Three improve user viscosity on the website


advertising profit this is a very normal thing, but in the face of interest, we must hold sober head, don’t lose the user to make more advertising. So in terms of advertising to do pop, pop ads is a kind of advertising so that users hate the most. Secondly, advertising can not be the main xuanbing wins the phenomenon, this situation is very unfavorable to the development of the website. Google advertising page on this aspect has stepped up inspection efforts, improved algorithm, and believe in the love of Shanghai in the near future will be improved.

before the Internet is very popular in a word, that is the title of the party. It is easy to explain, a beautiful title can be how to attract users. Of course, our website for the search engine, so in the title of the writing, try to include the long tail keywords, so that it was easy to search to the user. As for the related links is when the user through the search engine into the site of the article page, an ordinary article page is very easy for users to read and then left the phenomenon. This requires us in the related links on the site, a bit. As for what kind of related links to improve user viscosity, the operation is combined with the situation. Simple text links will let users feel dull, but the picture is very easy to attract the attention of users, especially the splendid picture is even more so.

two, the title and related links

three, advertising

page layoutFigure

is a site of the author, although IP is not very large, but the ratio of PV to IP is very impressive, the reason for this form after a summary, the first point is clear page layout. I believe a clear page is easy to guide the user to the next click here, of course, some of the sites also have basic. For example, breadcrumb navigation, search box etc.. These help the user experience also have basic function, on this basis, the effect is very simple page for the user’s next click.


Control of

, a clear

, a web site can see how high viscosity, the ratio of the site with IP PV. The ratio of PV to IP, the better the viscosity. PV for ranking is influential, this point in some experimental site as a result of influence. Anyway, the bigger the PV value, the total will not be a disadvantage. The author will share how to improve the user viscosity on the website:

the above is the author to improve the website user viscosity insights, and the author of the site is because these areas have a very big PV, but IP is not very large this situation. The original article by Yiwu talent network 贵族宝贝508job贵族宝贝/, please indicate the source, thank you

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