Case analysis the first step in the promotion of optimization must be done


for Swiss watches network 贵族宝贝gudoi.>

from the above picture, we can see that the existing title and keywords repeated phenomenon. Should be changed to: company name + core + keywords popular keyword title is preferred, it is simple and can highlight the weight, so the search engines would be more in line with the appetite. Keywords for guidance to the theme of the site, it is not recommended to the company name, company name and description to the beginning, with more originality and independence, the search engine more love the original things.

2, on the website of the channel page URL address rewrite, the URL contains keywords English name. Such as: (enhanced and key website for the degree of correlation is helpful to improve website ranking). To avoid is to rewrite the URL address to search engines so as to duplicate content, which is not included or low weight problems, there must URL the original URL redirect 301. Below is the 301 jump method:

good beginning is half of success, if you want to take you to the station to become bigger and stronger, web based structure and code will be the first step you must do optimization promotion!

a few days ago moved to a watch when the Brand Company network promotion supervisor. The first work is over after the structure and code of the entire website optimization. Through the structure and code optimization effect is very obvious, after all, a good beginning is half of success. If we put the search engine to a company, a diploma that website structure that represents your qualifications, imagine if you have a diploma, those big companies will not look at you, let alone to seek better development. Although the weight of the website is affected by many uncertain factors, but the basic structure is the site of the bigger and stronger. Next to share with you to optimize the website structure and code

!The above article


1, on the site keywords analysis and modification, while the keywords and contnet optimization.


3, standard website code, the page file size should not exceed 100kb, by using the basic tags, reduce the complexity of the label. The entire site series by H1, div, Li, DD, B, I and W3C based label verification, "the wrong language is no more than 50. (can reduce the file size, the most basic labels make the site code more concise, clear, easier for search engines to crawl to the theme of the site)


4, add the site map, 301 sub domain redirection, 404 error page, robots robot, the rational use of nofollow tags, and add the channel module, the module of the page.

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