How to do the bidding Shanghai love way

in Shanghai auction, is nothing more than three kinds of matching methods, the first is the broad match; second is an exact match; third is a phrase. What is the meaning of the three words

for the matching mode selection problem, but also from a practical situation of all walks of life. At the same time to compare the data before and after the adjustment, as far as possible to increase the weight (increase of days), so the comparability of data and high reliability.


phrase matching, that user in the search box search love Shanghai as long as it is with your keyword, your bidding results will be displayed. For example the user in the search "Shanghai dragon training course", and the keywords you background is "Shanghai dragon training", so that the user’s search terms covering your keywords, your bidding results will be displayed. This matching, targeted stronger than widely, now the general SEM will choose this way.

Accurate, called

from the Wuhan hospital (贵族宝贝whbdyy贵族宝贝/) network, please indicate the source.

, is the user in the search box to search the word love Shanghai must exactly match your keywords, for example the user in the search "Shanghai dragon training", and you must have the background keywords the word (the premise is, you choose the exact match), so your bidding the ranking will be displayed.

I use is the difference of two words in the before and after adjustment. A map is changed by the phrase will match different effects showing extensive after matching, communication frequency and communication costs are significantly improved, marketing performance promotion. But from the table can be seen in a large proportion of consumer spending rose, which also means that we are paying back some ineffective communication.

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, is widely, as long as the user retrieval with your keywords slightly related words in the search box you love Shanghai, the auction results will be displayed. For example the user in the search "Shanghai dragon course", you are "Shanghai dragon training" in the background of the keywords and you love Shanghai, is used widely, so, your ad will eventually be user clicks. This way, the highest, the largest traffic, but the proportion of invalid clicks is great.

these three kinds of matching methods in the selection of what is best? This is a question which puzzled SEM, here is my little experience in practice, I hope useful for everyone, take a photo:

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