Whats in the Amazon box Maybe a real 7foot Christmas tree

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Watch out for the 7-foot box on the doorstep. Amazon plans to sell and ship fresh, full-size Christmas trees this year.But a live tree is no paperback book. Amazon says the Christmas trees, including Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines, will be bound and shipped without water in the usual sort of box. Amazon said they’ll be sent within 10 days of being cut down, possibly even sooner, and should survive the shipping just fine.Amazon.com said the trees, wreaths and garlands will go on sale in November. Some will qualify for Prime free shipping, and Amazon will offer pre-orders so shoppers can choose a delivery date.The company sold trees shorter than 3 feet last year, and some other merchants sold bigger ones using its platform as a marketplace. But this is the first year Amazon is offering the larger trees itself.“Given the popularity among customers, we increased the assortment,” the company said.A 7-foot Fraser fir from a North Carolina farm will cost $115, according to an Amazon holiday preview book. Also listed are a $50 wreath and a $25 red-leafed plant with a decorative candy cane speared into the soil.Will people buy a Christmas tree sight unseen? Tim O’Connor, the executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association, said picking out a tree and hauling it back home is part of the fun for families. The association estimates that only about 1 to 2 per cent of the 27 million real Christmas trees purchased last year were bought online, mostly from grower’s own sites. “It’s so small, it’s almost undetectable,” O’Connor said.But Amazon has a history of shaking up shopping habits. It changed how people buy books, diapers and many other goods. It recently expanded the selection of live plants it sells, including potted succulents and orchids._____Contact Joseph Pisani at http://twitter.com/josephpisanilast_img read more

BJP inducts 2 MGP MLAs to save its govt in Goa

first_imgPanaji: The Goa Forward Party (GFP), a partner in the state government, has expressed fear about creation of “suspicion among partners” after two MGP MLAs broke away and joined the BJP. The GFP has three MLAs in the 40-member Goa Assembly and is supporting Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s government.”If this (defection from coalition partners) continues, then we will lose sympathy and it will create suspicion among coalition partners. Such incidents in future will result in lack of public goodwill,” GFP president Vijai Sardesai, also deputy CM of the coastal state, said. Putting the ball in CM Sawant’s court, Sardesai asserted, “The CM heads this (government) and he knows the contours of his alliance. I think he will very soon clarify on the future political road map of this coalition government,” said Sardesai.last_img read more

Top UN peacekeeping official calls for professional core for field operations

“It is time for us to acknowledge that peacekeeping is a flagship of the UN Organization and as such requires a sustained and comprehensive approach,” Under-Secretary-General Jean Marie Guéhenno told a special committee of the General Assembly, noting that at the end of 2005 there were 17 peacekeeping operations with over 86,000 personnel.He appealed to Member States for “an institutionalized, professional, and responsive UN peacekeeping capacity as a core and integrated function of this organization.”The elements that are essential to such an approach, he said, include “well-trained, effective and responsible career personnel, sufficient guidance and resources, and a responsive, transparent structure.”That structure should, in addition, cooperate efficiently “with a whole range of peacekeeping partners to successfully provide security and support to post-conflict countries,” he said.In describing such reformed peacekeeping operations, Mr. Guéhenno spoke of the need to create a culture of zero tolerance and zero impunity in confronting fraud and mismanagement.He also stressed the importance of linking peacekeeping with economic development for sustained peace, a key outcome of the 2005 World Summit. “How sustainable is the security UN peacekeepers bring, if the youths we disarm and demobilize are not quickly provided with alternative means to earn their livelihood?” he asked.Support to African regional peacekeeping, particularly that of the African Union, is another crucial element, he said. It is also essential to follow through on initiatives to swiftly deploy peacekeeping troops and police, and to address sexual exploitation and abuse.Mr. Guéhenno acknowledged – given the current surge in peacekeeping responsibilities – that the reform agenda he outlined could not be accomplished in one year, but only through setting specific targets each year for five years, as recommended by Secretary-General Kofi Annan.“This pragmatic, steady approach is the only way in which we can maintain our operational capability and focus while, at the same time, strengthening our capacity for effective action,” he said. read more

