A comprehensive analysis of how to optimize the station group in 2014

observation station swarm optimization many of the personal webmaster, is to take a lot of luck, a one-time registration of domain name, then select the appropriate template start line, commonly used are foreign servers, using love Shanghai loopholes can survive much is how much can ranking is how long it is long, regardless of the future for the website, all K after repeated again in a number of new sites, as soon as possible in order to obtain rankings and flow, take some means of cheating is can hardly be avoided. This kind of stations in previous years have been mixed fast, personal webmaster can also have a high income, but with the recent love Shanghai crackdown, such living space more and more small stations, profits or even irreparable rent and the cost of the domain name server, here is not to dwell on it.

station group in the industry, I found that the decoration industry is doing the best station group, famous website, 365 Tuba rabbit, these are X group, especially the tuba rabbit is totally dependent on the basic optimization of Shanghai Dragon up, I saw them from the daily 2WIP to process daily 20WIP. You can see the difference between these random search optimization decoration site, the first of these sites on the template and there is not much difference, using the two generation pan analytical level domain name, but the site is not in a server and the IP. Secondly, the content of the website is not alone, software volume generated at the beginning of the establishment of the website, finally do not link.

therefore, the future stand swarm optimization should be:

to do brand, need to go team type, using two level domain name brand, the template can be similar.

station group has been Shanghai dragon circles controversial topic, some personal webmaster tools use software to make a station group and get a lot of money income, but more stationmaster is nothing time-consuming, a waste of money. To say is a set of multiple sites simple station group, like the crowd, but the station is in exchange for all types of websites are most likely to be K and right down to the site, and personnel factor optimization, because the collection station is usually more than 10 sites, with a person or small webmaster the company is difficult to maintain such a human cost, it can hardly be avoided must be made through the tools and software, batch acquisition, image template, mass chain link, these are the factory stations taboo, so how to optimize the station group? The following, we will analyze how to optimize the station group in 2014:


we focus on that is the regular stations do? Regular stations are generally adopt two level domain advantages, needless to say, the two level domain master and Master inheritance, can also use the number two level domain to improve the weight, in addition, the two level domain name itself does not need to record, save a lot of time and the cost of money, in addition to inherit master brand, brand influence and convenient communication. There are 58 well-known stations and go to the market this kind of classified information platform, although these two stations are pay more attention to the operation and promotion, but in fact, Shanghai dragon as well, you can look at their optimal means.

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