360 search engines love Shanghai 8 23 big update on line birth

water can carry a boat, can also capsize, the water is still hard to force our search for users, webmasters? A big update to love Shanghai. "

360 browser with advantage of this platform, the consolidation of the part of the user. To see whether a product can occupy the market, population is the most important. 360 own products for many years, has accumulated many loyal users, this is the love of Shanghai can not be compared, so when the 360 search engine just on the line, everyone in the use of the time, is not conscious, unconscious.

since June, from time to time snapshot, stationmaster reaction, even retreated to N years ago; there are also some old site, within a few days by K several times, many of the regular site without being K, love Shanghai responded, because of the anti cheating algorithms update, although not exclude individual injury, although not all back on track complaints feedback, but for every online feedback, will carefully analyze and summarize to the next update.

for the loss of a large number of users, feel the pressure of the hitherto unknown love Shanghai. In the end of June update, the webmaster has become the heart of a indelible marks, too deep memory. Although the previous year in June, will have a big update, there will be no small fluctuations in the data, but this year has never been a big way.


results, 360 on-line search engine is successful, successfully in the search engine market share a cup of soup, take a large number of search users love Shanghai. 360 search users is strong, have a basis, not easy to drain. Let the search engine landing, to seize the user habits, should be the secret of successful search engine 360.

August 16th, 360 search engines quietly on the line, just a few days, caused a great disturbance, swept across the internet. 360 search engines to break the domination of love in Shanghai, people from all walks of life There were many discussions.

This year’s

360 search engines since launch, many websites from 360 search traffic, a sudden surge. Many owners have announced their data flow, treasures network and other well-known e-commerce sites from 360 far more than the flow of Google search data, to love the Shanghai traffic numerical value. The home station, Android forum data show that 360 search extraordinary influence.

love Shanghai, increased the pace, opened the stationmaster clinic, also announced that 8.23 will continue to update algorithm, announced to suppress the object and scope. Love Shanghai so active and generous so frequently, whether we can understand the stress response to pressure on the line for the 360 mountain search engine of

love Shanghai update, feeling the stones, or stepping on the reason is the K website to climb, although the process is painful, but the result has achieved good results, some low quality content in search results is cleared, the overall quality site for more traffic".

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