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The first half of this year, Google

I think I am a solid primary Shanghai dragon, I took over when combined enjoypack group purchase network and Wenzhou Lianxiang forum, I do not know what is the Shanghai dragon. However, I did a year’s time to let Wenzhou enjoypack group purchase network PR=4, a month Lianxiang forum PR=1. Thank you for sharing my personal webmaster, below learned in stationmaster net experience. In 3 months, I often see the post on the web. Objective there are so few, how to improve the keywords ranking, how to improve the PR, how to do the site within Shanghai dragon and how to increase the chain.

second months, that is to try to write the article. I think the share prerequisite is to be sincere, followed by Shanghai Longfeng experience, is the last gift. So, I do not write much, but each is very original, did not write pseudo original.

in the first month, see the article is stationmaster net worked out a general direction, then basically able to identify the role of the general question for you is what, so in the following reading, this article can have no use for you to judge, you need to click open. Because some people write the text and not to share and share, but to a chain and share. This determines the level of readability. So, I personally think that Shanghai dragon beginners must not be anxious to see some of the Shanghai dragon, will have a rough idea to understand.


read a certain number of Shanghai Longfeng post, I basically learned that PR channels are: link quality, application Links and update content. For the keyword ranking problem, I think I see in stationmaster net experience is a bit different, I think, do the number of keywords and keywords of the layout of the premise in the soft, the first to do internal site optimization, for each picture, actually can do key word optimization, it is often ignored by. Third months, I began to pay attention to the collection of "love Shanghai" in Chinese, concern the number and Chinese originality, because I found at first many pages have not been included in the Shanghai love in time. At that time my website a lot of pictures, large web pages open slow. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the image size, increase the original Chinese, make the website optimization. This point, I always insist on.

now, for me, the biggest difficulty is how to attract more members to the Wenzhou local network group purchase, also.

big update, Shanghai also made the action of love. That day, I found my chain is the largest Wenzhou group purchase network, and the network group purchase started earlier than I PR like me, some small pleasure at 4. Because, for the website optimization, indeed by itself as the center of the promotion team efforts were rewarded. Last year, the rise of network group purchase, Wenzhou appeared 20 to group purchase network, up to now, the real strength is not more than 3. Wenzhou Lian enjoypack group purchase network has been up against the wind.

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