How do the enterprise website optimization keywords screening article

in the eyes of many people, the website optimization is not difficult, that the pseudo original articles, repeated several times a Links keywords, website optimization is all the work. We are opposed to the understanding of some people, because many small sites do indeed can achieve the desired effect, but it is a pity that this effect is not stable enough, the duration is not long. But as a long-term operation of the enterprise website, the effect of such enterprises pursue, need is long-term and stable, while focusing on the website conversion rate, and ultimately help companies increase brand awareness to increase sales. A series of knowledge we will gradually explain, this article first to the enterprise network of Shanghai dragon forum one of the focuses of website optimization keywords screen writing.


two, through what channels screening keywords

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3, through the relevant search: enter a keyword in the search engine, in the bottom of its search page generally and search words related to the keyword expansion, which is an important way for us to collect the relevant keywords. See below:

which we believe we will not deny that in the website optimization work carried out before the first words of enterprise major products or services by screening location. One of the aims is to bring flow for the enterprise website optimization keywords in the late to get good rankings, no matter how popular keywords or strange, invested a lot of energy and resources, costs a lot of manpower and resources, after a certain period of time to achieve a good ranking, if no one search or the search volume is very low, so for businesses to bring business value is almost zero.

4, Shanghai: Shanghai love love index index can help us understand a keyword search variation curve and search volume, but also can see the effect as a screening tool for keywords, good:

, the importance of screening keywords

1, peer website: check the site source code, which is in the middle of keywords, first collected and classified production list for later screening. Map:

ensure that the keywords to optimize a higher search volume and the search of potential consumer demand, has become the focus of our keywords screening.

we have learned the importance of screening keywords, is now facing a problem: through what channels screening keywords? Believe that the basic operation level of the computer and network to basic operation of a friend is there, we only below the methods and ideas are listed, no detailed explanation for each method.

imagine 2, brainstorm: if you have a certain understanding of the industry, I believe that through their own imagination can also write down less than a dozen words, if not the first of its own enterprise in-depth understanding.

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