500 yuan a day to tell the truth is so simple

listen to a lot of people say Wangzhuan money very much, I just had to quit his job and join Wangzhuan the rather baffling. At that time I was a code that is optimized for migrant workers, Arabian Nights.

when I was 09 years ago, the first site is the QQ station, when the feeling should be very popular. Come on no matter what 37 of the beginning of the twenty-one. 3 months so I can not tell the day before three months. No gain. I began to wonder if I was going the wrong way. Start charging for some optimization articles to read and master the knowledge of "the first site is required to support the original article, I found that we all love to take advantage of me to write something about how to apply for free yellow diamond, red diamond, some members of the method. 1 months passed quickly. The result is a 10 IP. I have to continue charging with second points "website does not have the high quality of the chain is not Links spiders have good rankings and improve care". At the same time, the spirit of my code began to labor, through the collection of nearly 300 thousand domestic forums, through the preparation of a forum Java mass system. A website is indeed to hit a shot in the arm to 400-500IP/ days. But I still have no profit, and finally let me give up the fragile heart. read more

Through Google AdSense application screenshot included and the station after the collection of histo

is very happy, today received the application through googel AdSense mail, and more happy today is Baidu and Google to the station (not just poison) included a sharp rise, different before; can view detailed results in Baidu and Google search engine through site:www.5idu.net, the following is just the query included the screenshot to commemorate; in fact, around 12 pm yesterday, in view of Statistics found that Baidu in the flow is less and less, change can see this website traffic sources I wrote yesterday began a fundamental, original keyword ranking every day in the fall, the flow of Google are on the rise at that time, a possible Google for the evaluation of the station, that can also make the keywords ranking gradually before, so traffic is also rising; read more

Profit model of chat room

chat room website more be too numerous to enumerate the passion, what makes them so strong vitality? Today, they’d analyze domestic lesser passion chat room profit way and the development of


talk about the chat room profit model is divided into three kinds:

CPS advertising video chat service providers advertising alliance provides the CPS code and recharge way! Video service providers win over beauty to seduce, persuade customers to send virtual goods and video subscription service to obtain preliminary earnings! In fact, plainly, the female equivalent of some video run business marketing team, they do can to sell yourself and your goods! Webmaster, get code from the CPS advertising alliance, and launch promotion, with the temptation of the page to induce users to buy virtual recharge and trial registration points! And then according to the Commission is divided into! This is the chat room website profit the most lucrative source of read more

Startups 50 list released this year venture capital companies concerned about technology

Genband CEO Charlie Vogt, Genband is an Internet based telecommunications service providers, this year ranked in the top 50 list of start-ups (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lin Jingdong) September 28th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, the "Wall Street journal", before the release of the US top 50 start-ups, unlike in the past 2 years on the list of enterprises that list shows the list of start-ups has decreased this year focus on consumers, enterprises pay more attention to this year technology. read more

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Maximize Google AdSense revenue

we collect these easy to implement techniques designed to help you maximize the potential for AdSense to increase revenue.

1. display ads in a significant position.
placing ads to clear position (web page without scrolling, you can see the part) is more convenient for visitors to see ads, so as to improve the click opportunity.

2. try different ad formats.
page style is different, so you should try to use different advertising format and page layout to match different. We offer a large number of ad formats for AdSense publishers to choose from – you can view each format in our ad format page. read more

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News Google AdSense Firefox the price for the original 110 product promotion

Adsense Reuters, according to sources, the official Firefox price adjustment is about to be carried out, the final price has been determined, to $0.01, compared to the previous $0.1, the price down to the original price of 1/10. Specific adjustment time to be further determined.


recommend the price to $0.01 per installed capacity, it is worth noting that the price adjustment only for Chinese IP prices, prices remain unchanged in other countries. In other words, the domestic users to download through the referral link Firefox, the webmaster will only get $0.01, such as other countries, such as the United States through the user download connection, will be able to get a normal $1 revenue. read more

Google is cheating to win the title of sentiment some irregularities did not notice the

has been through the advertising task website cheating, put in 58 ad task network most frequently, holding a Google 3-5 account at the same time, before there is only one account for cheating, after receive the money, and their parents’ number application two accounts, then with a friend, almost to the point of madness and that he really became a capable, good webmaster, until a recent title just wake up, that is just a piece of.

is only one of the seals, and the other two no matter, after analysis summed up the following: read more

Ma Huateng recalled the history of Entrepreneurship QQ and WeChat are caught in the cross point

Abstract: in Ma Huateng’s view, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the part of cross-border integration, but also to take advantage of the global platform. At the same time, he also believes that entrepreneurs to find a suitable partner to build a team is very important, we have five entrepreneurs in the past is to do together, mutual complementarity is likely to succeed."

recently, Sequoia Capital global executive partner Shen Napeng jointly launched by Hong Kong University Science & Technology professor X technology entrepreneurship platform was established in Hongkong. read more

The idea of plagiarism entrepreneurs have become VC unspoken rules

Abstract: don’t forget, that is a not essential business plan for you, is all his might for entrepreneurs.

in recent years, venture capital industry explosive development, all kinds of people that have reached the venture capital industry, just a venture capital fund has dozens of investment managers, most of these people are not risk investment experience, the character is to bring the negative influence of uneven in quality, the industry is emerging, which is the worst plagiarism entrepreneurial business plan, creativity and technology. read more

Content entrepreneurship this year traffic winners and pay for the future

Abstract: the driving force behind the content of entrepreneurship is not limited to the flow of the right to change the distribution, but also to create conditions for the new business model to bring the imagination.

