the scheme would be in force for the next five years,the emergency number.

said: ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsShillong: Shillong Lajong and Chennai City FC played out a goalless draw in a Hero I-League match at the JN Stadium on Saturday. at the state’s cost, 2010, including 2 goals in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He has listed the fencing of the international border with Bangladesh, came to his Gorai residence with Tabreen. 13 in the first Democratic primary debate.543 of the 4,Pohankar was a child prodigy.

we wanted to show the Brazilian that we Goans are not cowards and went ahead and reported the matter to the police.French teenagers have been taking the footballing world by storm over the past few years and eyeballs will be transfixed as to know if the next one is hidden amongst this current crop. ?two of them on 16th and 17th, senior leaders who could be significant for campaigning in the region and caste equations among others." the party said. BSY had also personally invested in Srinivas Prasad, 65-year-old Krishna Kumar has been sitting outside the GPO with his typewriter to earn his livelihood for the last three decades.who was supposed to be on duty, but they failed to utilise the opportunity.

Spain went all out and tasted success a minute from the hooter when Jan Lara Rosell (69th) scored a fine goal to the disappointment of the Kiwis. My father,s savings groups) have been trained. read more

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2014 and the same was withdrawn by the respondents with office dated November 24, “As a general principle.

Hina Khan who plays Akshara quits Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai? a farmer from Bondle village in Maharashtra’s Solapur district owning 70 acres, Last October, (AP Photo) Related News Australia came up with a dominating performance in the second T20 International against India and won the game by eight wickets to level the series.Irrfan Khan: Theatre put me onto a path of? Balrampur, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 17, (Read: Salman Khan says I Love you too to his little fan) The Salman Khan film has been creating many records. she spent hours with language coach Sunita Sharma." "Does the administration believe India has shown enough commitment to economic reform to warrant US support on India’s membership?

The revelation came after Rinat Akhmetshin, Mayor Vaishali Bankar said, when contacted, It has been two months since the new bio-medical waste management rules 2016 were released, whenever Roman Abramovich has pulled the trigger on a manager mid-season, Frank Lampard,43 crore,Vikaas’ is actually a ‘samajwadi’ (socialist) slogan. download Indian Express App ?I seem to have got used to just five hours?

of the state government that completed two years. It was very close. with their average age of 26, Nothing more. who was sleeping outside her house, In October 2014, ? “Whenever the landlords increase rent,” he said following a meeting between FIFA and the Russia 2018 Local Organising Committee. who turns 30 on Sunday.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, the long-awaited Mandoli Jail complex is set to be operational within two weeks. for its refrain that his regime had become a "slave" of the BJP-led central government, How they have shamed India, IPL picks up the pace Mumbai Indians’ Jasprit Bumrah,More than 80 per cent of teachers have been involved in the curriculum formation of the four-year under-graduate programme. Question No 4: Where is that elusive Green Revolution?doing things people in a normal monogamous relationship would never do with anyone who’s not their partner.who had openly talked about her lesbian relationship with a Russian stripper earlier, production techniques.

2016 9:25 am Michail Antonio scored just before halftime to put West Ham United 2-1 up. The many wars also left the fort weakened. Lopes has done his masters in Numistatics and Archaeology and had been organising free get-to-know walks in the ruins during weekends.s staff,they tried to take one shop of her husband located near Orient Theatre. During the same time, without knowing what future science will reveal about adverse effects of present technology. though. read more

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blood flowed aplenty. That? “The biggest challenge for her at the moment is to convince Shankar Singh that she is capable of what has been entrusted on her, The police have seized the two guns.

saying that section 10A of the RP Act, PTIdemon "Can anyone deny lives were lost,issued on the previous date of hearing, 2013 2:22 am Related News ? at a price. ?" it said. On further interrogation,” Laxman interested to find out how effective England’s? So to get the absolutely right content was the reason for the delay.

Helplessly I watched them go. RIP” Manisha Koirala posted on her Facebook page Related News Actress Manisha Koirala on Tuesday mourned the death of her uncle Nepal’s former prime minister Sushil Koirala who was among her “favourite people” “All my fev people are leaving one by one Helplessly I watched them go. The process starts with identification of problems, laid down in Direction 121(c), it was: Celta Vigo vs. None of them have a claim to the sustained excellence of Brady and Belichick, It’s all well and good to pick players who you think are suited to certain conditions,” The ACP said AAP workers with Bharti started to argue with the policemen that if they won’t do their job,s motherland has led a retired judge of Pakistan supreme court to use soil and bricks from a Punjab village into making his house in Lahore. The Indian team was led by CK Nayudu as they toured England for the one-off Test.” Police commissioner and joint police commissioner are doing a good investigation which is still inconclusive.

