Thebes is seen this Thursday with AFE and on Monday, with the 42 clubs

first_imgThe other big topic to try will be about the possible linear decreases in wages. Negotiations to make a decision, in case the game cannot be resumed, they seem to be on the right track. LaLiga already reported on Tuesday, and will insist, on the numbers that the clubs are making if this scenario occurs and that they could affect a percentage of the monthly salary that the players have perceived during the break. Never of the card (normally distributed in two extra payments) or of the premiums and image rights. AFE will transfer the players opinion, already revealed in AS: they will be supportive and they are ready to lower your salary and even to lose vacations, but the readjustments should come in due time, when it is known, with data in hand, how many games have been played and how many have not been played and what losses are being discussed.LaLiga wants to tend bridges with AFE, union which curiously a few months ago was faced for various cases, such as the Miami game, while receiving ONly Footballers at their headquarters, now out of these informative conversations. Thebes meets with the clubs on Monday in the Division Boards, first with the First clubs and then with the Second clubs, and he wants to transfer agreements to them and, above all, solutions. After the meeting held last Tuesday between LaLiga and AFE, which has raised blisters, has brought forth some mistrust and has given rise to several interested and remote-controlled statements, both institutions will meet again today. Javier Tebas and Luis Gil, on the part of the employers, and David Aganzo and Diego Rivas, on the part of the union, will play the second part of a game in which everything is to be solved with clubs and footballers as great protagonists. This time, unlike the other day, the time of the video conference has not transcended, to avoid leaks, but It is expected that at the end there will be official communications because the objective is, finally, to close agreements.One of the items on the agenda will revolve around the threat of ERTE in professional football. AFE continues to see them out of place at the moment as the activity in Spanish football has not stopped (the players continue to train at home) and takes it for granted, according to the data they manage, that there will be no more than 10 professional clubs, of the 42 existing ones, that dare to take the step today. They understand that most of those who do so will want to take advantage of this crisis, without showing solidarity with the country, to readjust numbers that before the coronavirus no longer matched them. The Barca it’s an example. For this reason, AFE will insist on the monitoring and reporting that they are carrying out so that there are no irregularities. Nevertheless, Thebes will make them see that LaLiga handles other information and that there could be many more clubs, including some of them historic, that are temporarily firing.last_img read more

School Administrator Fears Consequences on Post-Ebola Education

first_imgAs Liberians pray and look up to seeing the country freed of the Ebola virus, the principal of the G.W. Gibson High School is suggesting a vigorous counseling program to be set up in all schools in the republic to deal with students.The G.W. Gibson High School is a public school that forms part of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS). It  accommodates over 2,000 students, many of them self-supporting.Rev. Spencer S. Togba, sharing his concerns about problems that would surface after Ebola, predicted decline in enrollment and student academic output.He said the disease outbreak has brought a big setback in the entire economy with foreign investors drawing back.People rarely buy these days and many parents doing business are at the losing point which, according to him, will not enable them to have the needed funds to pay their children’s tuition fees and at the same time feed them.“Remember, it is not only about tuition, but uniforms, copybooks pencils and other things that students need,” he said.Going further in justifying his predictions, Rev. Togba stressed that Liberia is not cultured in reading and students are not interested in studying.As a result of what they as teachers have observed about students, he believes that the Ebola crisis has led students to abandon lessons to focus on food and other activities.“Liberia has not been cultured in reading even before the civil   war. We have worked with the students at least to get them to develop an interest in their lessons in the midst of scarcity of reading materials.  Now that the Ebola crisis has come and students are no longer in school, there has been a tremendous setback in our efforts and will need counselors in all schools to make direct and one on one contacts these students, in a bid to get them to become more focused and more serious about their studies” Rev. Togba stressed.He lamented that the education sector in Liberia is vulnerable and lacks all basic necessities, including libraries, laboratories, amongst others.“Liberia does not have a national library and most schools lack laboratories.  The President once described our educational system as being “in a mess,” and I agree with her.  Government needs to invest in the education system by making public libraries  available where students can go and read.  Government also needs to encourage Liberian writers to localize materials for students to draw their interests. But in the present situation, the Ebola crisis will have serious negative consequences on enrollment and academic performances,” he added.The G.W. Gibson principal also attributed the weak academic outputs of contemporary students to shortfalls in the teaching system.“Earlier, students began from ABC to Primer I, II and then Grade One, and after completing these kindergarten classes the student is able to read and write.  Contrary to this, students, especially those enrolling in public schools now, begin from Grade One upward.  This creates a wide gap in the students’ learning and it is responsible for their underperformances,” he stressed.He said government will have to consider this situation and reintroduce the old system to prepare a new breed of students to evaluate them over a 10-year period to know how they will come out.Students now do not read or write and this is an indication of the failure of the education system, which President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf last year described as being in “a mess.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘I Was Fired Because I Didn’t Allow Dishonesty’