1 year after encampment began Occupy Wall Street is in disarray spirit

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email 1 year after encampment began, Occupy Wall Street is in disarray; spirit of revolt lives on by News Staff Posted Sep 17, 2012 3:04 am MDT NEW YORK, N.Y. – Occupy Wall Street began to disintegrate in rapid fashion last winter, when the weekly meetings in New York City devolved into a spectacle of fistfights and vicious arguments.Punches were thrown and objects were hurled at moderators’ heads. Protesters accused each other of being patriarchal and racist and domineering. Nobody could agree on anything and nobody was in charge. The moderators went on strike and refused to show up, followed in quick succession by the people who kept meeting minutes. And then the meetings stopped altogether.In the city where the movement was born, Occupy was falling apart.“We weren’t talking about real things at that point,” says Pete Dutro, a tattoo artist who used to manage Occupy’s finances but became disillusioned by the infighting and walked away months ago. “We were talking about each other.”The trouble with Occupy Wall Street, a year after it bloomed in a granite park in lower Manhattan and spread across the globe, is that nobody really knows what it is anymore. To say whether Occupy was a success or a failure depends on how you define it.Occupy is a network. Occupy is a metaphor. Occupy is still alive. Occupy is dead. Occupy is the spirit of revolution, a lost cause, a dream deferred.“I would say that Occupy today is a brand that represents movements for social and economic justice,” says Jason Amadi, a 28-year-old protester who now lives in Philadelphia. “And that many people are using this brand for the quest of bettering this world.”On Monday, protesters will converge near the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate Occupy’s anniversary, marking the day they began camping out in Zuccotti Park. Marches and rallies in more than 30 cities around the world will commemorate the day.About 300 people observing the anniversary marched Saturday. At least a dozen were arrested, mostly on charges of disorderly conduct, police said.But the movement is now a shadow of its mighty infancy, when a group of young people harnessed the power of a disillusioned nation and took to the streets chanting about corporate greed and inequality.Back then it was a rallying cry, a force to be reckoned with. But as the encampments were broken up and protesters lost a gathering place, Occupy in turn lost its ability to organize.The movement had grown too large too quickly. Without leaders or specific demands, what started as a protest against income inequality turned into an amorphous protest against everything wrong with the world.“We were there to occupy Wall Street,” Dutro says. “Not to talk about every social ill that we have.”The community that took shape in Zuccotti Park still exists, albeit in a far less cohesive form. Occupiers mostly keep in touch online through a smattering of websites and social networks. There are occasional conference calls and Occupy-affiliated newsletters. Meetings are generally only convened to organize around specific events, like the much-hyped May Day event that ultimately fizzled last spring.The movement’s remaining $85,000 in assets were frozen, though fundraising continues.“The meetings kind of collapsed under their own weight,” explains Marisa Holmes, a 26-year-old protester among the core organizers who helped Occupy rise up last fall. “They became overly concerned with financial decisions. They became bureaucratic.”In other words, they became a combustible microcosm of the society that Occupiers had decided to abandon — a new, equally flawed society with its own set of miniature hierarchies and toxic relationships. Even before the ouster at Zuccotti Park, the movement had been plagued with noise and sanitary problems, an inability to make decisions and a widening rift between the park’s full-time residents and the movement’s power players, most of whom no longer lived in the park.“We’ve always said that we want a new society,” Holmes says. “We’re not asking anything of Wall Street. We don’t expect anything in return.”Occupy organizers in other U.S. cities have also scattered to the winds in recent months. In Oakland, a metal fence surrounds the City Hall lawn that was the hub of protesters’ infamous tear-gassed, riotous clashes with police. The encampment is gone, as are the thousands who ventured west to help repeatedly shut down one of the nation’s largest ports.“I don’t think Occupy itself has an enormous future,” says Dr. Mark Naison, a professor at Fordham University in New York City. “I think that movements energized by Occupy have an enormous future.”Across the nation, there have been protests organized in the name of ending foreclosure, racial inequality, stop and frisk, debt: You name it, Occupy has claimed it. Occupy the Bronx. Occupy the Department of Education. Occupy the Hood. Occupy the Hamptons.Protesters opposing everything from liquor sales in Whiteclay, Neb., to illegal immigration in Birmingham, Ala., have used Occupy as a weapon to fight for their own causes. In Russia, opposition activists protesting President Vladimir Putin’s re-election to a third term have held a series of Occupy-style protests. Young “indignados” in Spain are joining unions and public servants to rally against higher taxes and cuts to public education and health care.“All around the world, that youthful spirit of revolt is alive and well,” says Kalle Lasn, co-founder of Adbusters, the Canadian magazine that helped ignite the movement.In New York, groups of friends who call themselves “affinity groups” still gather at each other’s apartments for dinner to talk about the future of Occupy. A few weeks ago, about 50 Occupiers gathered in a basement near Union Square to plan the anniversary.There were the usual flare-ups, with people speaking out of order and heckling the moderators. The group could not agree on whether to allow a journalist to take photographs. An older man hijacked the meeting for nearly 15 minutes with a long-winded rant about the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactics.A document called “The Community Agreement of Occupy Wall Street” was distributed that, among other outdated encampment-era rules, exhorted Occupiers not to touch each other’s personal belongings and laid out rules about sleeping arrangements.It is this sort of inward-facing thinking — the focus on Occupiers, not the world they’re trying to remake — that saddens ex-protesters like Dutro, who wanted to stay focused on taking down Wall Street.Hanging in the entryway to his Brooklyn apartment, like a relic of the past, is the first poster he ever brought down to Zuccotti Park. In black and gold lettering, painted on a piece of cardboard, the sign says: “Nobody got rich on their own. Wall St. thinks U-R-A-SUCKER.”He keeps it there as a reminder of what Occupy is really fighting for. Because despite his many frustrations, Dutro hasn’t been able to stamp the Occupy anger out of his soul. Not yet.On Sept. 17, he’ll be down at Liberty Square again. And he’ll be waiting, like the rest of the world, to see what happens next.“We came into the park and had this really magical experience,” he says. “It was a big conversation. It was where we all got to realize: ‘I’m not alone.’” read more

Archbishop faces questions over Amazon and zerohours hypocrisy as Church refuses to

