100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know a

1. love Shanghai every update, included in the site will reduce a lot, but every day I increased the pseudo original content of

content update and the chain can really bring traffic to the site, is mainly that the site has a good ranking in the search engine, bring traffic through the search engine, so as to achieve the conversion! Belongs to a long-term cultivation process! But get a lot of traffic, and is not limited to the search engine, reference website the most common causes of flow changes.

Google and love Shanghai algorithm is indeed different, love Shanghai artificial interference too much, but the principle is the same. As long as the content is good, not cheating, timely updates, more than the original, the quality of the chain, in any search engine, will get good rankings.

keyword crawl principle? ?

this is a frequently asked questions, we must first understand the love of Shanghai for the latest updates and update the content, judging the ranking drop, continue to do the right thing, don’t complain, don’t give up, stick to it will return to the previous even better.

3. websites are updated almost every day, the chain also has been doing recently, how always stagnant flow


in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of this or that problem, especially some new Shanghai dragon due to the limited knowledge to many places will often ask some website optimization problems, after Shanghai Longfeng time becomes longer, the knowledge accumulated slowly, before also will slowly are the answer. Here in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems is the Shanghai dragon, often asked the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problem summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of all study, the next few days I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome.



ask you to ask the boss, love Shanghai and noble baby is what the difference is not on the

2. this day Shanghai update, keywords ranking drop down, snapshot should slow down, how to do ah? We come to the emergency

this is mostly because of insufficient attention to the Shanghai website weight lead to love you; the other is the quality is not high, no readability is original or too low, despite the love of Shanghai will be included, but after an update may be too high is eliminated, the quality of your collection, the higher the likelihood of; and web page is the high repetition, love Shanghai updated directly delete duplicate content; of course it is also possible to love Shanghai’s own algorithm to update your website, some of the articles are affected by the update.

next to the theme of the following 100 questions must know the website optimization Shanghai Dragon (1):

5. love sea K website, may I ask how to get to the.


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