Correctly grasp the specific steps of website optimization

description (Description) set reasonable

2, flattening the hierarchical structure of the

The station optimization including

Shanghai dragon station optimization includes:

2, the content of the websiteThe overall data

Static web pages,

1, the website name, the website and the PR value of the domain name

(now the influence of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is almost negligible)


1, JS

6, the website of METE Tags

What is the

3, database

Shanghai dragon how to do? What is the specific steps of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon? I think these problems all the webmaster should be considered. After 01 years of love Shanghai was established, we just heard that PPC, Google entered the market 03 years China, brought a new name – Shanghai dragon for us. 03 to 05 years for two years, a lot of our Shanghai dragon training institutions, just two years time, Shanghai dragon market from the "zero talent" for the rapid development of a galaxy of talents "". But now we still cannot completely understand Shanghai dragon. Here, to search the optimization of network station, Shanghai dragon and senior network marketing planning positions along the edge as we demystify the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Dragon:

2, the website title tags (titile) set reasonable

three, website content optimization

5, the website of H1/H2 TagsReasonable optimization of

3, website keywords (keywords) set reasonable

The length of time of and CSS& to streamline the site code;

3, the website of Shanghai Longfeng custom file name

2, the domain name

1 (HTML)

codes and tags, mainly from the following aspects:

Optimization of

, a website with the domain name and host factors

Original Reasonable optimization of

site navigation crumbs


two, website URL optimization

Shanghai dragon in the station optimization and stood outside optimization in two aspects. The station optimization is the basic work of optimization, it is beneficial to improve the friendliness of the search engine on the web, improve the search included speed and quantity of engine, but also can improve the site open speed. The station optimization is the optimization method, also is the chain construction site. The main method is the use of the forum, blog, classified information and classified directories, Links means.

1, the content of the websiteUpdate frequency of


, code and label optimization

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