Why good website conversion rate is so low

For some >

4, only for the webmaster page keyword layout optimization, the content updates are not in the station optimization. Some careful owners may also find a problem. Is a station with the popularization of the title, the content source of originality, natural search ranking, but they have their own content, but also can bring high flow through a single article. Who love to open a website to see one another to repeat the contents of

I also go to his website look a lot, or discovered a problem. The content of his site is too specialized, whether it is the title of the article, or the content of the article. Here I want to mention a little. People use the search engine is nothing but hope to be a you don’t know the answer. From the popularization of the way of thinking, harvest more data, but also can improve the conversion rate of the.

3, the station in the title is too popular, the title in the search engine is unique, is difficult to fit the popular search mode of thinking. The station is not the search engine to search the user, resulting in the station of the lack of exposure.

need some you know is:

1, the station to search engine, in order to gain the data collection, will lose lose traffic, conversion rate.


use the search engine but want is similar to the "how to do? What? Where? How many money? OK? Why? Such questions?" this kind of problem is often the most attention. Is the most attracted traffic.

site included why conversion rate is so low? With the rapid development of the Internet, use a website to make money so many IT workers tasted the sweetness. These years, a variety of websites such as copycat advertising China unique machine as overwhelming swept. But some problems ensued. Today we are going to talk about why good website conversion rate so low? I believe this is some of the webmaster friends concerned. Whether this idea is right or wrong, hope to bring some inspiration to everyone. Some of my friends often ask me, he knew that their website weight is not high, lack of competitiveness, and increase the distribution of some long tail keywords page. The construction of inside and outside the chain is also very reasonable. At the same time also increased the station for the quality of writing, of course, search engines also increased, but why not get a little boost conversion rate.

2, the station to the user, but the title is too hot, their website weight is not high, lack of competitiveness, unable to obtain a good search engine ranking.


but then again, like Sina, Tencent, Sohu and other well-known website itself has a high exposure rate, high search engine rankings, have enough traffic every day. Not updated in accordance with the popular thinking, this is no ground for blame.

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