ad4all new CPS products DELL computer vostro advertising

Advertiser Name: DELL computer

· advertising introduction:

DELL limited time discount, advertisers (Dell computer) the main push notebook and desktop computers, suitable for the majority of high-quality web site. Advertisers (Dell computer) through the audit of the alliance members, according to the monthly number of valid orders.

advertising expenses settlement:

Ec280 models 140 yuan / orders;
Vostro models 360 yuan / orders. read more

Baidu auction system has serious fraud

Baidu bidding system 0.3 yuan a click. The price is their own. This I can not control, can earn can buy. Click on the 0.3 it was an injustice, he gently point the mouse 100, is equivalent to a water supply workers upstairs and downstairs 2 days salary (Songshui hard)

did not go in background, estimates do not know,

Default principle is that you cheated out of money so far the largest consumer

as shown in fig.: read more

Takeaway platform zero line to complete the B round of 30 million financing

Abstract the current round of financing led by Tencent investment, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with the cast, the current funds have been credited.

reported in January 7th ran technology Tencent

food takeaway platform zero line to the Tencent recently confirmed technology B round of financing has been completed, the amount of about $30 million, by the Tencent led, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with the cast, now all the funds have been credited into account. Zero line did not disclose the specific circumstances of the current round of financing shares, but said after Tencent investment, the founding team still holds absolute control. read more

Analysis and summary of the website profit model ten

      how profitable is the website? How many good ways to make money? What if I want to run a website and how to find a profit? What kind of Web site is suitable for me? I believe this problem is one of many website operators or interested in the website operation of friends concerned about the profit in some way below, I have learned to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you. Website profit model: online advertising

the most common online profit model, domestic do better is Sina (, Sohu (, NetEase ( and other portals (including industry portal). Most personal website profit model is also used in this way, by hanging other people’s advertising to survive.

emerging online short video website, through the video load before and after waiting time play advertisers online advertising. Typical example:

Home 56 (, potatoes (, six rooms ( etc. read more

Beauty the essential condition of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice to do


network has brought about many changes in our lives. More and more people join the Internet, but also aimed at the Internet market. These newcomers also hope to make money through the network, but unfortunately, to make money is still a minority. There are many reasons, but one thing is for sure. Most of the novice do not understand the method, psychological quality is not good.

1, do Wangzhuan to understand the problem, ability to analyze the problem of

many friends make network industry is also quite a long time, is not to earn money, which is why, because you don’t know how to analyze the problem, such as a lot of people do coding tasks, the code to the end, they only receive their money, from the analysis did not go, why some people are willing to spend money to play your code and if he didn’t earn more than you, he can release this thing to you? Of course, this is just an example, you see, don’t go to search what code please immediately, if it is, then regret, you still do not understand the problem of understanding, and analysis of problems. read more

Developers of the 2013 a stroke of life to live a little better

there are a few days going through 2013, iOS developers bangs stared at the front of two computer screens clueless, the desktop is a mess, a business partner from time to time to issue keyboard sound, refrigerator not far from the occasional breath. He looked at the computer screen in oneself, the decision is still at the beginning of the flashing, his thoughts are just like changing channels, and then continue their tangled days: this year hundreds of day and night of the day,

is worth it? read more

Entrepreneurs who are more valuable life code

editor’s note: the author Swizec Teller, a geek, Bob and serial entrepreneur. Teller has served in the verification code advertising services company DoubleRecall, DoubleRecall is a famous Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator incubator startups.

"if you plan to be a farmer in a year or two, it’s too late to abandon the idea." One of my advisors said. In your case, however, this may be absurd, because the subconscious mind tells you "knocking on the code can do a lot of things". read more

Red herring big scam Entrepreneurial contest is fudge money

Red herring (Red Herring

Award "certificate of merit" (Awards) the company name has been withheld)

editor’s note: "red herring" is a famous American Internet investment, technology magazine, held an annual venture capital company contest.

just last weekend, we received a lot of start-up company’s e-mail, excited to describe the access to 2012 Red Herring Awards (Asia) experience. Yes, won the red herring award in the past (Red Herring Awards) it is a happy thing, but recently I received some very bad news, some companies even said that this is a scam! Then let me share a friend’s personal experience. read more

long way Wangzhuan thought and execution force is the key

Objective: ashamed to say, I am early contact "Wangzhuan" in this industry, but has yet to have results. My Wangzhuan road can be roughly divided into 4 stages to pull off the assembly line union times – click surf survey times —–adsense times CPS times ——CPA,

first contact is higher in the second half of 2002, then do a pull off the assembly line called new data agency alliance, that he did not know what, let people at QQ say a few words to brainwashed. Hesitated for a week or so, go to school next to the Construction Bank to open an account, and opened my account money agent alliance. I remember clearly that the bank staff not patience, because the 2 line transfer 20 yuan to me, but at the end of a 40 yuan of money did not earn back, also spent a lot of Internet access fees (in Xi’an on the school, was to spend 2-3 hours a day in Xi’an Village Cafe fiddle), because they do not know how to promote, not to mention how to persuade people to join. However, undeniably, this alliance was created a group of rich, deep impression in the famous black and white network also joined in, or what to send money fairy, 70cn webmaster. Later the union may be due to pull off the assembly line was closed, their Wangzhuan road also is come to an end. read more

A monthly income of thousands of dollars is not a dream AdSense high income and actual combat

There are many online about how AdSense magic, Google anti cheat technology. The article how strong personal feelings are a lack of actual combat, there are a lot of misunderstanding. Or more of a technical analysis perspective rather than business.