first_imgThe recently dismissed Nimba County Assistant Superintendent for Development, Teeko Toezoy Yorlay, has attributed his removal to what he described as his refusal to accept dishonesty and being used to facilitate the pillaging of the county’s resources.Mr. Yorlay was few weeks ago dismissed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf based on a recommendation from Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly, days after the House of Representatives declared a ‘vote of no confidence’ in the leadership of the county.The Plenary decision relative to the ‘vote of no confidence’ was taken when Mr. Yorlay and his former boss, Superintendent Fong Gamaie Zuagele appeared before that body to respond to allegations contained in a letter from Nimba Electoral District #9 Representative Richard Matenokay Tingben.Rep. Tingben alleged that the county local leadership is “disrespectful and arrogant and was undermining development.”During the hearing into the allegation, which was attended by Minister Dukuly, members of the Nimba Legislative Caucus stated that Mr. Yorlay had publicly referred to them (Representatives) as ‘cockroaches’ that are bent on prowling the county’s resources.But Yorlay, in a statement released recently, brushed aside the charges of ‘disrespect’ leveled against him and said, “I was fired because I did not allow dishonesty, corruption, as the norm to go on in Nimba County as part of the system.”Teeko: “I have now accepted the fact that I am not in the Nimba County Administration to stop people’s whatever operations, because I could not accept to be used, misused and abused as an instrument to facilitate pillaging of the already limited county resources.”Yorlay indicated that he is glad that the County Legislative Caucus did not accuse him of any wrong doing, “but said I was dismissed for not stealing from the Nimba people.”“I was dismissed because of boldface and inflated lies. I had problem with some of our lawmakers when I felt that as Assistant Superintendent for Development, and not Assistant Superintendent for Underdevelopment, when acts of transferring County Development Fund (CDF) into Pocket Development Fund (PDF), were being exhibited.  This was an act that I could not countenance or tolerate,” Mr. Yorlay maintained.He noted that it was good for him to say this, “but when I kept the feet of contractors to the fire with consistency and persistency to complete projects for which they had been paid money, I was celebrated by many Nimbaians, including some lawmakers. When my own office staffers had to be incarcerated on my orders to ensure that projects they had received money for before I took office needed to have been completed by them, I was again celebrated by many Nimbaians, including our some of the lawmakers.”He reemphasized that all of the time, he was being celebrated that the funds involved were below US$100,000, but when an officer of the county used on a single day allotting US$300,000 to buy over 68,000 gallons of fuel, which that person could not report even 1,000 gallons, and used US$59,000 for spare parts just to report that the parts were dropping on the way to Nimba, and “we chose to take serious administrative action.  That is when I was declared disrespectful and satanic.”“But this too is Nimba—a county where the lawmakers feel that speaking against graft, waste and abuse can only be rewarded with lies leading to dismissal. This is the new strategy of how Nimba will be built. The tactics is to weed out people who detest graft, waste and abuse while pillaging of the recourses is given a green card to burgeon and Nimba will thereafter grow,” former Development Superintendent Yorlay wrote.Regarding allegations that he referred to lawmakers as cockroaches, he explained that as antecedent to the appearance of his former boss, Supt. Zuagele, and me at the Plenary of the House of Representatives, I was asked by a journalist at Radio Saclepea as to whether we will be freed from the seven-count allegations levied against us by the Nimba Legislative Caucus. I responded this way: “If our Lawmakers complained us to their fellow lawmakers and they and their colleagues will serve as complainants, jurors and the judges on this particular case, I doubt seriously as to whether we will be freed as it is said that cockroaches can never be found innocent in the midst of the fools”. This is how I used the word ‘cockroaches’ but not to intentionally insult the county’s elected officials.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Some of the Challenges Facing the GoL’s E-Government Initiatives

