Shanghai love voice search problems can reverse its ecosystem circle


search engine ecosystem do better than Google, love Shanghai has been ongoing in this attempt, through the Shanghai encyclopedia, love love Shanghai, love Shanghai library also know that a lot of users polymerization. But on the whole, the love of Shanghai ecosystem and did not reach perfection, it needs further improvement work, to provide users with valuable content. We all know the Internet >

shopping mall and the battlefield, success and failure are often overnight, the glory of the past can not represent the beauty of tomorrow. In the search engine market, loyal user groups with master reading, your chances of becoming a winner will increase. Love Shanghai with advanced search engine technology and wide popularity, search engine market occupy about 70% market share in China, especially love Shanghai in search of excellent performance in localization, to fight the global search giant Google has become the domestic search engine king. Since last year the domestic search engine enterprising increasing, especially the strong attack of the Qihoo 360, let love Shanghai realize the importance of change. Dare to think of Qihoo 360 and Tencent in Shanghai continue to challenge the love of these internet giants, it is its huge loyal customer groups. This will tell the world that want to obtain long-term development in the search engine market, cannot do without the support of loyal users.

for search engine industry, in order to obtain more loyal user groups, will need to continue to provide quality services to users. The Qihoo 360 gained public recognition because of its success in the browser and anti-virus software, and users in the country a large number of users, use bundled strategies to make search in 360 days beyond the Sogou becoming the second largest search engine. It is because of the above several Qihoo 360 software well in the net position in the heart, get ahead in the subsequent competition, once the boss also ugly antivirus Jinshan secretly force, those who have their own brilliant expectations back. It can be seen that the Internet users get attention, you need to have their own products, as a benchmark to form a network ecosystem is huge, to gather more loyal users to. This is Zhou Hongyi doing the search when talked about why the Qihoo 360 can very domineering said, we have the technology, we have traffic, we have channels. Circle the perfect ecosystem so that enterprises in the following competition to lay a solid foundation, even in the face of failure is not too badly, if successful return is unthinkable.

with the Internet to produce economic increasing scale, intra industry competition becomes fierce, in the domestic search engine market love although Shanghai is fully deserve leader, and became synonymous with search. With the domestic challengers emerging, as rivals more violent attack, 3b 3Sb from war to war, to a certain extent, that is not always king. In order to obtain competitive advantage must constantly update their technology, to provide users with more valuable services, in order to obtain more market share of the domestic search engine.

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