this has been going on for more than a year, the content of entrepreneurial boom, the engine behind its power is not limited to the process of redistribution of traffic, but also in the process can create conditions for the birth of a new business model. Such an imagination, enough to allow the content of the entrepreneurial Legion winners become the first wave of consumer upgrades beneficiaries. read more

Seven companies will never do the boss will never succeed in the ten

these seven companies never do little

1, the pattern of small business

February 1999, Niu Gensheng said to Sun Xianhong: I give you 1 million of the publicity fee, no one to say. Red asked: why can’t you say cattle: now a total of 3 million to raise, out of the advertising for the 1 million, I am afraid that we can not accept after. I’ll have an effect: Hohhot overnight, let people know. So the morning of April 1, 1999, wake up, people suddenly found on both sides of the road out of a bare red billboard, high above the book gold letters: Mengniu Dairy, a Inner Mongolia dairy brand read more

Financing 1 billion 200 million of the spring rain CEO died why entrepreneurs can not stop anxiety

yesterday noon, the rain doctor founder Zhang Rui died of myocardial infarction sudden news, WeChat began maxed circle of friends and micro-blog, then the media and the medical profession confirmed and follow up related news.


spring is the largest internet medical platform, including remote inquiry, family doctor, make an appointment, such as multiple services. 2014 complete C round of $50 million financing. 2016 completed 1 billion 200 million financing, is divided into the demolition package listed. All the strategizing, unfortunately, doa. As a result, a lot of public opinion, pressure and anxiety is the culprit leading to tragedy, why entrepreneurs can not stop the anxiety of read more

Seen four a m Google on O2O decided to be a wave of entrepreneurs

from 2005 to now, Ann Xinghua happened to catch up with the Internet, mobile Internet, O2O, consumption upgrade several startup wave. Here’s his story.

the forright capital (freesvc) I is authorized to release an oral

dark horse, Xinghua

in March 2010, I was on a business trip in switzerland. A little more than one night, I suddenly received a message from the Google headquarters for an emergency meeting. Google learned to put most of the business, the withdrawal of Chinese, all my people are ignorant. I ordered a glass of wine downstairs, silent for half an hour. read more

Here is a set of Li Kaifu produced a successful package to set a taste

I just came back from Silicon Valley and saw some of the American phenomenon. I think that from 0 to 1, as well as the "lean entrepreneurship", these two books are very classic, and in the United States Silicon Valley is particularly appropriate. There are some special opportunities and challenges in China, if these ideas to do a supplement to these two books, may be entrepreneurs will have a better chance of success in china.

first we look at the world today has brought subversive role of the Internet, our daily life has been completely subverted. If you don’t believe you can imagine yourself back to ten years ago, saw a ten years ago, your iPhone or Android to the man, look at WeChat and hungry using and so on, will not let ten years ago you think this person is crossing over from science fiction, I think the answer is yes. read more

Out of the system out of the people’s daily Deng Ya Ping to join forces to do sports venture capital


in the immediate search and Pangu search, the name of Deng Ya Ping and the "light 2 billion" words together for nearly 3 years, the 43 year old "table tennis Queen" once again return to public view.

today (June 9th), according to the "Sports Weekly" reported that the former Olympic table tennis champion Deng Ya Ping announced his resignation as Deputy Secretary General of people’s daily duties, entered the sports venture capital circles, together with Hong Tai, Yu Minhong, founder of Wang Shengjiang innovation space filled the Hittites to build a sports industry, innovation and entrepreneurship platform. This time, Deng Ya Ping is from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee for seven years, leaving a circle in the sea battles, again related to sports. read more

Under the wave of knowledge sharing headlines today’s Q & a community ready to play

in 2016, has been brewing for a long time to share knowledge finally showing the explosive development. In addition to know deep in this field for many years and shell respectively in different forms to achieve the product morphology and breakthrough on the business model, including Baidu, micro-blog, Himalaya and other more power began to break through. Just this year, which also appeared in today’s headlines figure.

in April this year, today’s headlines headlines formally launched. The gathered 600 million users of content distribution platform seem to be at all angles, and the definition of "people" consumption under the premise of knowledge pay does not comply with the wave tonality in the November world, but the Internet Conference, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming once described the headlines: "ask mechanism in the traditional sense of the answer basically it is based on the social mode, there are many problems, in my opinion, this is precisely the artificial intelligence and the algorithm can solve the. " read more

Wang Xiaochuan dialogue Fu Sheng 2016 Chinese nternet entrepreneurs go from here

recently, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan and the cheetah CEO Fu Sheng’s "business China" program, together with the host Hu Haiquan, around China enterprises "sea", and entrepreneurship, the development of artificial intelligence, VR/AR and other issues in the dialogue. For the upcoming March 9th chess master Li Shi and AlphaGo players, Wang Xiaochuan and Fu Shengchi different attitude.

AI AlphaGo can beat the go master Li Shi?

in the face of the upcoming March 9th "playing chess", Wang Xiaochuan is very optimistic about the strength of AlphaGo, and gives the "artificial intelligence will win the human" assertion. read more

Dongsheng how to quickly realize the entrepreneurial dream of making money

‘s dream is to promote entrepreneurship entrepreneurial roots, many entrepreneurs have done some investigation before the start, finishing some of the information, ultimately to the lack of like-minded partners, lack of funds, lack of energy, lack of experience and other reasons and died, money is the most people dream, but many people throughout their life is a dream come true.

don’t want to make a lot of money does not earn money, business acumen is essential for business success, don’t want to put itself started very high, go slowly, for example, to open a small shop, store items and identify the location of in line with market tastes, naturally do not make money difficult. read more