Area of specialist medical website how to determine the main keywords

the third step we analyze the "Fuzhou painless" competition, the higher the degree of competition in the new term, we are difficult to optimize up, so we can turn to analysis Related words of the keywords, the tools we can find 2 words "Fuzhou analgesia stream of people how much money", "Fuzhou analgesia stream of people hospital", their search volume were 78 and 75, and the value of our energy, this.

in the first step, we collected some key competitors, these can only be said to be determined, we also need index analysis of key words. We take "Fuzhou painless" as an example, the index of the Shanghai love (love Shanghai index query keyword analysis platform: index.baidut贵族宝贝), the keywords present love Shanghai index 83, that is to say the word is the value of our energy optimization.

three, the degree of competition analysis

in the second step, we analyze the words "Fuzhou painless" heat, now we need to analyze the keywords competition degree. We need to collect the natural ranking love Shanghai "Fuzhou painless" for the top 10, whether they need to analyze the home page, the chain number and their analysis on the amount collected, here we used three bits of data as an example: the number one station is on the home page included about 50, Shanghai outside the chain of love 5600; the station is ranked second on the home page included about 10 love Shanghai chain 29700; ranked third in the home station is included about 20 love Shanghai chain 36100. Through the data we can directly view the know about the keywords competition degree. General chain number 10000, will be able to explain the word of competition is full of high.

if you ask what is the most intense love Shanghai for promotion of competition in the industry, the absolute people can reply to you: the medical industry. Yes, well, the medical industry is profiteering industry, but because of the increasingly fierce competition in the medical industry, the cost of bidding is more and more high, many medical websites had to change strategy, from the simple to the bidding model of bidding and natural optimization coexist mode, in order to reduce the cost. Then, we come today to talk about how to determine the regional medical website main keywords

, the first collection of keywords

two, keywords analysis of heat

four, a high degree of competition in the word selection of

as a new station, you sometimes difficult to determine how to select the site of the primary key, so this time, we can through the way around, the direct analysis of key words, the opponent will be the key for it has been used and extended. We love Shanghai analysis keywords "Fuzhou gynecological" top three websites, can be easily collected. Keywords to hospital class, this disease is mainly two categories, the main project so we can combine with their own identified keywords.


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