The new definition of the original Shanghai dragon optimization do you know


Shanghai dragon

as a webmaster, if others give myself the original do you do not know if you out, you are not a qualified webmaster Shanghai dragon. That is because the main method now website optimization Shanghai Longfeng chain construction of website content and website two aspects, but the core principles of content construction is the site must have high quality original articles, and to highlight the unique website for Internet users to bring the value of the content of the article. So all in Shanghai Longfeng owners, construction for the original article content of enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon became of particular importance.

understanding of the content of the enterprise original, we may understand, as long as the website search engine to search articles, as long as the sentence is good, then a large number of keyword stuffing and anchor link in.. this is the early majority of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster for Shanghai Longfeng original article understanding. In view of this for the original understanding, in many of the search engine rules after adjustment, no longer give too much weight, that is to say that the quality of the original article is in a downward trend? Now the search engine requirements for the high quality content and norms are in favor of what?

as we work in Shanghai dragon, the new changes of the new original article is must pay enough attention to the understanding of the latest search engine rules, to find unremittingly direction, the only way we can fast web site keywords ranking promotion, can bring more flow and potential customers, so as to enhance the enterprise economic.

for the enterprise website construction, there is the original article said, there are also false original argument, a few years ago, there are many pseudo original editing tools, so many enterprise website editors benefit greatly, but the pseudo original along with the search engine technology upgrade and ranking rules, the collapse of itself. The enterprise website but also because of the low quality articles like this is the punishment of the search engine, including the collection of reduced, the snapshot not update, the ranking of the decline, serious enterprise website search engine or even be dragged into the black list, which is somewhat similar to the "Shahe effect" performance.

we thought love Shanghai as an example, according to the Shanghai love for high quality of the standard, it is effective, we write the original article content readability, description of the content is rich and has a million exhibition, whether the keyword and the content of the site itself to the combination of description and other content into. In other words, it is to improve the quality and the user experience, which requires us to their professional business website must have some understanding, readability or write out the original article content is also there will be a great lack and insufficient. Is the definition of the new search engine for the original article.

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