Share the London Olympics related keyword promotion case


3, take a look at this a few words.


said, open it, I have always been sent efficiency. Arrange the team construction plans, choose 4 keywords, the precise matching budget two thousand, three creative writing, two short a long — now, not surprisingly creative writing. An hour later, on-line advertising. After the on-line data have been concerned about the situation, I remember the first time to see the data when the consumer has spent more than 700, very quickly, see the 1.36 bid (this price is almost the lowest price of the project we show), adorable, I forget this thing to explain? All changed all invalid 0.01. keywords immediately then, they show the lowest price, all correct. Then more normal, the first day only spent more than 1600 yuan, close to 2 million shows.

2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony, even did not see. The Olympic Games for two or three days, I whim, why not throw keywords investment games? I think this is because the current project, the overall ROI is also good, spend a little money, do super show, there may be some benefits for brands. I also think, is not a special Olympics? But it needs to call the resources and coordination department more, and the final effect is not very reliable, things with the leadership harass the people and waste money, even if it was made.

1, this is a generalization of account data of three days, first, second days of high display are produced on the. Look at this picture you may have questions about this

2, now the London Olympic Games show the lowest price for 30RMB, I do not know whether your account is so? – Barbara is burning money.


so high show makes me very happy, the price is very low, the ranking is also good, I was searching, from time to time to rub into the left side of the promotion link. At that time together have peace, Procter & Gamble, mini — I just search the Unicom, Sohu, net investment, is added later. To be honest with the nature of the excited ah q: We Yaya, small brands also have the spring ah! Look at later transformation and access to data, feel a bit miserable, stopped, made a total of more than 4 days. Remember this one, I just told me a year PPC burn billions of dollars of former colleagues, let him join the carnival feast. Well, it looks like, determination to join, bid: 1 yuan RMB – this is not the style of goods. On that day, I took a look at yesterday’s data show, only about 200000 of the consumption of less than 500 blocks that help extension workers is not integrity, but my 24 hours! The map look now this market how tragic! Well, here is the data on the time together to see me on the London Olympics related keywords "masterpiece":

In fact, I didn’t pay much attention to the basic

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