first_imgLast week’s article provided some much needed insight on the Chief Information Office, Republic of Liberia, the CIO Regime and the current Chief Information Officer-RL. Based on the number of calls and emails received after that article was published, I can safely say that there were a lot of folks who were totally oblivious to the existence of that office. This week, my intent is to identify and delineate some of the issues and challenges that have been strangulating efforts to achieve a robust Government of Liberia’s (GoL’s) ICT environment. I also use this medium to acquaint you with efforts that are being and will be made to achieve a robust e-Government program. Just as many people were not cognizant of the existence of the CIO-RL, so too are many citizens, residents and our international partners not knowledgeable about who decides, plans or implements GoL ICT projects. Worst yet, ask a few of the ICT professionals who work in GoL ministries, agencies, corporation/commissions (MACs), about how Government’s ICT resources (software, Hardware, network equipment, training, services, etc) are purchased; who makes the decisions; how are those decisions made; and whether they are based on particular standard. That ICT professional might likely tell you that purchases are made without his/her knowledge. All he/she knows is that when ICT resources are made available, his job is to ensure that they are deployed and operational and sometimes maintained. There are no standard hardware or software platforms (dell or HP, Microsoft Windows or Linux) or no standards at all, no warranties, no comprehensive training programs, and worst of all, no due diligence (in procurement) that subsumes total cost of ownership (TCO).Web development and hosting (and Software) contracts are signed without the ICT (tech folks) or the legal department’s involvement. As I write this article, we currently have Government entities that have their websites temporarily shut down or “hijacked” (as it is locally termed) because egregious contracts are/were not honored. Oftentimes, when this happens, the MAC loses its web presence (including content). Worst yet, it loses its “customers” (citizens, residents, businesses, global partners). Should this be happening at all?Then we also have Government institutions that are on the Web using “.Com” and “.Org” top level and second level domains when they should be using the “.Gov.Lr” second level domain name. Worst yet, there are official documentations that carry the “@Yahoo” or “@Gmail” email accounts, when the official email address should follow this format: GoLpersonnel@GoLinstitution.Gov.Lr or JDoe@MinistryofEverybody.Gov.Lr Other issues such as the individuals bringing their own computers to do “Government’s work”; taking home Government laptops without proper “check-out and check-in” procedures; employees installing their own software on Government’s computers totally ignoring license agreements; watching movies on Government computers during work hours are just a few that need to be addressed. What’s even worrisome is the use of pirated software on Government computers, an act which is not only ubiquitous, but is often perpetrated by ICT professionals who might not understand the implications of their actions. This often happens because someone might have previously recommended and implemented a solution (software, system) that the MAC (entity) could not sustain but forced its implementation because it satisfied the need at the time. Meanwhile, someone got paid and left! Now that I have said all of the above and could say more had it not been for space limitations, let me tell you what the road ahead looks like for GoL’s ICT environment. The Ebola Crisis has given us a chance to build those things we were lacking and fix all that we did faultily. We should take advantage of this opportunity to leapfrog into modernity by incorporating innovative solutions. Through the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, USAID-GEMS, the World Bank (WARCIP-Liberia Project), and other funding partners, the GoL has begun several initiatives that are geared toward bringing “sanity” to GoL’s ICT environment. An e-Government program has begun that will lead to a fully functional, robust, efficient and effective GoL ICT environment based on standards and best practices. In addition to a bespoke e-Government strategy, policies governing the use of GoL ICTs have been developed and gradually disseminated among MACs. GoL’s online presence is in the process of experiencing a “total reboot.” Communications, collaboration and information sharing will be optimized, modernized, and fully realized, while many of our traditional processes will soon be automated. The primary goal of all of these initiatives is to provide information and services to citizens, residents businesses and global partners in a seamless, transparent, effective way; ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness within GoL MACs, reduce costs and achieve economic development through ICTs.To succeed in doing all of what I just mentioned, we will need an “ALL HANDS ON DECK” approach. For starters, every MAC needs to or MUST consult the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications through the Chief Information Office for standards, types of purchases, SLAs, etc. New projects must involve the Chief Information Office and the Project Management Office. MAC’s heads or their deputies responsible for signing ICT purchases and contracts MUST ensure that they garner the technical expertise of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications through the CIO, their internal CIO or IT Director/Manager, and their legal departments. More importantly, MAC’s heads MUST ensure that they fully support and enforce the GoL e-Government and ICT policies.Finally, we have been given an opportunity to build/fix or contribute to the building and fixing of our ICT environment through various means. Our contribution will determine the future of the sector. Introducing new and ambitious approaches to reduce costs and waste in government ICT procurement and improve operational efficiency may not be an easy task but it is doable. The challenges involved in achieving our goals are infinite. But all of us must do what we can to ensure that what was said to be impossible becomes a possibility. If we fail to do so, then we would have failed our motherland.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

