Shanghai dragon not spell out the trick is real

user experience from the beginning of the year has been called up to now, there are still many owners do not understand, always thought that the user experience is to do everything possible to please the user, allowing users to experience the process of Web site in convenient and comfortable. But this is only one aspect of the user experience, we must understand that we and others in the online rankings, user experience, spell spell spell experience value, after all is your web site in the fight, the fight is the site for the user is profitable, so simple. The user viscosity is not equal to the user loyalty, visitors are a "profit" in nature, and the nature of profit is who website profitable, he will go to the website which Jingdong, cheap, she would never go to Taobao, Ctrip service is good, he will not go to art dragon, non off cheap, he would not to return the net, is such a simple truth. Do it is to do the content, I like the art training site, if it is simply to do user experience, I think only in customer service and page design on a bit, but on the Internet and I like the innumerable websites. "

not only opportunistic, around the Shanghai dragon

recently myself on a new station, as if returned to the previous most painful days, every day that the hair of the chain, others work 8 hours, I only sleep for 8 hours, the rest of the time at work. Sometimes I was thinking the same is the breadwinner, why the quality of my life is so bad? But you don’t have to worry about me, I am good at self comfort, take it easy, complain and can not solve practical problems, but also in the pig view, Shanghai dragon is the real deal spell out, there is no trick, wants relying on his own cleverness in the website optimization, short-term, long-term it certainly not development, because of the love of Shanghai is too smart, you know.

every morning first site web site, check the chain, see friends and station performance, a brief summary of the work of the day before, the day began to enter the main work, this is a webmaster of life, can not say machinery, but also the repetitive work. Nowadays many graduates do not want to find a job, easy to plan to join our business owners, some also do a golden dream, the money? Do not say first, there are a few real stick? Especially for Shanghai dragon website optimization, the novice too lucky, always want to rush, or buy black chain or something about the accumulation of keywords, not seniority cannot preach you, but still want to talk about their own views, the master is made out of hard, every little bit out of the site is also saved, after joining the webmaster industry, our whole life will be only in this, how to lay a good foundation in some of the early to prepare for the future earnings. Who also don’t want to be loved to kill Shanghai? If you are lonely, or are in urgent need of money, Shanghai dragon or business owners or not to intervene the good.


user experience is the site more than one "useful"

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