Let the owners know more about search engine habits

1. search engine spiders love in some of the weight of the website or forum to stay, so webmaster friends are posting in the forum can also bring a connection, the goal is to increase the chain and attract the search engine spiders.

2. new posts appear when the search engine spiders will first go crawl new post, you will find the crawling repeat keywords and links to posts appear to link here, the search engine spiders began to pay attention to, first of all to determine the link is safe, if the security will follow this link to get down.

search engine is a server. Know the search engine is divided into two parts: one is the statistical data of the search engine server, a collection of information search engine machine called the spider, the two indispensable, many people will see the spider and the server are mixed together, this was really true, because the search engine consists of two, but they two division is completely different. And then I will separate the server and the search engine spiders, and also with the said search engine server is how to integrate the information, only included how the spider.

4. site structure in line with the search engine spiders crawling on the site, the spider crawling, when a spider climb to open up the information information page.

3. search engine spiders to determine the connection safety will follow the link to your website, then the spiders began to look at the structure of your site is not consistent with the spider crawling.

In fact, we all know that

, a search engine spider

many webmaster use Shanghai dragon to promote their own websites, in this long road in Shanghai Longfeng a lot of people are considering how to do Shanghai dragon? The webmaster want to consider how to do well in Shanghai Longfeng, so want to learn Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization is very difficult. So if you want to learn Shanghai, we must first understand the search engine optimization habits, how the search engine website, through what way etc.. Only the basic principle to the society in order to better learn how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Here may be the webmaster in consideration, how to understand the search engine habits! Below by idsem small Hu Peibin share on the search engine to understand.

must first look at the spider, may have doubts, why don’t you say the search engine server? We want to know the search engine spider is responsible for the information collected, only the search engine spiders send messages to the search engine server will likely included and information to put out a snapshot. From the spider appears to now, the search engine spider has been in constant progress, and more and more intelligent, intelligent not only can judge the security of the website. So the search engine spiders to very strong today, but there are a lot of friends don’t know how spider is the index of our website, so down to the webmaster about how to climb the spider web.

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