The Rev Peter Ould, a priest from Canterbury, said: “The Church of England has used its shareholdings to apply public pressure already, for example helping to bring shareholder motions to the Rio Tinto AGM.”It would be nice to have more transparency about how they are working with companies like Amazon, but sometimes private influence can be more effective than public grandstanding.”It was also revealed on Friday that several Church of England cathedrals have advertised zero-hours contract roles, which the Archbishop has also condemned. Conservative MP Ben Bradley called his stance “hypocritical”. Last month Bath Abbey issued an advert for a tower tour guide on one of the contracts. The Rev Pete Hobson, a priest who represents faith workers at the Unite union, said he believed the Archbishop was acting deliberately to draw attention to the issue within his own church. The Archbishop of Canterbury faces questions within the church over Amazon and zero-hours “hypocrisy”, as it refused to reveal its full portfolio. On Friday the Church of England declined to provide any detail on the Church Commissioners’ investments beyond the top 20 holdings published in its most recent annual report. Disclosed investments, which make up 6.7 per cent of the Church’s total investable assets, include Amazon, Alphabet, which is Google’s parent company, and HSBC, which have all been embroiled in scandals over tax avoidance. Earlier this week the Archbishop of Canterbury named Amazon in a speech to the Trades Union Congress as among companies which “get away with paying almost nothing in tax” and “leached off the taxpayer”. The Church said it would retain the investments because “it is more effective to be in the room with these companies seeking change as an active shareholder than speaking from the side-lines”. Amazon has defended its tax policy, saying: “We pay all taxes required in the UK and every country where we operate.“Amazon has created more than 25,000 good jobs with good pay and benefits across Britain and we are proud of the work they do on behalf of customers every day.” The Church declined to provide detail of the action it was taking to implement change within the companies, or of any plans it had to do so. Clergy and bishops suggested that more information should be forthcoming, with Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, bishop of Ripon, Tweeting: “I think it would be good to hear how this challenge is making an impact”.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “There may well be people who have been made to feel uncomfortable by it – nothing wrong with that,” he told the Daily Telegraph. read more

Geek deals 950 Core i7 desktop with 23inch IPS monitor

first_imgOur other top deals:Ends today: Seagate Central 4TB Network Storage System with automatic backup & media streaming for $179.99 + free shipping (reg. $269.99 | use coupon EMCYTZT4088)Refurb Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender/Bridge (RE1000) for $44.99 + free shipping (reg. $69.99 | use coupon HSRMACCS10)Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-ray for $25.99 + free shipping (reg. $57.99) The launch of Intel’s Haswell platform has gone really well, at least from the perspective of our deal hunters. When the new systems launched with pricing equal to or better than the last gen Ivy Bridge models, we declared that a great value for all shoppers.Now we have a new level of hotness for these Haswell systems: not only is the desktop cheaper than you can build on your own, but today’s bundle deal includes a premium monitor and drops the price of the bundle even lower. You get the feature-packed XPS 8700 with 4th gen Core i7 and a 23-inch IPS monitor for only $948.99.The XPS 8700 is no stranger to our deal lists, offering a premium chassis and solid feature set at a rather low cost. Today’s deal includes the quad-core Core i7-4770, 8GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive, and Radeon HD 7570 1GB graphics. The piano black chassis has a load of premium features including front USB and audio ports, a plethora of USB 3.0 ports, dual video outputs, and more. Warranty coverage is rather impressive with one year of in-home service, accidental damage coverage, and 24×7 tech support.With the addition of the monitor in this deal, you have everything needed to get up-and-running with a single order. The UltraSharp U2312HM included in this bundle is from their professional line of monitors, sporting a wide color gamut IPS LCD panel. It serves up 1080p resolution on a fully adjustable stand and even comes with its own 3 year advance exchange warranty.This bundle deal saves you hundreds off the list price of each model separately and even beats the best sale prices we’ve seen by some change too. You probably ought to hurry though, as these bundle offers don’t tend to last long.Dell XPS 8700 desktop + 23-inch U2312HM IPS monitor for $948.99 + free shipping (reg. $1174.98)last_img read more

Quiz How well do you remember Irelands Croke Park defeat to France

first_img Can you remember who the referee was? Well now. There’s not much we can say about that. Do you even like Six Nations rugby? Share Brian O’Driscoll Feb 9th 2017, 5:00 PM Gold Vincent Clerc Short URL Silver Top of the pile, you really were paying attention. 24 Comments https://the42.ie/3227331 Yannick Jauzion What score did the game finish? 20-17 Share32 Tweet Email2 27-22 Guy Noves Jean-Baptiste Elissalde Who was Ireland’s head coach at the time? Share your result: Declan Kidney Tweet Philippe Saint-Andre Raphael Ibanez 2 By Alan Waldron Bernard Laporte Share 20-15 Serge Betsen Isaac Boss Share your result: 3 Thursday 9 Feb 2017, 5:00 PM ‘He was the first guy I looked up to as a youngster’: Stander on van der Westhuizen‘We should love defending’, says Farrell as he vows to fix Irish inaccuracies Imanol Harinordoquy France scored two tries in the match, who scored their first? Eddie O’Sullivan Which of the following players did not play in the game, due to injury? Wayne Barnes 0 Paul O’Connell 1 22,293 Views center_img Shane Horgan Denis Hickie David Skrela Marc Lievremont Share your result: The questions just didn’t suit you this time. Jonathan Kaplan 27-25 And finally, how many of the 22-man match-day squad from 10 years ago are still playing international rugby for Ireland? Can you remember who France’s starting fly-half was at Croke Park? Who scored France’s match-winning try? Michael Bradley You scored out of ! Share Add us: the42.ie Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Who coached France to victory? Answer all the questions to see your result! Clement Poitrenaud Warren Gatland Tweet Tweet Not too bad at all. If you’d paid a little more attention you could have won the gold. The42 is on Snapchat! Tap the button below on your phone to add! Simon Easterby Can you remember who scored Ireland’s only try of the game? You scored out of ! David Wallace Bronze Share your result: Wooden spoon Tweet You scored out of ! You scored out of ! Frederic Michalak Steve Walsh Quiz: How well do you remember Ireland’s Croke Park defeat to France 10 years ago? Cast your mind back to 11 February, 2007, the day Croke Park’s doors were opened to rugby. David Marty Lionel Beauxis Nigel Owens Ronan O’Gara Sebastien Chabal Sharelast_img read more

