Zhang Yanqun with four reasonable to solve the problem of cigarette sales season is not light

any one of the shops will have a difference in the operation of the season, the season is not worried about the sale of goods, but also need to master the off-season to master more business skills. Cigarette sales seasonal factors significantly, followed by changes in the weather began to enter the cold winter state. However, I recently visited the market with the client manager found that some retail sales of cigarettes, as always, what is the reason?

new Yongjia non-staple food store owner Zhang Yanqun said: "the secret to achieve store cigarette sales in the off-season, going from four of Kung fu." read more

Wuhan University Alumni donation will be used to set up the business support fund

has been successful entrepreneurs who help students in their alma mater, the use of student funds. And now this approach began to change, with the double wind blowing, Wuhan University Alumni donation will shift from grants to students entrepreneurial opportunities.

"have a good idea though, although 100 million fund will be free for you to pay a good project." Yesterday, Wuhan University held the second alumni Luojiashan forum, announced the establishment of the Luojia innovation angel fund, will be the first to raise 100 million yuan of funds. It is reported that the fund aims to support innovation and Entrepreneurship of Wuhan University Teachers and students, can be open to the public. read more

Valentine’s day money Xiaobian teach you very careful in reckoning

the Qixi Festival Valentine’s Day is so close that small series have the Qixi Festival smell it, men and women compatriots began thinking of how to spend this Valentine’s day, many businesses also beside hair. But for the shy men, Valentine’s day how to save money is the most concerned about their current problems, Xiaobian teach you a few strokes.

1,   what a weak gift burst, it is better to send a large red

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Cigarette business should be able to achieve four real

cigarette is an important component of many retail stores, the store’s profit in the end how, and the operation of cigarettes has a great relationship. And here, Xiao Bian warned you that the cigarette business will be able to do four real, so that the business will really be guaranteed, the development prospects will be better oh.

1, purchase tokujitsu. Tobacco business is a special laws and regulations, shall not follow and desire, not mad about money. Master a principle: non tobacco companies smoke into. This will put an end to a lot of unnecessary trouble. read more

How to do a good job in advertising

a good way to promote, often make the brand can quickly be recognized by consumers. In order to improve the popularity of food and beverage stores in the market, popularity or by consumers. So entrepreneurs in the business, the ability to correctly master the project in the market to do the advertising skills is conducive to the development of the project in the market.

so, for food and beverage stores entrepreneurs, the correct grasp of this department the wood good advertising skill is very important. Next, we will discuss how to do a good job in the food and beverage franchise advertising content. read more

How to join Henan Xiaoyao town Hu spicy soup

Henan Xiaoyao town Hu spicy soup? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, joined the Henan Xiaoyao town Hu spicy soup project, is also a very good choice. Henan to join the free town of Hu Xiang Tang project, worthy of trust!

Xiaoyao town to join the soup to make money?

for all units and individuals to join, the company will give a full range of guidance shop, to help operate. Henan xiaoyaozhen joined Hu soup? Xiaoyaozhen Hu soup snack franchise headquarters to the business for many years to accurately grasp Hu Latang catering market and perfect follow-up security system as the basis, to ensure that each franchisee can succeed. read more

Hefei Metro Line 3 changed again you know

Hefei subway into the stage of rapid development, with the number 1, No. 1 has entered the construction of the end of the period, followed by No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 to enter the preparatory stage of construction. Recently, the Hefei Metro Line 3 into the early stages of geological exploration. Compared with the previous published line, Hefei Metro Line 3 to do some fine-tuning, the general public attention Hefei map construction, can preview.

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Banan District a series of preferential policies to support the public space

one of the effective measures to support the current government is to accelerate the construction of public space, to achieve a combination of incubation and investment for the majority of innovative entrepreneurs to provide a good platform for development. Issued by the State Council said that to build a number of professional service platform in 2020.

