Love the sea K station are rational and relatively extreme crazy


, I found it in this period of time. Many domestic Shanghai dragon master are not involved in this kind of thing, take a look at the most lively, and even in the waves, I think they are anxious to webmasters and love against Shanghai.

There is no doubt that


yes, love Shanghai! Love Shanghai only light to a complaint entrance. Even apologies are basically collapse of most webmaster front. Now, still crazy and love against the Shanghai

crazy action is to let the network on the topic of the overwhelming information. Love Shanghai really feel the pressure. Finally, the opening of a website can make complaints to way to restore the site, for a long time before this, love has given any response to cocoa? It also shows that the pressure plays a role. The webmaster behavior has been paid attention to

virtuous, this is the love of Shanghai current practice. At the beginning of July to the present, many webmaster spontaneously organized, began to love Shanghai war. The main way is through the malicious click love Shanghai PPC website, in the hope of those sites to stop advertising, to put pressure on Shanghai to love. Have to say, this is a kind of madness.

Because of

however, in countless stationmaster directly to love Shanghai war. I saw more crazy. Don’t let love directly Shanghai spiders crawl? We must resolutely and love Shanghai against the slogan of Khan’s buzzing. But the means but also just crazy click on a medical, machinery industry website ranking.

download the attachment (128.11 KB)

there is no doubt that the Shanghai K station acts of love, has made countless stationmaster began crazy. In June 28th, millions of people uneasy, restlessness, but still endured. After several days, love Shanghai but still did not give the webmaster a statement, love Shanghai already forgotten, is countless stationmaster support, really let love become the current search engine China Shanghai ace. This time, I saw the crazy, and a few of the reason.

, many people have begun to study the new algorithm in Shanghai love this time. Shanghai love what exactly do? Obviously, these things, in the professional Shanghai dragon eyes, is the most important. Get changed to love Shanghai, well, this is the king. This is a rational face.

this is the status quo.

the profit is


, a head of the crazy

webmaster and how much?Two, to learn the essence of the But

22:48 yesterday upload


but obviously, many owners did not do this. Just hope to change their love in Shanghai. Then you >

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