Shanghai Longfeng misunderstood knowledge content is king you misunderstood

5 of the entire pageSome people think that

2 picture animation content optimization

Guide link optimization around the

page 4 affiliated function optimization

text is part of most of the core site (of course, some of the page is pure pictures), not only can meet the needs of users, but also to meet the needs of the search engine, such as how to optimize the keywords in the keyword density control, within the chain set, the original degree is done, so the acquisition is simple No.


in the Internet era, the user to the page is also very functional requirements, such as the collection function, download function, forwarding function, good article without these features, it is difficult to let the user take the initiative to help you propaganda, so the page affiliated function optimization is also essential.

may be done in front of 4 points should be able to, but the user visual tends to affect the first impression of the website, the first impression is very important as the interview. For example, the entire page layout art effect makes the user feel like twentieth Century page, the user can love? Good website will from time to time on the website, is to provide users with good vision! So through the method of layout art effect to improve the user visual effect is very important.

wrong, but this kind of one-sided understanding approach will lead to error when you execute the method, such as direct collection of useful content of others and other methods, the method of obtaining the content look to meet the user access to the content, but the real "content is king" actually includes the following:

3 page provides contentThis is in addition to the

The user visual optimization of The external factors to optimize the

page of the text other guiding links, such as the page on the part of the navigation menu on the right side of the body, the recommended content optimization, and the content of the text below the content optimization. This part is to meet the needs of users in addition to the body of the other content requirements. This optimization can quickly improve your site user preference and viscosity.

In fact, this is not a novice to understand

6 pageIn front of

Shanghai dragon friends all know the words "content is king", but to truly understand the "content is king" to do what few friends. Especially new Shanghai dragon Er, when this "content is king", just think of the contents on the website to give users need and can help users to obtain useful knowledge from articles on it.

1 text optimization

simple text, although it can meet the needs of users, but the user experience is not good, so with the picture of animation is very necessary, including picture clarity optimization, image size optimization, the animated video content quality animation video viewability optimization etc. These are affect the user experience of picture animation content optimization part.

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