Those forgotten in the corner of the Shanghai dragon skills keyword research papers

Hello, we do in Shanghai dragon, the key is the key research, for this, I believe many of my friends have done very well, but there are a lot of friends because of good performance after some of the key skills which the Shanghai dragon ignored alternative, or because of too many skills that we can use for a period of time or being good at it so few, but we know many are forgotten in the corner of the Shanghai dragon skills is a knowledge point I want to talk with you about today.

core principles: reasonable arrangements for the optimization of the key words, do controllability in the plans for the adjustment plan and has.

1, expand the grouping skills

core principles: to understand the weight distribution of the web search engine, in the location of important keywords.

website optimization of the ultimate goal is to obtain the high value of the flow, and expand the work of keywords is that we get more traffic to the site, the master will use keywords to develop auxiliary tools, in addition to love Shanghai index, love Shanghai droplist, love Shanghai search and other related similar function, but also the use of webmaster tools, Jinhua and chase words such as webmaster tools.

first, we review the process of keyword research we must consider the direction of the three:

we are accustomed to mining a type, we actually for the expansion of keywords did not grasp the essence, we need to master the key words, then add keywords keywords is modified to expand by our popular keywords, according to this thinking to study we can actually put keywords such as a group, Shanghai dragon in a word, plus Beijing, then the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" two word combination, coupled with the company, is the "Beijing Shanghai dragon company" three word combination, by analogy, I >

popular keywords (words or industry professional terms, such as Shanghai,

brand word (brand word and rival brand word)

2, title, meta, H1-H3 layout, on the left side of the link position, the content of the core section of non noise.


(long tail keywords area, brand, specifications, models, manufacturers, wholesale, questions and other modifiers Development)

Keywords )

3, keywords ranking strategy: analysis of competitive keywords, plan construction keywords anchor text, monitor and adjust key data.


core principles: to obtain high value flow based keyword expansion and selection.

1, development and selection:

so, we forget some of the details in the corner of the key research techniques mainly focus on these three aspects of the. Some of my views here to talk about, have the wrong place please correct me:

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