Shanghai Longfeng not pay attention to learning methods to bubuweiying Daikin pit

learning Shanghai dragon must be analyzed. For this I can’t give you too much, because this is needs us to understand, because Shanghai dragon industry is a constant and the data dealing with industry, facing the changing keywords ranking with what attitude should we face to face, the effect on the West Forum outside the chain, we should for where? These are our own need to solve, we must have a clear grasp of their own website prospects, what time do the promotion is the result of their own, so I want to mix a little prospect in Shanghai dragon industry, no definite idea is not enough.

because of the Internet in the development of our surrounding rapidly, has become a hot industry, website optimization and so on, brothers and sisters all related to the stampede in Shanghai Longfeng, technical articles, data, and video tutorials, we will accept, without hesitation, but it really took effect? Me, although many Shanghai Longfeng knowledge on the Internet, but really do, but have touched the four corners of the world feeling, my mind was a blank, don’t know where to start. After this incident, I have realized that the feeling of Shanghai dragon although very attractive, but we are learning it when they have to pay attention to what methods and strategies, only in this way can we better contact, better use of Shanghai dragon.

learning Shanghai dragon must practice. Or that sentence is a mule is a horse, pull out yo. The written knowledge do better than yourself, try to take myself, before I learned the skills of writing in A5, but their contributions have to be returned, and sometimes I think, they are in accordance with the others.

learning Shanghai dragon must have direction. The line direction seems misty, not catch any substance, but it is we are involved in Shanghai Longfeng industry must be clear, because Shanghai Longfeng industry is constantly changing, we cannot predict what will happen next, so in the study of Shanghai dragon, we should clear their direction and finally do Shanghai dragon what is the purpose? Do your own website, or on the orders to do, different learning program is certainly not the same, at the same time we have to own Shanghai dragon journey of learning to do a more detailed plan, what time to what extent, what time can complete the task alone, these need to be placed a talk on the desktop, otherwise there is no program of study, we do not know what they will learn when

2012 Internet webmaster general assembly past some days, Lei Jun, Li Guoqing think they are really successful, a mobile phone industry has created China myth, a hope has reached $10 billion, their Internet tour that I admire. Admittedly, this year the Internet webmaster general assembly to let more novices feel the network temptation, so they started their own webmaster career, which relates to everyone long may be Shanghai longfeng.


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