Future voice and image search will shine in the mobile field


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language search, image search, the search engine will be used to change the user’s search habits. But first of all we must solve the technical problem, how to make the recognition more accurate, how intelligent analysis of the user’s intentions. This is the future of love Shanghai search engine such as the direction of the square dance http:>!

and WeChat have penguins on the function of language, in addition to the Android search box in the market also has the function of language language search, the future will be widely used. The function of language search engine will greatly facilitate the implantation of many mobile users, is not only a language search, actually love Shanghai early on the line image search. Just drag the picture in the search box, then you can search to other similar images, its principle is possible according to the description information related pictures. Shows that the similarity is very high picture, the user wants to find the picture becomes much easier.

now love Shanghai is domestic search engine, in addition to 360 search, Sogou, search engine development today, has gradually matured. And the user requirement for search engines are increasingly high, precise, fast and intelligent is the direction of search engine development. For example: a user search love Shanghai "which Hefei family decoration company", so what is the potential demand of the user, or to find a decoration company, or to understand the relevant information of the decoration company. If Shanghai can love intelligent analysis of the psychological needs of users really, then list the search results will be more accurate, and most users see search results.

language search there are two difficulties in technology, which is a language must accurately identify the search words, everyone talking habits are different, some people speak quickly, some people relatively slow speed. But many people are not so standard Mandarin, dialect language search cannot identify meaning, not only is the language search, and so it is with other language features. The second is the language must be converted into audio file search keywords, if users breath to say a lot of things, so in this case how to distinguish the user really wants to express. Do not need to speak the length restrictions, or to identify key words in the language.

keyword search has a blind spot, that is the length of the key is limited, Shanghai love limit must be in 38 less than Chinese characters. If the user wants to enter a longer sentence, this case love Shanghai it is difficult to do accurate search, may be displayed and what users think different. In addition, for some specific user groups, text search also has fatal drawbacks, such as: do not know several men’s children, if you want to search to your love to watch cartoons, it only by adults. Language search will be able to solve these two search problems, just like Shanghai has launched the mobile phone version of the search language, believe will vigorously promote the search form.

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