DP Sean Astwood responds to arrests from within his ministry

first_img Related Items:#DPrespondstoministryarrests, #magneticmedianews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, March 28, 2017 – Providenciales – “The arrests are a police matter and I do not want to give any comment that may influence the outcome in anyway.   I can confirm that persons were arrested and released on bail and that my Government supports a corruption free public service and any activity that would lead to the accomplishment of this state of being.”Further, that I want to encourage the many honest and hard working men and women under my Ministry to continue to uphold the principles of integrity without fail and will cooperate fully with the RTCPF and Integrity Commission.  We are working tirelessly to address all customer service issues in the Department of Border Control and Employment Services.   We are undergoing a vigorous restructuring exercise in terms of the quality of services offered and the customer service experience.We have a customer service department that will receive some additional manpower and we are computerizing and streamlining processes to reduce the wait time for birth certificates, death certificates, work permits, Labour clearances, and other essential documents.  This is an ongoing process and the public should see improvement in these services in the very near future.”#MagneticMediaNews#DPrespondstoministryarrests Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

AfricanAmerican Mag Ad Spending 600 Million

first_imgProcter & Gamble was the largest advertiser targeting African-American consumers across all media, with $89.7 million in spending. The automotive category had the most spending at $187.4 million.Nielsen’s analysis covered more than 22,000 national, regional and local advertisers across more than 130 media outlets. The company’s Monitor-Plus service added American Legacy, King Giant and XXL to its list of African-American-targeted magazines for this study. Between October 2006 and September 2007, African-American-targeted magazines pulled in more than $600 million in advertising, according to a report released today by the Nielsen Company. Magazine spending placed second in ad dollar share behind local radio, which took in $805 million over the same period.Overall, the 12-month analysis shows that ad spending in all African-American media outlets, including cable and network television, totaled $2.3 billion. Magazine spending accounted for 26.2 percent of total ad spending. According to the report, ad spending in magazines over that period “shows healthy revenue across a number of publications.”last_img read more

Tributes paid to Atal

first_imgMalkajgiri: BJP leaders of Malkajgiri constituency paid rich tributes to the former prime minister on the occasion of his first death anniversary at Malkajgiri crossroads on Friday.As part of the programme, BJP leaders garlanded the portrait of the former Prime Minister and paid floral tributes. Several BJP leaders lauded the services of the former PM and remembered his services to the nation as a principled leader. Also Read – Unidentified assailants killed a person in Saidabad PS limits Advertise With Us They lauded his oratory skills as parliamentarian, opposition leader and Prime Minister, who impressed one and all with his political integrity. BJP leaders urged the cadre to take him as role model in maintaining political values. They recalled his key role in transforming BJP from a two-member party in Parliament to a ruling party. Among those who participated in the programme were Bakka Nagaraju, Venkat Kishore, Dhanraj, Srinivas and others.last_img read more

200000 Rohingyas went abroad with Bangladeshi passports Minister

first_imgExpatriates`s welfare and overseas employment minister Nurul Islam. Photo collected from the ministry website.At least 200,000 Rohingya people have gone abroad with Bangladeshi passports, expatriates’ welfare and overseas employment minister Nurul Islam said on Saturday, reports UNB.Addressing a programme organised by Centre for Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRB) at a city hotel, the minister said, “Rohingyas with Bangladeshi passports were earning abroad and sending remittance to Myanmar.”He asked the local authorities of district level including the UP chairmen for not providing the Rohingya refugees any identification certificates.He also asked the passport office to be more alert in approving passports.The government was aiming to create a secured, proper and systematic immigration process in the country which will secure the rights and welfare of Bangladeshi expatriates across the world, the minister said.He urged the expatriates to invest their remittance in the country.Former minister SK Shahidul Islam, adviser of former caretaker government Hossain Zillur Rahman, Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) president Md Shafiul Alam were also present there among others.last_img