President refuses to withdraw legal challenge

first_imgNo-confidence resolution meeting…Opposition Leader expects courts to accelerate hearings to prevent crisisBy Vahnu ManikchandThe much-anticipated meeting between Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and President David Granger on Wednesday was said to be a fruitful engagement during which the two sides entered into agreements on several areas including jointly approaching the courts to expedite the legal proceedings filed in reference to the no-confidence resolution.Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo greeting President David Granger at the Ministry of the Presidency on WednesdayThis is after the Head of State insisted that his Administration will continue to pursue the legal proceedings, which challenges the validity majority of the 33 votes that was used to pass the motion instead of an “absolute majority” of 34.Speaking at a media briefing following the meeting, which lasted nearly 90 minutes, Jagdeo told reporters that Opposition sought clarity on whether Government would have accepted the constitutional provisions outlined in Articles 106 (6) and (7) of the Constitution.“The President said “No”, they will continue to pursue the legal route as a remedy to this situation,” the Opposition Leader revealed, while explaining however that “This legal remedy could take forever, it could take maybe a year and what happens in the meantime? We would have defeated, first of all, the purpose of the Constitution – the intent of [Article] 106 (6) and (7) – and what if at the end of the year, the court rules in our favour or two years, the court says yes it was validly upheld. So we made it clear that this legal situation, we don’t support it but that’s a reality because the Government will pursue it.”Accelerate processAgainst this backdrop, Jagdeo disclosed that he suggested during the meeting that the court be approached to expedite these matters so that there will be no breach of the Constitution which stipulates that elections beheld within three months of the passage of a motion of no-confidence.“That is one thing that I think we agreed on, that some approach could be made to the court jointly or through a public statement to have this matter expeditiously determined since the Government is going to pursue this remedy, it will not withdraw… So I expect if the court see that [urge to expedite from both sides] and they know this is a constitutional matter, and given what has happened in the region – we have had the CCJ (Caribbean Court of Justice) meeting over a weekend to resolve an issue in sever matters – we can deal with this issue continuously.”He added that Guyana’s case is not just an ordinary matter, “this is a question of the Constitution and also the timeline imposed by the Constitution is ticking and so the need for that urgency we’re pushing for must dawn on the court themselves… and now they’re getting the Government and the Opposition saying we want you to hear it continuously, expeditiously get the hearing so that we can move it and get that out of the way,” he posited.Govt’s renegingOn December 21, 2018, the Opposition’s No-confidence Motion against Government was passed after Alliance For Change (AFC) parliamentarian took a conscience decision and voted in favour of the motion. Following the passage both the President and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo had given assurances that the Administration will uphold the Constitution.Despite this commitment, Government went ahead and unsuccessfully sought to have the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland, reverse his decision on the passage of the resolution.The Speaker acknowledged that while he does have the authority to revisit and reverse rulings in the National Assembly, he must always act in conformity with the Constitution.As such, Dr Scotland informed the chambers that their questions must first be settled outside of Parliament and that any court ruling would guide future actions of the House.Since the passage of the no-confidence resolution, Jagdeo has been calling for a meeting with the President to have talks on the way forward. On Wednesday, he posited that, though this engagement was held much later than anticipated it was nevertheless a good one.MeetingFor Wednesday’s highly anticipated meeting held at the Ministry of the Presidency, Jagdeo led the Opposition’s delegation which included some of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) top ranking members, most of whom are contending for the party’s position of Presidential Candidate. These include: Anil Nandlall, Dr Frank Anthony, Gail Teixeira and Irfaan Ali along with Juan Edghill, Pauline Sukhai and Odinga Lumumba.Meanwhile, the Government’s team led by President Granger included: Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Govt Chief Whip Amna Ally, Minister of State Joseph Harmon, Attorney General Basil Williams, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge, Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan.According to the Opposition Leader, during the meeting he raised several issues and reiterated his concerns about certain events taking place such as Government functioning as though nothing happened when in fact it should be operating in a caretaker role.However, he disclosed that President Granger responded saying that there is nothing like caretaker responsibility in the Constitution. At that point, Jagdeo said he reminded the coalition that it was A Partnership for National Unity and AFC who introduced the concept of “caretaker responsibility” back in 2014 when they were the combined parliamentary Opposition and had tabled a no-confidence motion against the Donald Ramotar regime.Nevertheless, in the end, a consensus was arrived on this matter.Strong and mature actions“The President made it clear that you cannot have a country without a Government and we agreed with this 100 per cent. And I made it clear that our job is not to stymy the functioning of the Government, and so where public order is concerned and public services etc, those have to continue,” the Opposition Leader stated.Furthermore, the two sides also shared the view that strong and mature actions from both the Government and Opposition is important to ensure that the Constitution is respected, and that confidence is given to the public about the country’s future.“I shared the President’s view that it was a good meeting and that both sides shared the view that we want stability in our country. We don’t want our country to go into a constitutional crisis. The President said he doesn’t want Guyana to be seen as a failed state… we don’t want the same. If we go pass the constitutional deadline that is where we’re headed. We don’t want that and we’re glad we had the meeting, although late. We will continue to work, hopefully, together to overcome some of these issues,” the Opposition Leader stated.Meanwhile, in a short video released by the Ministry of the Presidency moments after Wednesday’s meeting, President Granger called the meeting successful. He noted that it dealt widely with the functions of the National Assembly and the Government, noting that neither of the two important institutions – the Legislative and Executive branches – could be allowed to fail.“Both the Leader of the Opposition and the President are concerned about the situation. We would like to assure the public in Guyana that we’re working to solution which they will be satisfied with. The public interest in our paramount concern,” the Head of State asserted.last_img read more

