China O2O Unicorn valuation is too high will be a large number of Unicorn corpse

China O2O arms race began, venture capital valuation soared

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on December 9th news, Reuters published an article that Chinese O2O technology in the field of the emergence of a group of over $1 billion valuation of the "unicorn" companies, but these companies are overvalued, while revenues and profits have no guarantee of future entrepreneurs face death risk.

is the Reuters report below:

Unicorn growth, unicorn body will grow

Shequ001 is a start-up company, when the user through the phone from the supermarket shopping, Shequ001 can be responsible for delivery. The Shequ001 office is located in Beijing a nearly deserted corridor area, the accumulation of a lot of leaflets. read more

The 5 big problem must know the business partnership

many entrepreneurs will choose the form of partnership entrepreneurship, but there will be a partner in the business of conflict and friction, so there are many problems in the partnership business should pay attention to.

first, why we choose to cooperate

does not have enough money to start a business, or lack of experience or when we have to choose entrepreneurial partners, we choose to cooperate! Because cooperation can make the project a very good development, cooperation can make our cooperation both resource sharing, cooperation can make you stronger; what are the benefits of cooperation, can what brings to each other. read more

Talk about returnees Entrepreneurship fancy contacts are more willing to take to air

day before, according to the different age of the returned overseas students (returnees) at work, entrepreneurship, social integration and other aspects of the situation, the flag in the high-end recruitment platform to Chinese Zhaopin Zhuo employed and globalization think-tank (CCG) jointly launched the research on employment survey of 2015 Chinese returnees, and obtained many important results.

as a well-known human resources service platform, the Zhuo employed in the crowd included returnees high-end talent group service, with great authority and rich experience. The study, the task force through a network survey, covering the birth of the returnees from 1950s to 90s conducted a detailed analysis of the group. In terms of employment, returnees group performance is normal, but with the formation of a huge contrast is a huge change in the choice of returnees groups. read more

Three do not fly case look at the nternet entrepreneurs just need and scene

introduction: entrepreneurs often encounter such contradictions in the grinding products: the fictitious user needs, users just need to hold; construct the user scene, but can not cultivate the user just needs; but not just need to seize the construction scene.

these days often and Internet entrepreneurs to deal with, everyone wants to start in this era, every entrepreneur brain hole wide open, cudgel thinking every user needs and user scenarios. In the author’s opinion, the test of whether the project is only two criteria for flying, the first is to meet the needs of users, second is the ability to build the use of scenarios. read more

Shi Zhuoxi my personal money making experience over the years

we all go home, I only like him to play in Shanghai, plans at this time to write something new quiet heart. Playing for a few days, just think of the circle and the interaction of the question, no doubt, can not play without interaction circle. Perhaps the person is the introversion, always do not love is not so busy, and will play more and more prosperous, now can not go by his temper, after all, to let everyone know each other will have to continue to exchange interaction to understand each other, to establish a sense of love is never a utter not a single word. What. So think of this way of writing a series of things to talk to his own experience, experience in their own position, start to talk about our past, interact. read more

ncubation of Airbnb and other Unicorn after YC said it would focus on China

[Abstract]]YC partner has been in China for half a year, she is looking for potential in China to become a $1 billion market value of the company.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on March 19th

get up early in the morning, Adora Cheung will go through the "Wall Street journal" recently about the news of the day, and then the United States Y Combinator (YC) headquarters to call, there are hatching start-up companies to provide some advice for the afternoon usually to meet the technology industry in the field of entrepreneurs and investors. Of course, she will spend a lot of time to learn AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (virtual reality), robotics and other cutting-edge technology in the field of technology. In her view, these are likely to become the future of entrepreneurship in the air. read more

Network network listed on the new board LETV into second independent listed subsidiary

Phoenix Technology News September 7th

news network network held in Beijing today on life "and listed music life Upgrade Strategy Conference, officially announced network network listed on the new board, LETV become the second independent subsidiary of the landing of the capital market.

LETV holding vice chairman, CEO Li Rui and Qing guest network network network network landing three new board


Holdings Group founder, chairman and CEO Jia Yueting said, the field of consumer spending will be as a main battlefield, happy life will reinforce LETV ecological life strength, continue to influence and change people’s way of life the Internet Ecological era. read more

Baihua garden media founder Xin Oriental quality content is not the lack of investors

mobile Internet entrepreneurship, from 2012 to 2016 opening, the past four years, changes in business models and ways to make money slowly, gradually transferred to the mobile phone terminal huge traffic entrance. Mobile Internet impact on traditional electricity providers, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon, shop one and other powerful Internet providers to seize the limelight.

80 Internet network writer, columnist, garden media founder Xin Dongfang think, after many years of experience in the Internet will change in a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, business model, and the unknown in the field after. So in order to find a place in the tide of the Internet, you need to have a normal person does not have the mode of thinking and business logic, in innovation and execution must be higher than many times the average person. read more

A monthly income of over 3 points on million micro entrepreneurs of 2015 micro business operators

notes: in my impression, whether online or offline Internet companies, the traditional enterprise, any bigger companies at the starting stage and even early start for a long time, is to rely on a few core staff and even the boss himself by running the business and finally lay the country.

from the beginning of 2014, micro business swept across the country, swept the circle of friends of WeChat, gradually swept the mobile social software and related community forums.

admittedly, micro business is currently the hottest industry, but also the most professional fire. I started from the beginning of 2014 WeChat marketing research, and now more than a year’s time, see a lot of changes, brought me a lot of thinking. read more