"team from the initial 5 to now increased to 24 people, I was with the intern now grow as the backbone of the company." Engaged in three-dimensional architectural animation design and development of Zhang Jidong, the formation of entrepreneurial team last year, this year set up a Chongqing Xin Hui Culture Communication Co., ltd.. He told the Chongqing evening news reporter, after graduating from the Chongqing Institute of engineering, the number of cities across the country, has experienced entrepreneurial failure, to give up a high paying job, and now officially settled in Banan district created a working space to open their own companies. Banan chose to settle down, because Banan is committed to build a city of innovation and entrepreneurship Park, hit off the house, also recently introduced a 28 favorable policies, including college students, cultivating all kinds of young creative talents and innovative team, driven by the expansion of employment. read more

How about Wuhan barbecue

is recognized by the masses of food is not required to do what brand publicity will be able to get a steady stream of customers. A delicacy charm is that consumers eat after you want to taste the obsession, next to the relatives and friends recommend will consciously. Wuhan barbecue buffet barbecue to let out of the ordinary show, Wuhan barbecue buffet to join the innovative team spirit, the development of Wuhan to join the different delicious barbecue buffet is the key business catering shop, Wuhan barbecue buffet is innovation to attract customers to join. read more

Hi to convenience stores to join the chain store is to make money

in our life, there will always be a lot of 24 hours without closing the convenience store. There is no doubt that for our life, is to bring a lot of convenience. How do you like the convenience store chain? High quality projects, the best choice for entrepreneurship.

why do you say you are a good investment project? Because like Eslite convenience stores offer products are guaranteed, safe and reliable products genuine, follow the market trend, a variety of alternative types of personality diversification, the pursuit of quality of life has a large number of loyal core consumer groups, to ensure market profits more vast space. read more

Children’s clothing stores to pay attention to what

since the business is a physical product, it is necessary to do a good job related to the purchase, this is a prerequisite for the stable development of shops. However, when the purchase is actually a lot of attention we need to pay attention to, so as to ensure that the purchase work carried out more smoothly. So, children’s clothing store when the purchase should pay attention to what?

1, don’t store wholesale stores in the children’s clothing slowly check your product, when you refer to the goods, as long as the amount of food can be, generally go back and find the product in question after the replacement (but not too far away from the time of purchase). If you pick up the goods after the goods squat in the wholesale store inside, will let the wholesalers think you are a very troublesome customer, so do not want to play with you a long-term deal. If the home found the number less call wholesalers immediately, wholesalers will point the goods, less wholesalers will know, or he will not call the wholesalers. read more

Why join haoxianglai good steak

Western food has been widely recognized by the Chinese people have steak, pizza, hamburgers, etc.. Western join the project has become a popular choice for investors, which is the number of open steak shop is everywhere, what kind of project to join the steak better? Are you not a nod. Small as you recommend a: haoxianglai steak.

why join haoxianglai steak

power brand. Brand was founded in the early 90s of last century, after continuous efforts, and now has a second tier cities in the country opened more than and 200 stores. At the same time, consumers have a good reputation, cultivate a large number of consumers, in the fierce competition in the market to maintain a unique advantage. The strength of the brand and the strength of the product so that franchisees have a look at the future. read more

Ten rice pudding brand rankings

in the cereal market, rice pudding has always been a very important component of the current market, but also to meet the people’s needs, but also the birth of many brands. Here, Xiaobian to introduce ten rice pudding brand ranking, can not only make people on China market eight treasure porridge are more understanding, consumer choice but also can make better.


rice pudding brand ranking NO.1, Yinlu: national trademark protection, one of the most competitive brands on the market China, famous brand in Fujian Province, China 500 private enterprises, Xiamen Yinlu Food Group Co. ltd.. read more

t’s hard to do business at the start

entrepreneurship is a long process, the initial stage of entrepreneurship, the need to pay attention to many problems. So, how to start a business venture? Here for everyone to talk about some of the business of the initial stage of store management skills for your reference.

1, control loss rate of

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