Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER algorithm frequent adjustments to hold live

in February 2012, love Shanghai algorithm adjust the abnormal effect caused by the adjustment of algorithm frequent, mainly focus on medical classes, education classes, training classes for those sites; optimization over the site batch right down, there are a few sites survive, rise before the ranking is not ideal site appears on the front page!

, I suggest you Shanghai Longfeng ER to hold live, not because of frequent adjustment of love in Shanghai, the website ranking fluctuations in the moment and mess, or should be in accordance with their own plans to do daily updates, the construction of the chain, the search engine is not likely to abandon a day with "fresh blood" website.

love Shanghai adjustment algorithm since love Shanghai was established there, every website ranking fluctuations, Shanghai dragon ER in various forums, blogs on their love Shanghai algorithm to adjust how, how do you see these hot articles, there is no said stop web content update to stop the construction of the chain, discussion, in fact, to the final conclusion, or that a content + chain;


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I took to do the medical industry site from April last year, due to the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng dependence is very high, they also increase the degree of concern to love Shanghai, love Shanghai every time adjustment, I will record and analysis; through the observation of nearly a year, I found that every time before and after the noble baby PR update this time, the love of Shanghai will make a strong response, especially in some of Shanghai, a relatively high dependence on industry last year, love Shanghai frequent adjustments, also occurred two times, so I think love Shanghai’s recent frequent adjustments, should be of noble baby in a response to the Lantern Festival PR update.


recently, I also pay attention to change has been ranked in the website, found some strange phenomenon, for example: the word "Wuhan plastic surgery hospital", is a very competitive incentive keywords, currently ranked first since it is an open website, the index ranked second sites in Shanghai dragon is not how, but the two stations have a common point, the domain name for a long period, there are five to six years, we can see that love Shanghai for the old domain is very care; but I think love is not the end of the adjustment of Shanghai, Shanghai will not allow a love not open this website to get good rankings, and is a competitive industry station;

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for the love Shanghai frequent adjustment algorithm, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Du ice to talk about his own views:

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