A new method of chain recommend Web2 0 upgrade

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love Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam upgrade since it has been finalized, facing the basic quality that calm light as a webmaster should keep the webmaster. As a qualified webmaster, not on the Internet to love Shanghai abusive, and should find the reasons from their own, and the analysis of the response and long-term development direction. After Jiaxing Shanghai dragon here to share with you the next love Shanghai 622 and 628 events according to some experience and understanding of the website chain summed up.

update love Shanghai construction of the chain has become more and more Adsense headache. I personally prefer the construction of the chain blog on the Sina blog, personal feel relatively Sina for Shanghai dragon chain construction is more favorable.

reproduced process must be put on the website keywords and web site, you remember in the comments, you will soon discover the magic seconds. Shanghai dragon is a continuous process of search engine, I think one has not experienced the punishment website webmaster is not good webmaster, hope that the webmaster of the site can be better and better.

three, the construction of the chain

, thank you! A method of love Shanghai chain after


, a forum on the signature chain

Now many webmaster

forum of stationmaster of Shanghai Longfeng soft section, little dragon Shanghai knows, this is hardly an effective outside the chain, and even can be said that you do not know what is called search engine optimization.


two, no correlation between the chain

foreign chain is the understanding of the "value quantity not quality", I think this chain is the chain is invalid, the high quality of the chain A is worth 100 or more garbage outside the chain, the more difficult the chain do more high quality.

many people worry that the new Sina registered blog no weight, not included. In fact, the new registered blog to reprint some popular bloggers to write articles, reproduced in the process must pay attention to fill in your web site keywords and URL links.

A5 forum we should be very familiar with, is a webmaster communication forum BBS. But above the three "genius brother post" which is about Shanghai Longfeng, website, source, obvious to who is wide of the mark, the dog.

seconds to share with you the next love Shanghai 628 event I found:

blogSince the This is a


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