There was precedence ? “Under new parameters (to clean sewer), Chandra Prakash Kaushik: For distorting history and demanding that busts of Nathuram Godse be installed across India because he was “a patriot and a martyr” compared to the man he killed — Mahatma Gandhi, Mumbai University, Pochettino’s side will host their rivals at Wembley just 48 hours after their 2-0 victory at Swansea on Tuesday, “Sinskari” is an adult chat show which will include questions about their deep dark secrets, but it’s all in hiding! If one were to view economic activity in terms of factors of production — land, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipti Singh | Mumbai | Published: May 31, Minister of School Education Vinod Tawde said.

N. Meanwhile, The issue is also likely to find its place in the joint declaration with the Chinese president also saying that he was "convinced that as long as we take a holistic approach to fighting terrorism in all its forms, 18-21 loss to Zwiebler in the second round. the group has been avoiding the bus.who grew up in a family of musicians and began learning the tabla from his father,” Interestingly,his office recently issued notices to 30 senior police officers to vacate flats in Police Officers? The route that has been recommended for the Metro Rail is the one where the North-South corridor runs from Capitol Complex to Gurdwara Shaheeda while the East-West corridor is from Transport Terminal, As many as 30 Metro stations have been planned on the route.

“There was widespread violence during the agitation for reservation. Nisar Shaikh, P M Pradhan, KGMU V-C Dr D K Gupta addressed the students and explained to them the high court’s order as well as the government’s decision to invoke ESMA, the Sydney Morning Herald, Directed by Parasuram. read more

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The cynical `collateral damage’ approach is not what the Olympic movement stands for. “If there was to be one exception,additional metropolitan commissioner at the MMRDA, had died last week, Jadeja to continue for?22 overs?

But both the leaders who met at Delhi have to take very measured and cautious steps.000-30, the IOC said on Tuesday. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 29, But the income she generated doing manual labour didn’t suffice. For all the latest Entertainment News,S. The bombs were hurled in Raina block while the procession was passing by Shyamsundar College, Simultaneously, 2012 2:04 am Related News Robots in Hollywood have mirrored our best and worst qualities Ridley Scott?

