Shanghai Longfeng optimization which website details is love Shanghai search engine most valued

second, evaluation index – Web content browsing experience analysis experience. Different web page quality, search engine for website evaluation is also very different, love Shanghai search engine for the existence of many security risks in some web pages, entrainment many advertisements, such as carrying trojan virus, the search engine is without mercy, the love of Shanghai search engine mainly from several aspects of content publishing, advertising effect of speed of access to web content for the quality of judgment. The content of composition is the most basic web elements, mainly reflected in the size of the text, paragraphs, paragraph alignment etc.. The effects of advertising is mainly reflected in some of the sites of advertising popups, with the user’s reading behavior. Access speed refers to the server, web space access speed, let the user retention time should not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise the user is likely to be missing from our site.

as the Shanghai dragon Er, in addition to service users constantly, for we want to optimize the search engine’s preferences should also have a very clear understanding, as the largest search engine love Shanghai, is the largest number of users in the search engine, so we webmaster in the optimization process in addition to the outside, you need to understand the search engine to understand love Shanghai.

finally, the author summarizes the rules and author in the process of optimized website has been to love Shanghai for optimization guide, the content is never updated website to update the content, content is their cognition of the product or company news, feel this things can bring value for users to enhance their business Image >

third, web content Freshness Assessment – Analysis of the effectiveness of web information. Since the development of Internet information with the entire network, but whether it is a search engine for the user or the effectiveness of information has a very strong sensitivity, whether it is a business site or information site, the effectiveness of information is a magic weapon for our site content to attract users, enterprise station, the source of material new information on the latest information, the company’s products can be used as news content on the web, and the information resources is also the official search engine analysis and investigation of a very important indicator of our site content freshness.

first, basic index – love Shanghai search engine for website content quality evaluation. We know that love Shanghai search engine on the site to consider the details of factors is very much, we must spare no effort in the following details: first, cost factors, cost of content production and give the effort, this is very easy to understand, an article copied or original or their own original and illustrate the value of the cost of nature is self-evident, content integrity is mainly embodied in an article on the topic can smooth clear expression; real effective information refers to the information in the article is randomly created or their intentions in writing or in professional is very prominent.

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