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promotion creativity is written for people to read. Then, we note that in addition to creative words, more attention should be paid to how to write creative, "into the heart", prompting customers to click.

this is the love of Shanghai bidding fee deduction formula, I believe everyone is familiar with. Here is the "current quality of keywords" refers to the quality of your keywords. For example: if you are on the "construction site" of the word for you, 3 yuan in the first row. Second bid 2.5 yuan. 5 is the quality of your quality is second, 4 degrees, how much is every time you click on the

answer: quality is and keyword hits related, there are two factors influencing the click rate: the keyword ranking and keyword creative.

: the end of love Shanghai promotion is technically a difficult, is not?. It is live, because he has a lot of data of things you need to judge, to analysis; "

is king!The quality of The Article

is important? Not important! Quality important? It is important! This is not nonsense. He says is not important, because the click rate affect the quality, from this perspective, the quality of no significance. Why quality is very important? We see a formula:

is important?The quality of

primary school mathematics, the higher the degree of quality, cost is lower.

keyword ranking is an important factor in determining the click rate. In fact, not necessarily before three, as long as we to better position the card, click rate is not low. The three advantage is relatively large, get traffic. People search for a word, habitually click ranking information. But if you can rank card to hot, with good ideas, can create low hit rate.

here might be dizzy: then I bid again have what meaning? Yes, your bid is to tell you most love Shanghai, how much money can bear a click, your budget limit is. You gave 3 yuan, is not necessarily true of 3 yuan to one click fee, there may be less than 3 yuan.

this picture taken from before seen, by contrast, which is more flourishing into the heart. In today’s society the spread of excessive, the advertisement can not tell those specious poetic words, but to simply tell the customer what it is for, what good, what other home in different places.

2.5*4/5+0.01=2.01 yuan.

summary: if we have money, everything is not a problem, all of the top three to go! This can maximize flow. If we need to budget in general, very careful in reckoning. His creative writing, a relatively high cost position. The optimization of

cost? We have learned your

asked: how to improve the quality of the key words of


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