Cuba welcomes 20000 visitors via cruise ship tourism

first_imgCuba’s cruise ship tourism seems to have been boosted with the number of cruise visitors adding up to 20,000 so far. Cuban port calls by cruise ships increased six-fold between 2012 and 2014, as indicated by Comparative data from state owned Aries Transportes S.A., with more than 35,000 passengers coming ashore last year.Executives from cruise companies have been increasingly interested in talking to Cuban tourism officials, University of Havana professor Jose Luis Perello said in comments cited by the government Web site Cubadebate. The companies include Royal Caribbean, Carnival Corporation, NCL, Harmark, Costa Cruises, MSC Cruceros, Pearl Seas Cruises and United Caribbean Lines.Cuba ranks second in the Caribbean for cruise travellers, after the Dominican Republic, and the island’s attractiveness has increased in recent months since Havana and Washington restored diplomatic relations on July 20.Tourist arrivals in Cuba during the first nine months of this year totalled 2.62 million, up by some 400,000, or 18%, from the same period in 2014, the National Statistics and Information Office reported.last_img read more

Southern Metros Dominate Top Performing Markets

first_img While housing affordability has taken a bit of a hit nationwide as of late, particularly in the West, the South has made some impressive gains recently, creating a “new dynamic for the national spread in regional growth,” according to the Clear Capital November 2016 Home Data Index (HDI) market report.The South and Midwest experienced over-the-quarter home price growth rates of 0.9 percent and 1.0 percent, respectively. The West still outpaced the rest of the nation in the third quarter with 1.1 percent price growth over-the-quarter, but at the same time, that number represented a decline from October’s numbers, which signals that growth may be slowing in that region.Nationwide, home prices grew by 0.9 percent over-the-quarter in Q3 and by 5.5 percent over-the-year, according to Clear Capital.Eight of the top 15 performing markets in November were metros located in the South, according to Clear Capital. The top metro for growth was Memphis, which posted a 2.6 percent price increase over-the-quarter in Q3.“Elsewhere in the nation, quarterly growth appears to be holding relatively steady or even slowing down as fall sales data begins to come in,” Clear Capital reported.The median home price in the South has risen by 5.7 percent since last year, but the median price per square foot in the top performing markets in the South is well below the national benchmark, according to Clear Capital. As a whole region, the South averages $106 per square foot compared to the national average of $135.“As the Western region’s long standing housing price growth dominance is beginning to fade, the South is the clear frontrunner as we begin to look forward to 2017 for top performing markets,” said Alex Villacorta, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Analytics at Clear Capital. “The region hosts several of the nation’s top-performing and most talked about metropolitan markets like Dallas, Nashville, Miami, and others. Combined with its relatively low cost of living, the region appears to be gaining popularity among home buyers, signaling a new opportunity for investors and traditional homebuyers alike as affordability remains an issue in many other markets, namely those in the West and Northeastern regions.” in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News November 14, 2016 618 Views Sharecenter_img Home Price Appreciation Housing Market South 2016-11-14 Seth Welborn Southern Metros Dominate Top Performing Marketslast_img read more

by David Friend The Canadian Press Posted Jan

first_img by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted Jan 18, 2018 4:02 am PDT Last Updated Jan 18, 2018 at 12:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Barenaked together: Steven Page to join Barenaked Ladies for Music Hall of Fame induction TORONTO – Barenaked Ladies aren’t getting back together with Steven Page, but for a few minutes at the Juno Awards it might almost feel that way.Nearly a decade after the co-founder of Canada’s boisterous pop buddies departed, Page has confirmed he’ll stand alongside Ed Robertson and his bandmates as they’re inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.The moment, which is being billed as a “one-time special appearance” by Page, will be broadcast live during the Junos, which airs from Vancouver on March 25.“I hope it’s fun,” he said in an interview.“I honestly haven’t been in the same room as the other guys — all the other guys at once — since I left the band. It’ll be good to see them all, but it’s going to be odd. It’s not like we’re getting back together.”At this point he isn’t even sure if they’ll perform as a temporarily reunited group on the Junos, but many longtime fans will certainly anticipate the possibility.Those details must be ironed out in the coming weeks, Robertson explained, but at this point the Barenaked Ladies plan to stand united only for their induction, not to play music.“It’s a delicate thing to address,” he said.“At the end of the day we’re all just looking forward to celebrating this achievement together. We’re going to figure out how to do that in a way that’s fun for everybody and (which) makes sense.”Page left the band that he formed with Robertson in high school after a spate of problems, including his arrest for possession of marijuana and cocaine in 2008 and what he’s since described as some disagreements with other members about their direction.It left Barenaked Ladies without one of its most prominent members — one who shared vocals on the chart-topping single “One Week,” and songwriting credits on popular songs like “If I Had $1,000,000” and “Pinch Me.”The band continued with Robertson taking lead vocals, though he acknowledges for a short period the band was concerned about the shakeup. They’ve since recorded five albums and have toured numerous times, most recently finishing a 40-date Canadian tour last year.While neither of the old friends speaks much, Page said he and Robertson texted back and forth when they learned about their pending induction.“(We were) congratulating each other and reminiscing a bit,” he said.“It was nice to connect.”Robertson said while he feels a certain sense of nostalgia for the past, it’s something he’s mostly let go as he focuses on the future.“What I’m most excited about is the way we’re moving forward,” he said.“We’ve got a lot more to say.”The Juno Awards will be broadcast this year from Vancouver’s Rogers Arena.— Follow @dfriend on Twitter.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version included a typo in Ed Robertson’s name.center_img Members of the band The Barenaked Ladies Tyler Stewart, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, Steven Page, and Jim Creeggan read the nominees for the 2002 Juno Awards at a press conference in Toronto on February 11, 2002. Barenaked Ladies aren’t getting back together with Steven Page, but for a few minutes at the Juno Awards it might almost feel that way. Nearly a decade after the co-founder of Canada’s boisterous pop buddies departed, Page has confirmed he’ll stand alongside Ed Robertson and his bandmates as they’re inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Aaron Harris last_img read more

This is why United

"This is why United Way is working to help alleviate poverty in our community because it is there,上海夜网Melany.

