Product operations must see the history of the most complete APP senior promotion strategy


manufacturers are in their own brand of mobile phone in the pre store, such as Lenovo music store, HTC market, o>

Wap station: pickle, Skynet, music, book search;

China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom’s large user base, the product can be installed to the operator of the store, leveraging on the third party without the ability, if the product is good, but also can get the assistance and support. The marketing department should have a special channel Commissioner responsible for communication with operators, project tracking scheme.

operator channel: MM community, wo shops, Tianyi space, HUAWEI, Tencent Newell Cloud Application Center;

due to the early accumulation of users, the third party store has become a lot of APP traffic entrance, there are hundreds of stores nationwide third party applications. Channel specialist to prepare a lot of material, such as docking test and application market. The application of the rules of the market is not a responsible person, how to communicate with the application of the market, the accumulation of vital experience and skills. Adequate funds, can put some advertising and recommendation.

, an online channel

4. mobile phone manufacturers store

Web download station: the sky, Huajun, extraordinary, green soft;

PC: love Shanghai application, mobile phone software assistant, housekeeper;

iOS release channels: AppStore, 91 assistants, PP assistant, push synchronization, fast assistant with apple, iTools, Ace and so on, assistant free encyclopedia.

2. channel operators to promote

has recently Tienan have a lot of friends asked me how to APP in the promotion and operation on, actually method and theory are the same, the main problem is how you will these theories into your products, products are not the same, different industries are not the same, in the face of the user and the market is not the same combined with the theory of practice is the kingly way.


major mobile phone manufacturers market, third party application store, big platform, PC station, WAP station, download mobile phone collection station, mobile Internet applications recommended media etc. can cover the basic Android release channels: the first step is to promote the line, this is the most basic. Without money, only the maximum coverage. The author has spread more widely recognized products and the better the dead.

1. based on line

third party stores

Android AppStore channel: love Shanghai, Tencent, 360, Ali, HUAWEI, millet, Lenovo, Coolpad, OPPO, VIVO, Jin, Meizu, Play and other mobile phone Internet baby noble brand, pea pods, incisive, ing, PP assistant, Assistant Housekeeper, mobile phone brush


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