Love Shanghai original plan Mars technology deficiency

4. for the love of Shanghai said, in the near future will also invite a number of webmaster test. Believe that this phase two will be invited, some of the more well-known sites. So our personal small webmaster? Our low weight website original you how to identify

1. love Shanghai official also pointed out that the way to get preferential treatment as in the original content above: as long as to meet the needs of users under the premise of giving priority to show. In addition, the show, to the original content of mark, you can fall in love with the original "sea recognition effect part of news media websites into support objects which can be seen".

written in the last:

is the author of more than 3. excerpts from the official data of Shanghai love. Although, for these data we love Shanghai but half believe and half doubt, certainly from the webmaster’s position, and we all feel the original love recognition technology in Shanghai is not high, including the author.

2. can be seen from the figure, there is a lot of reprint articles, Shanghai in search can search all the love to A5, but the original article? In love in Shanghai can not find these

? How to explain? ?

two, technical defects of

from the Shanghai love statement on June 20th, we can see that the main test is aimed at news website. The main test objects are included in one million more than URL news website, such as: CCTV news, people贵族宝贝.cn, xinhuanet贵族宝贝, caijing贵族宝贝, ifeng贵族宝贝, global network, chinanews贵族宝贝… Etc. the site…

1. author, all the original content, for the requirements are in line with the user experience. But it is not included, to another station published, immediately included, love how Shanghai can identify these articles are our small website original? Take the A5, which is basically the original content, but as long as everyone in the A5 article will be the website he reprinted, a lot of results the original A5 site are not ranked in Shanghai love home such as:

I think, love is in Shanghai to meet the needs of users of the original article, give priority to show ideas. However, in the above technology seems to lack a lot. In order to let the user experience is really good, we also need to work in the original recognition technology above, this technology at present, or in the difference of one hundred and eight thousand. This paper consists of: about 贵族宝贝gexings贵族宝贝, please indicate the original source, thank you.

, a Shanghai original plan shows a love of Mars in:

Several websites hand

2. also love Shanghai official pointed out that the implementation of the original mission, these news site traffic increased significantly. Love Shanghai official gives a display of the page, as shown in the following

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