GSSF donates safety gear to GPF

first_imgThe Guyana Sport Shooting Federation (GSSF), in keeping with international sport shooting standards, has adopted the policy of mandatory ear and eye protection for all shooting events. “Compliance to safety while handling firearms is always paramount,” reiterated GSSF President Ryan McKinnon in his comments while handing over a donation to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the GSSF last week.GSSF President Ryan McKinnon (front right) hands over ear and eye protection to the TSU OC, Guy Nurse in the presence of GSSF Director Aleemul Ali (front left) and ranks of the TSUThe GSSF ensures that all members follow all firearm safety rules and are personally protected during shooting by wearing protective gear for their eyes and ears. All shooters, instructors, range safety officers, scorers and spectators in proximity to the shooting points are required to wear eye protection while the range is hot.The Federation, in strengthening its partnership with the Police Force, made the donation to aid the safe training and development of ranks with firearms. The equipment is thus specifically targeted for use by the Training Section of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU).The presentation of the ear and eye protective equipment was made at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown to the TSU Officer in Charge, Guy Nurse.Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken said he appreciated the Federation’s recognition of the importance of safety while handling firearms.The Federation looks forward to continued collaboration with the GPF, and commits to giving assistance, building capacity and aiding in the general development of the Force and its ranks where possible.The GSSF wishes to thank all its members, partners, collaborators and supporters for the valuable contributions made towards the development of the organisation and, by extension, the sport of shooting in Guyana. The Board of Directors wishes to express its continued commitment and dedication to the development of the Federation while working closely with local regulatory departments and authorities.last_img read more

Frank Watson U-15 G/T leg kicks off today

first_imgThe Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) will kick start the Pele Alumni “Frank Watson” Intra-Association Under-15 Tournament today at the Tucville Ground from 09:30hrs.The Timehri Panthers are the inaugural champions of the East Bank leg of the Frank Watson Under-15 tournamentAll ten teams involved in the tournament will be in action. The day kicks off with Masters battling Santos in the first match, after which East Ruimveldt battles Tavel from 10:45hrs.When the clock strikes noon, the Fruta Conquerors versus Pele showdown is set to get underway. Mocha’s Riddim Squad will do battle with Black Pearl from 13:15hrs, then the days wraps up with Beacons taking on Ordis at 14:30 hrs.So far, the grass-root level tournament has seen an intense level of competition, having already being hosted in Linden, Berbice, East Bank, East Coast and West Demerara.last_img read more