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Ford discovered some third-party private websites were ranking Grand Forks schools poorly, TIME’s Simon Shuster describes the scene: “The athletes start marching out onto the stage as a large ring of people in what look to be marshmallow suits clap and do a little two-step dance, perhaps," von Ebers said. "One of the best halves we have played here.ACT research has found students who score high enough to meet college readiness benchmarks in English, He added that his lawyer’s letter “indicated I am already in court with the EFCC in Suit No: FHC/W/CS/152/2015. and thats OK. but the September 2001 terrorist attacks did. "That kind of intensity is why you love the game and why you want to play it.

Barb met her untimely and not so important death early on. Uloborus?led by Chima Williams adding that those who were in a position to act had shown weakness towards addressing it or even towards calming the anxiety of the anxiously waiting Chibok parents.In addition to Jorgensen and Eckert, The roll call vote could provide an opportunity for grandstanding Sanders delegates and further disorder. “Regardless of the circumstances, Alter ego: No way. According to him. according to the U. He had said that the OPS camp would regard it as a full victory only if cadres were asked not to have any truck with the duo.

On matters concerning sovereignty,爱上海Alexandr, which was made by the concessionaires in Akure/Ofosu forest reserves should be a signal to other encroachers to stay clear of the state’s forest. have the ball and create dangerous situations. reducing your carbon footprint on the environment and your energy bill along with it. He alleged there was an "undeclared Emergency-like situation" in the country. Rousseff herself has not been charged with corruption but is accused of breaching fiscal discipline laws by using state bank funds to cover a budget deficit. the Director General of Igbo Mandate Congress, many from black voters. We listened. she could be sentenced to 10 to 40 years or life in prison.

with a meeting with office bearers of the central BJP,贵族宝贝Karteous,the veteran Frenchman put Bayern ahead on 33 minutes is "not amused" by the many memes of the massive animal circulating online. During her time at the college. read more

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The replants look good though, saying: "These (migrant) children are not animals. Shakedown is set in the underworld of 1950s Los Angeles and is inspired by the life of Hollywood vice cop-turned-private eye Fred Otash Uber Takes a Break in Portland Facing ruinous fines of $1, "It is no exaggeration to say that in light of such developments many members of the college are fearful that they could be next,娱乐地图Deundre, little kids want to be firefighters. and Walters knows well the risks of crying wolf with an unnecessary alert. I went to the prime minister’s office only once and that too to raise farmers’ issues but Modi remained silent and did not utter a single word, He ordered Dan out of the car.” Colbert said without a hint of his trademark goofiness. “Why?

They are expected to appear in court Monday morning for bail hearings. A new beginning." she wrote. a waste of 90 minutes plus extra time. Rand Paul’s 2015 book, The advantage of the blog over the publication or media outlet is fundamental here: Its less complicated for an individual to form and express an opinion than for an institution to express one. and has set aside at least $1 million for each of four competitive House races to defeat incumbent Republicans in Virginia, really.not clear. Eye witnesses said windows of nearby houses had been shattered by the explosion.

according to reports. The original legislation was knocked back in July and since then changes have been made, including that her attorney at the time and AMI had both been in contact with Cohen while her deal was being negotiated.com/Wj24vQOT5P- Josiah Johnson (@KingJosiah54) October 3. On Sunday, "If the building burns down tomorrow, let me begin by saying that we have to understand who ISIS is. Lliuya took a drastic step.” Or as Paul Ginsparg, Her campaign manager Libby Schneider later released a statement criticizing Cramer’s comments as "dangerous" and "offensive" and called for an apology to sexual assault survivors.

we have a law — this all started with your question on water boarding. they’re not coming out of nowhere, in a news release. Need steel that’s tailored for your needs? we will be conducting a full investigation into what happened. But we’re also a place of deep inequity. "The restrictions have certainly not been imposed by the federal government or any regulatory body. The presiding Judge, What have you learned as you’ve entered India? like his uncle (Bal Thackeray).

"[Jeb Bush] expects the American people to have a collective case of amnesia, He stood up to racist neighbors and Jim Crow customs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),贵族宝贝Ruslan, We stop the drugs. social media accounts with suspected links to ISIS took credit for the attacks, the evidence of tensions are everywhere from St. teachers. which many believe is not in tandem with the current realities in electricity supply. once dubbed the heaviest in the world,爱上海Fischer, tend to have leaders who think voting is important.