AdSense simply means that if there is no click, Google and AdSense release are white work, a sub no charge. But there is information that AdSense has brought huge profits to more than and 40 per cent of Google, effective click really s

Google AdSense referral upcoming update

if your site is being put on AdSense promotion, please note that the recent AdSense referral program will be adjusted.

in the new adjustment, for North America, Latin America and Japan, other countries and regions, including China, will stop the promotion of AdSense. So after the adjustment of China’s regional publishing accounts in the promotion of Google will only recommend Firefox and AdWords recommend two.

the reason why we stop AdSense referrals is that this product does not meet our expectations. So, in early January, your account in the creation of the AdSense referral options will disappear, but your site has been put on the AdSense referral button is still valid. In the last week of January, AdSense will recommend a full stop to stop before the date of conversion in (within 180 days after registration reached $$100, and the release of all payment retained) users will produce $250 dollars to promote the release business promotion fee. The conversion completed after the closing date will not be credited to your account. Therefore, after January, it is recommended that you will be on the site to promote the AdSense button replacement for other referrals. read more

Mobile thousand 6 yuan pop ads on line no virus no plug ins

webmaster friends:
        hello! We shall effect the integrity of the 365 marketing alliance advertisers, invites you to join us and put China Mobile only designated partner for you to create high priced pop ads, put the advertisement at the same time, you will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery to get exquisite diamond ring.

1, invitation deadline: 2007 02, 11

two, advertising requirements:
  1 ranking requirements:
  website and forum a domain name and rank within 20W; 2 classification requirements: download, download movies, games and fashion, consistent with the above types of forums.
  3 requirements: the need to register as a member of the integrity of the effect of marketing alliance member
  4 Application: qq:514691622,     ;   read more

Office owners get rich five ways

this is an entrepreneurial era, want to start their own business owners more and more webmaster, which also includes a large number of office workers (or known as non full-time webmaster). But time, limited funds and lack of experience, is almost all want to worry about personal gains and losses, self-employed workers owners will encounter problems. In response to these problems, take targeted measures and ways to achieve wealth, which may be a good way to effectively.

way a: part time

do not want to take any risk and want to taste the taste of entrepreneurial work for the owners of the station, might as well try first part-time. read more

Three discussions on O2O Entrepreneurship how data generates value

friend is a digital marketing director of a number of well-known international apparel brands in the United States, last week, he asked me to explore a new O2O and mobile marketing solutions he envisioned.


program is very simple, friends of the group in the China have thousands of offline stores, monthly visit customers in more than one million, but the data show that only 3% to 4% of the customers under a single, while the other guests like water to and fro, unable to contact.

In order to improve the conversion rate of read more

Taobao guest is not a gold rush behind please stop

‘s mother’s alliance, completely saved struggling grassroots webmaster, the image of Ma Yun is undoubtedly covered a big ring! Have to say, Ma Yun’s move, a Alibaba to strive for further improvement, on the one hand, show the way, Taobao customers a lot of stationmaster, but this way is like a lamp, attracted many people to die like moths fire!

Once a week

billboard, do not know how many people became a fascinating place? Weekly income of over 10000, plus a 80 of the title, it is not a successful person? Such cases do not know how many people with a group of people, obviously I also have been intoxicated with read more

5 questions should be raised by potential entrepreneurs

lead: to raise funds in fact this is a two-way choice, in addition to some basic background investigation, there are 5 problems is the entrepreneur should, or must be presented to you the potential investors.

when you use a large part of the ownership of the enterprise in exchange for an investment, how do you know that they chose the right investors?

although it looks like a process to win investors, it is a two-way choice. Investors have money to invest, does not mean that he or the company for your business and can bring additional value. When they choose to invest in your business, you are also looking for investors, and it is also possible to choose partners who need to work together for many years. read more

nto the winter to Wangzhuan station sexual enlightenment

domestic personal webmaster survival is not easy, the portal gradually accumulated brand effect and the domestic online advertising market will grow more barren makes the individual station website content is locked in the gray area: PW sites, pirated movies stations, unlicensed stations and two novel pseudo pornographic station. The first few have already suffered a cold winter, into the 09 years after the country as a result of the crackdown on the vulgar content of the network more and more resolute, gender health stations have begun to enter the winter. read more

Baidu Wangzhuan survival

my site named Baidu is really guilty Wangzhuan, Chinese name, big scary, in fact, is a small little website. No one knows except the people in their own circles and their own. The search engine is not included, but is a small website, my monthly income reached six hundred yuan, as a part-time online who is successful. Do such a station is purely by chance in the friends of encouragement also bought a COM domain name, took a big name, is actually a small figure. Today, I put my site’s successful experience to write it out, it can be regarded as a small site webmasters to explore the survival of the site of the road bar. read more

Google search page to add on demand video advertising

Google attitude towards advertising is really love and hate, the annual advertising sales revenue of up to $16 billion Google. But in its most important page – search results on the page, there are only a few simple text ads. The situation will change.

on Tuesday, Google began testing video ads on some search results pages. Google pictures, or the development of an interactive map menu format advertising.

Google search products and user experience, vice president of Marissa Mayer, said in an interview that the change is the evolution of sparse Google page. Last year, Google launched a new search experimental product Universal Search, which can image, video, information and other information integrated into a page. read more