Uruguay’s Tabarez admits France deserved victory

first_img“We don’t play as good as our rivals, that’s why we lost,” said a downbeat Tabarez after the 2-0 defeat.France went through after goals from Raphael Varane and Antoine Griezmann, after a mistake by goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, secured victory.“The boys really gave everything, but France were able to control the match very well,” added Tabarez.“After the second goal, there was a huge gap between the teams.”Asked about his frustration at going out of the tournament, the 71-year-old said it should be stressed how far La Celeste had gone in the tournament compared to others.“There are many countries that belong to the world of the footballing elite but left the tournament before us.”On his future, Tabarez said: “I still have a contract but I am not going to speak about this, it’s not for me to decide.”Asked about Muslera’s howler, Tabarez said simply: “Only those who don’t do anything don’t make mistakes.”0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Oscar Tabarez saw his Uruguay side slip to a 2-0 loss to France to bow out of the World Cup © AFP / Martin BERNETTINIZHNY NOVGOROD, Russian Federation, Jul 6 – A disappointed Oscar Tabarez conceded that his Uruguay side were second best in their World Cup quarter-final loss to France on Friday, which saw the European side progress to the last four.The veteran coach, who has been in charge of Uruguay for 12 years in his second spell as national coach, also refused to comment on his future when asked by reporters.last_img read more

Monaco stand firm over Lemar, Arsenal to now move for Mahrez?

first_imgArsenal could turn to Riyad Mahrez if they miss out on Monaco’s Thomas Lemar.Arsene Wenger wants to bring a new wideman this summer and had made Lemar his top target.But Monaco have turned down a £31million bid from the north Londoners for the 21-year-old and are determined to keep hold of him.The French champions have already lost Bernardo Silva, who has moved to Manchester City, while Tiemoué Bakayoko is also set for a move to Chelsea.Monaco vice-president Vadim Vasilyev has reportedly told the Gunners that he is not willing to let Lemar go and will not sell for any price.Arsenal are now looking at other options and Mahrez is a realistic alternative.The Algerian, a key part of Leicester’s title success in 2015-16, wants to leave the Foxes.Leicester are understood to be seeking £50million for Mahrez but Arsenal would hope to negotiate a lower fee. 1 Riyad Mahrez in action for Leicester City last_img read more

Eriksen keen to transfer electric form to Spurs starting with Liverpool

first_imgChristian Eriksen is eyeing the Liverpool game as the place to end his 10-game goalless run for Tottenham.His last goal for Spurs in the Premier League was against Manchester City in April, but the 26-year-old goes into the weekend, where Spurs host the Reds, on a high having been instrumental for Denmark.Eriksen has been directly involved in 19 goals in his last 18 appearances for his country, scoring 14 times and providing five assists. shining Every current Premier League club’s best kit from the past decade How the Premier League table could change after the Boxing Day fixtures England’s most successful clubs of the past decade, according to trophies won Boxing Day fixtures: All nine Premier League games live on talkSPORT Most popular Premier League news smart causal possible standings silverware Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red card “It’s great to have that form, going into the weekend,” he said after his two goals helped Denmark beat Wales 2-0.“I’ve always had many shots, even in the Premier League, but I just haven’t scored yet.“I’m trying to get in good positions in every game to create something or take a shot, but they just keep flying in for the national team.“Penalties are easy if you score, but in open play we create chances as well.” However, Eriksen acknowledges the style is different between his club and country.“I’m a little bit further up the pitch here and not so much involved in the build-up because we probably have less of a build-up than we do at Spurs,” he added.“It’s a bit different with Denmark, we go for the long ball a bit earlier and try to get the second ball.“Everyone wants to play like Spurs. We want to play attractive football, get the ball forward and create chances with good possession.“My form with Denmark hasn’t been too bad, I got off to a very slow start with five goals in my first 50 games.“It took me a while but I’m finally here. It’s almost going too well but I hope it carries on.” 2 Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won center_img tense Eriksen is Denmark’s talisman Premier League Team of the Season so far, including Liverpool and Leicester stars 2 Green reveals how he confronted Sarri after Chelsea’s 6-0 defeat at Man City Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? REVEALED Eriksen hasn’t scored for Tottenham in 10 games gameday cracker REVEALED Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury no dice huge blow last_img read more