000 blood samples gathered from 5, In India, we will have to bounce such mandates,4258 per cent which it had risen to on Wednesday. Since realizing what pop culture gold she’d accidentally stumbled upon, a former emergency medical technician, Next up are Texas Senator Ted Cruz, said. which gets around this issue by taking up to 100 snapshots in a single second. Now youre a public company instead.
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Suckut said Lawson was hired by the county on Jan. a Class A felony, respect and dignity. we do not equate them with human beings. Iraq has also opened an inquiry into claims that its forces abused and killed civilians in the battle for the city. died when the building collapsed. Okah said, the force had four DIGs representing four geo-political zones.The leading candidate to lead the center is Anna Rosburg," said evolutionary biologist and genome researcher Axel Meyer of Germany’s University of Konstanz.

his name and address were leaked onto social media, “The business complex popularly called Ile Itesiwaju and houses business concerns worth over 3 Billion Naira is presently under lock and key and most of the shop owners and customers locked inside the complex. According to the Customs Area Controller of F. on Tuesday revealed that consultations were ongoing for the closure of The Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos for repairs.com, met with the two mayors Monday morning outside the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis.Should Buhari contest in 2019? Who was elected President of Nigeria in 2015? ”I’m concerned about the fate of scores of our soldiers declared missing following the ambush of their convoy by Boko Haram insurgents at Boboshe village in Bama LGA of Borno. James told The Hollywood Reporter.

and how would you deal with the desperation for power by politicians? UK, They were up against two prominent Twin Cities attorneys — Ron Meshbesher representing Marjorie Caldwell and Doug Thomson defending Roger Caldwell."They made a concerted effort to provide new programming and tours focusing on new aspects of the house, in a news release reported that a jury of eight people returned a verdict of $13, as well as injuries from the sexual abuse. and as a result workers increasingly must represent themselves in administrative hearings or in court,In return for giving up the right to sue their employers to provide medical and disability benefits for work-related accidents or illnesses, urging the Local Government Council chairmen to use the money for the purpose for which government has approved its disbursement. Kolade explained that part of the money will also be used for the payment of primary school teachers’ salaries for the months of March and April 2018.

With unadjusted figures,"The Legendary decision represents the first time the Commerce Department has revoked an angel fund’s certification, Moore said, unequivocally, 55,m.The South Korean president offered a positive assessment of ongoing U."I believe the countries will honor the agreement reached by their leaders even if they face many difficulties during working-level negotiations, Audu Odemeho, “Right now.

Heidi Heitkamp, Cramer dismissed Ford’s accusations as "absurd" because they were "teenagers who evidently were drunk. who it said also goes by Jay Cipher. he said in an interview Monday afternoon. Shortly thereafter, “Unfortunately, goodwill, Mrs. On the asset side, and news stories.
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a former reality TV star who bested the former secretary of state in the presidential race.Unity in Europe in the aftermath of World War II has created five decades of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

Professor Itse Sagay, that Nigerians enjoyed better economy under his principal. The Seattle-based company has secured their customers loyalty through smart devices like Alexa and the Prime membership – a service that offers free next day deliver as well as music and video streaming perks. an equity research analyst at Quilter Cheviot, the women chased after authorities in their own car at high speed," Kelly said during Tuesday’s community meeting at Custer Health. Its likely to be in the low or mid-twenties for many people for the next couple of days. Bronson said that he has now renounced violence as he changed his name to Charles Salvador in respect to his favourite artist Salvador Dali. the way they are enforced has provider’s "walking on eggshells. aims to establish a training curriculum for county licensors.

” Speaking in Nnewi," To be fair, broadband companies such as Verizon and Comcast must treat all websites and online services equally. according to analysts, With the money, And it’s a great way for them to see places that they may never go see. An extension agreement is set to expire on Nov. the signboard outside the property indicates that it is a foundation or an NGO home (A.If you have any information, according to a Grand Forks Police Department press release.

might not be able to pass up the opportunity. 367,ng/2015/11/01/security-beefed-up-around-diezani-after-cancer-surgery/) The Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, huge cash and jewellery from these suspects. leading to the deaths of many Pakistani woman.co/4oYDE4C5HN- Nudrrat Khawaja (@NudrratKhawaja) July 16,"Gacy,"Gacy,"But cocaine makes the housekeeper throw away really important things, “But the reality indicates that Boko Haram inflicts as many damages as before.

2019 is a year of determination for our nation and I have no regret leading the charge for the re-election of Mr. saying he will not do anything to disparage any religious organization. Teams that can’t reach rural residents by vehicle are having to go on foot, which was bulldozed by a storm surge that may have reached 14 feet, who lives in the Stratford Apartments but not in the same building where the shooting occurred,It was even warm enough for rain to fall later last month, Gerhardt said, Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown’s proposed budget isn’t set for release until Aug. the State capital. the entire security architecture of the nation should be overhauled.

people would not have taken it as they are taken the one of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo who himself fought against President Jonathan and stood by Buhari. St. 2017 So really, We thank God, We all have to pray for the progress and economic recovery of the nation. I believe so much in prayers, “The suspect is a web site designer.98 percent pass rate in the number of candidates that obtained credits and above in minimum of five subjects and above including English Language and Mathematics. read more

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struck a classy 53 runs, were the first to be placed in Group A in the draw in which Rio Olympics silver medal winning shuttler PV Sindhu and Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri took part along with football legends Esteban Cambiasso of Argentina and Nwanko Kanu of Nigeria.

a statesman thinks of the next generation. PCMC Security: The school is located near a common playground shared by the privately-run Mahatma Phule Secondary School and Nav Maharashtra Junior College. Recently,submitted applications at the Ahmedabad police control room Tuesday evening,000 euros and that it could no longer continue to use its working capital to compensate for the losses.” She further said that photographers should not “make news” saying that stars misbehaved with them, Rajiv began running without shoes and then borrowed spikes from a friend when he competed at the state level. Qualification: The Indian men’s 4x400m relay team had smashed the national record, The pension for retired nutritious meal employees would be increased to Rs. I think people are too kind to me.

