Dalian Website Optimization Website optimization method to share good time and effort

5. we usually issued by the chain, usually send the address, not directly send the main domain address. If the website is less, we can copy and paste, not strenuous, but if the website is much, copy and paste is also very laborious. So we can use Excel to use our website article copy the address in, we released the article, hold in Excel + drag down, can automatically generate +1 number. The copy in Notepad, replace the spaces with ctrl+h, you can create a list of articles today, is a Dalian website optimization time-saving method. This paper by Yue Fen technology 贵族宝贝52lefen贵族宝贝/xinwenredian/, reproduced please specify.

2. is actually a soft Wen also can bring a lot of traffic to your site, you can write their own soft Wen contribute to each big Adsense network, once your article was collected, will go to reprint your article very many websites, some websites are collected automatically, some web site is Shanghai dragon Er reproduction your article, so, you are not outside the chain will automatically increase. After a few hours, you can put your title of soft input to love Shanghai in a search box below to search out the ranking of the site is the weight of relatively high site, you can also put these sites as their release of the chain resources.

1. in Dalian website optimization, want to go to the chain, then we need to find the chain. How can we find the high quality of the chain resources? The website optimization network company very much, is optimized for its own website to many Internet companies do are very good, we can look at the chain of other good sites in what is web site to do, you can enter the domain in Shanghai the search box: the domain name, the chain resources so the following shows we can go to the collection. The chain resources are love Shanghai included into the cache, the weight is very high, so we can go to the chain by the high weight of the chain resources, save time and effort.

3. also attaches great importance to the video search engines, such as Sina, Youku weights are relatively high. You can download some video on the Internet, and then uploaded to Sina and Youku. Try to modify the title, the content can be inserted to a website, once the video was included, so this site will be included, this is a good outside chain resources oh.

4. a lot of people do not know, in fact, favorites is a good outside chain resources. Le Fen technology in the process of optimized website, often published articles will be added into the collection folder. So we can always check the chain we are removed, if there are a lot of the chain is deleted, the chain resources is not stable. A deleted chain formed dead links, we need time to delete the chain resources, otherwise our website is likely to be right down.

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