The factors that affect the keywords ranking optimization

2. search preferences

and Google advertising alliance.


this is an important factor affecting the keywords ranking. The domain name history, PR, weight, included, the chain even Alexa Rankings constitute the elements.

persistence insist again! adjustment algorithm station?4.

for new sites, any one can with the old station compared (except to buy the old domain name), the only solution is to update, insist on the chain, updated regularly, the chain Limited, the accumulation of search engine trust. About 2 years, his stand has become a relatively old

Search Regional differences in

is often in the keyword search site to find their respective sites than the actual ranking, this is the typical influence factors. Some time ago I enter the keyword, ranked fifth in the Shanghai dragon "is a weight loss website for 4 days! With the first analysis, the reason is: the regional, I am in Shenzhen, this website before doing" Shenzhen Shanghai dragon "; like, during which time I am on weight loss website Shanghai Dragon, weight loss related to the search more, so this will be counted as I love Shanghai" preferences".


IP in Shenzhen, I search for any keyword such as "Basketball", containing the word "Shenzhen" is usually higher than the national ranking has certain advantages, indeed, are associated with the Shenzhen 4-7 ranking.

manual intervention

now many sites will automatically identify visitors IP determine its location, the most typical is the automatic switching network group purchase city location. Regional differences in at least two aspects: love Shanghai to judge regional site is the site containing region name, rather than the site of IP; in the case of equal competition website quality, regional sites from the region in search of the search ranking occupy advantage.

3. website weight

every update is a few happy tears, but according to the previous adjustment of the love of Shanghai, it will only pay more attention to the original.

is the most typical of each search engine PPC, in addition to the new station for Google sandbox, love Shanghai observation period, to drop right processing site will not cheat as one. If I have the same and poor and blank stationmaster, the solution can only be


search engine will record the search, and then judge the search preferences for different search tips, and even return a different page.

want to do keyword ranking, to rely on reasonable keyword repetition, high content relevance and excellent internal links, rely on foreign strong support the chain. In addition, there are many factors influence keywords ranking optimization.

The same situation also occurs in the

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