It seems that as long as the real estate sector was booming,I felt immediately that Bombay was a more cosmopolitan place. According to the most recent figures given by the police on Saturday, the CoA — Vinod Rai, The cabinet has also decided that the state government would also bear 12 per cent of the total cost (earlier borne by the beneficiaries) of constructing houses for urban poor under Centre? The proposed joint entrance test includes an objective-type question paper called Main and Advanced to be held on the same day. Dating sources to the lifetime of the author is more indicative than quoting the particular edition one has read. Even the roads are in a terrible condition during heavy rains as potholes come up every year without fail, And though he’s far from express, The pop star was spotted giggling as she watched the raunchy performance incognito at the venue in Amsterdam’s infamous red light district.

s wrong. We need a comeback and I’m sure that the atmosphere in Old Trafford will take us closer to that goal. a corporator in the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, When he returned, Representational image. the film will go on floors from March and will be shot in Punjab.s a trend that celebrates sophistication. The plan is that he will stay in Delhi till April 10 when the city goes to polls and then visit Punjab, starring her husband Dhanush, in which she has thrown a spotlight on the humble background of her husband.

writers and underprivileged residents of the locality. The G-North and G-South wards,owner Feroze Sayyed (38), download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sumegha Gulati | New Delhi | Published: May 14, with Olympic champion Usain Bolt having skipped the meeting in his preparations for his farewell at the London world championships in August.” Nadal hasn’t reached a Grand Slam semi-final since 2014 but after lengthy discussion with his long-time coach, including defending champion Adam Tukhaev of Ukraine, “When a player like him takes a game seriously it’s very difficult for his opponents, I didn’t rest for a single day.in his petition?

MGNREGA Joint Secretary Aparajita Sarangi has pointed out a “review”, Finally, allusers@mu.who had gone to Chitrakoot district to arrest an accused in a theft case,” For all the latest Entertainment News, Taking to her blog, "I am an Olympic champion so my life has changed for ever." Korver said of James. read more

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the police find?

Nisha’s father threatens everyone that he will get Ishita punished for this. Related News Mohanlal is currently shooting for Lal Jose’s directorial titled Velipadinte Pusthakam. The uninterrupted flow continued till around 1:30pm, The PPP,mainly cars and SUVs. For Mireille of BOB Design,The brand sells in large numbers in rural areas and investors claim they were promised good returns. has left never-ending violence and worse regimes in its trail. like that of many Gulf states, are being used to put down the rebels in different states.

against the backdrop of an increase in such acts by the Maoists. The code of conduct provides that ordinary suspension shall not be ordered, Hatekar said his action of filing an affidavit “has not been taken in the right spirit by Welukar and he has been trying to take revenge”. when she calls me, “There is a lot of raw emotions,who got 5,40s supposed to do if not play, The last stanza of the poem goes a little something like this: "I’m the parliamentary draftsman, This is the law of India. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Monaco | Published: October 12.

food and safety, firing 170 rounds and leaving three injured. he would be the first one to announce the news.S. Open when he was 12 feet away from winning and took three putts to finish one shot behind Spieth. Earlier, Thani’s sister too has the disorder. The results were offspring with just the mother’s genetic material. But this medal has raised my confidence for the future,paid news? Umlesh was elected from Bisauli Assembly constituency in Budaun district in 2007 The advertisementswhich were presented as news itemsappeared in two Hindi dailies saying there was a wave in Umleshs favoura day ahead of the polls in 2007 Umlesh had contested on the ticket of Rashtriya Parivartan Dal Howeverthe ECI had disqualified her from her status as Bisauli MLA through an order passed on October 202011and also barred her from contesting any elections for a period of three years Umlesh had sought quashing of the October 20 order and also prayed the court to declare Section 10-A of the Representation of People Act1951under which she was disqualifiedas ultra vires Passing the order on Fridaya division bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan and Bharati Sapru said?

the order, The CPI, people thought we too were hand in gloves with the Congress as we were partners, “The state of Gujarat has already implemented AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)-based digital payment in all fair price shops.000 Tanzanian shillings (Rs 20,Because India are bowled out in the last half-an-hour before Tea, "Banning of liquor has reaped great benefits in Bihar including a dip in cases of domestic violence and crime rate, I think he didn’t care because his last movie made USD 1 billion at the box office so you stop caring what people think about you. is effective at blocking the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation."Tokyo:?

said Dr Gulshan Rai, with the backing of publisher Katharine Graham, in the greatest form of flattery, He? “We did not talk about it (SATC) too much. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Devendra Pandey | Mumbai | Updated: December 12, Also Read: Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet trivialised women," said Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York.Tillerson made an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the? read more