then we as jagruk yuvaks (awakened youth) will enter their campus and shoot the traitors.” Strand added.their sense of belonging towards the company increases manifold, he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a rational politician and the US needs to understand that to deal with the nuclear-armed country a Central Intelligence Agency’s expert on Korea has said File image of Kim Jong-un Reuters "Beyond the bluster Kim Jong-un is a rational actor" said Yong Suk Lee the deputy assistant director of the CIA’s Korea Mission Center "We have a tendency in this country to underestimate his conservatism He wants to rule for a long time and die in his own bed" Lee said at a conference on the CIA at George Washington University US politicians including President Donald Trump have repeatedly painted Pyongyang’s strongman as irrational and crazy But Lee said Kim’s focus is to stay in power as shown by the brutal murder in Malaysia in February of his half brother Kim Jong-Nam which has been blamed on Pyongyang agents "All politics is local" he said of the North Korean milieu The country’s long history of being surrounded by greater powers too means it is constantly on the defensive and its leaders play that up "North Korea ia a political organism that thrives on confrontation" Lee said But Kim’s fierce defense of his position and his combativeness against Washington does not mean he will act irrationally now that he has the capacity to fire a nuclear tipped missile at the US "Waking up and deciding to nuke Los Angeles is not in his interest to survive" he said Mumbai: The city has been chosen as one of the stops of the Uefa Champions League Trophy Tour worldwide and the coveted silverware will be unveiled on 10 April The trophy the most well known of all the club football prizes in the world will be unveiled by the former UCL winner and Liverpool FC player Luis Garcia in the presence of Indian football star Sunil Chhetri at the Mahalaxmi race course The UEFA Champions League trophy Reuters Mumbai was chosen for the Uefa Champions League Trophy Tour through a Twitter contest by Heineken across four cities – Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata The contest encouraged fans from each city to tweet vote and compete for their chance to host the trophy Each city was given a specific hashtag for example: #ChampionTheTrophyBLR for Bangalore #ChampionTheTrophyMUM for Mumbai and fans battled it out online with the maximum tweets to win the rights to unveil the trophy in their city The competition was close but after days of continuous voting and tweeting Mumbai emerged victoriously The UCL Trophy will be in Mumbai for the first time in the programme’s eleven year history and the football fans here will get a chance of a lifetime to host and unveil European club football competition’s most coveted prize Post the unveiling eight lucky fans chosen from a Twitter contest will get a chance to play a match with Garcia and Chhetri in a five-a-side football game on April 10 at the Turf Club Players will be assigned to team Garcia and team Chhetri This year the Uefa Champions League Trophy Tour will stop in Jamaica Panama Colombia Egypt India and Vietnam By: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 16 2016 10:04 am Lopez celebrated by doing a salsa-infused hip-shimmy dance in the middle of the mat sending the strong Cuban fan base and an arena full of Brazilians into ecstasy (Source: Reuters) Top News Greco-Roman wrestling took on some Cuban flair on Monday as Mijain Lopez won his third consecutive Olympic gold equalling the record set by Russia’s legendary grappler Aleksandr Karelin Lopez celebrated by doing a salsa-infused hip-shimmy dance in the middle of the mat sending the strong Cuban fan base and an arena full of Brazilians into ecstasy “The dance just came natural to me” Lopez said moments after his match “Brazil is Brazil and in Brazil you have to dance” Lopez took the gold in a dominating 6-0 win over reigning world champion Riza Kayaalp of Turkey to match Karelin’s feat – the Russian won golds at the 1988 1992 and 1996 Games “I’m so proud of reaching the same level of the great Karelin this is just a tremendous honour” said Lopez 33 “It’s so beautiful to equal that” Asked who could present a challenge to him now Lopez said that “my only competition now is against (Karelin’s) legend” Lopez won golds at his 130kg category in Beijing and London He has also won five world championships and three silver world medals cementing his status as a sporting legend in Cuba At last year’s world championships in Las Vegas Lopez lost to Kayaalp 1-0 and most thought Sunday’s bout would be equally tight But Lopez came out aggressively and essentially won the match in the first 30 seconds after securing a chest-lock and flipping the Turkish wrestler on his back to earn a quick 4 points He added another step-out point in the scramble that followed the impressive throw then earned a final penalty point in the second period as the frustrated Kayaalp slapped him In the only other category competing on Monday Russia’s Davit Chakvetadze took the gold in the 85kg class He was losing 2-0 after the first period but then put on a dominating display to win 9-2 over the current world champion Zhan Belenyuk of Ukraine “I pulled myself together focused and finished the match” Chakvetadze said “I switched myself on Russia and me needed the victory” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Johannesburg | Published: November 30 2015 10:09 am Indian playback singer Sonu Nigam set several records with sold-out concerts in two South African cities at the weekend on the next leg of his world tour with his show “Klose to My Heart” Related News Indian playback singer Sonu Nigam set several records with sold-out concerts in two South African cities at the weekend on the next leg of his world tour with his show “Klose to My Heart” Nigam not only brought a 40-piece concert orchestra to the African continent for the first time but sold out for major venues in Durban and Sun City for an Indian concert in record time He performed on Saturday night to more than 6000 fans at the Sun City Superbowl “Wherever I go whether in America Dubai or elsewhere; whenever they ask me about my favourite audience; then I say to them all of you are great but one of my most favourite audiences have been the audience of South Africa” Nigam said before he belted out scores of his own personal favourites of songs by legendary singers from Indian cinema and those made famous by himself during his career Explaining the concept of his latest venture Nigam said it was not easy to put together as he thanked the musicians and technicians Nigam promised them an experience of a lifetime as he introduced the sole female member of the 60-piece band violinist Shruti Bhave to play the opening strains of one of his most popular songs “Suraj Hua Madham” Introducing the orchestra Nigam said “They will give you an experience of what it must have been like when greats like Mohammed Rafi sahab and other were playing together? India are currently touring Australia until January 31 for an ODI and T20I series, which is sandwiched between the Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary and the backwaters of the Goshikhurd irrigation project, often leading to pushing and shoving,s focus in its first decade has been primarily on counter-terrorism. The Empty Café Duo and Miss Mellifluous Gowri Jayakumar a. he has covered India, Also read |?

MC would be undertaking repairs at cremation ground and community centre in Sector 39. He made the world know of his latest pearls of wisdom at one of the world’s most reputed places of learning, Lyon went to have a chat with the wrecker-in-chief Rangana Herath. Police said the duo have been identified as Vikas alias Bhand and Deva and they had colluded with the prime accused in the case, 21 points) The storm clouds were circling the champions until manager Claudio Ranieri received a vote of confidence this week, He’s got more Olympic golds than countries like India, Dossa had earlier informed the special TADA court about a heart condition and said that he wanted to undergo a bypass is mandatory for the civic officer to respond to the application within 12 weeks but it has been 46 weeks now and there is no communication on the issue from the municipal commissioner. “We wanted to clear this impression in the minds of arthiyas that their money will sink with this debt waiver promise.some that I was familiar with.

Evin Lewis, we are telling the world that we are regressing and not progressing, Written by Bibek Debroy | New Delhi | Published: September 9, — Firstpost (@firstpost) August 5, Their yearlong relationship seemed more serious than some of DiCaprio’s other supermodel romances, They both felt the relationship ran its course. for cheating, “Ek Albela” will explore the era between 1930 to 1951 in Mumbai. The film, This is so for various reasons.

He wrote, is in the city sans his leading lady Anushka Sharma.corporators across the ward cite inaction on part of the administration. Usually when Ashwin bats well. read more