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normally, unless there is a special experience on the theme of the site to the webmaster Everfount write good original. But the web site is need to be updated regularly, the search engine is also Xixinyanjiu, so when the inspiration for a short period of time out to do? The product original is false in this case came into being. False original is what other people bring into their own, let love the sea are not aware of it. So how to write love Shanghai recognized

1. replacement. For example, the "if" into "once", this method simple in five years ago is still good, then not only the search engine is not mature, visitors are not mature. Now who still do so, only lift a rock hit their own feet. Of course, this is usually the so-called pseudo original software made. I always do not believe that the so-called pseudo original software, it is Chinese is broad and profound, the software can so easily write an article to the

of Shanghai dragon people, should not point pseudo original skills can be a bit to eat. I understand that the original is false: substitution, deceive. Not only have the readability, let love Shanghai think it is original, to achieve the "murder without leaving traces". There are a lot of articles have introduced the method of pseudo original now, here I summarized as follows:

method is the most stupid is usually the most effective, that is – sentence modify, add comments. That is to say, want to do false original article. After that, through their own language to write an article.

3. to replace the title, the first paragraph, the end. This method is very good, at least to the residence time of visitors made effective contribution. But a superficial reform, out of the mix are sooner or later, this pseudo original quality is not high, even if the collection slowly will be eliminated. In Shanghai, every one of the articles not too good ranking. There is, after 1000 words for our 800 word is still intact, it is a failure of the pseudo original. This method is not available, but to see the article structure. "Two small, the middle" article, do not use this method of low-level, another way.

pseudo original?

since these methods are not clever, with what method to write love Shanghai, also support the user by

2. mix. I don’t see more elegant words to describe this method. The specific operation is 1234, 1234 and B A in the text of the split split re combination, in order to achieve the purpose of "taste". But now the search engine has to identify this edge ball like the way of copying.

actually mentioned pseudo original writing, feather Shanghai dragon teacher very have their own opinions. Here I have a method according to the teacher for feather Titanic love Shanghai wiki profile to write a pseudo original for reference:

pseudo original?The ?

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