How to look at the search engine optimization and user experience of the difference

and UE in Shanghai Longfeng need as soon as possible to enter the website of vision

in addition to the scope of the outside obviously different between the two, another well-known conflict lies in Shanghai dragon and user experience in emphasizing service in different visitors. Shanghai dragon often or basically concentrated in machine or machine for the optimization algorithm, which is the search engine and sorting algorithm, and the user experience is obviously not a spider feel put more effort. The conflict of these two views can be coordinated? Experience decisions together, experience no boundaries, seem to experience should dominate the Shanghai dragon, but in the long run but not so.

user experience?

from the actual operation level, in fact, in addition to some obvious extreme or not too formal Shanghai dragon means, essence of the vast majority of Shanghai dragon skills and UE does not conflict with the practice opportunity won’t as legend or practice understanding so much conflict. At the same time, the fact is that. There are many great websites on the Internet, in addition to fully meet the needs of users, can also search engine based on the enough attention, and to obtain the rich income. After all, we all know that the user centered, all else will follow (a baby贵族宝贝/corporate/tenthings.html).

experience not only from the user to access the site in

at first glance, the natural search engine optimization and user experience design seems to be not what common case. Indeed, Shanghai dragon are more concerned about how to through the search engine can bring traffic, the long-term stability of the network is that the appropriate page through the appropriate keywords in the search engine has a better ranking, then show and submit the relevant retrieval needs of the user, and the user to the site. But the user experience is in fact more concerned with the user on the site, what has been done in the website. So it seems, in general, the user at the site before, which belongs to the Shanghai dragon, then, once the user reaches the site, so they belong to the scope of the

in the online marketing a variety of means, Shanghai dragon is considered a more reliable, although occasionally there will be some people resort to deceit to stir, and maybe get some success, which is why Shanghai dragon has been inseparable from the evaluation and get both praise and blame. However, no >

as the user experience by proponents of that experience is everything, and not far from the user experience to arrive at the site, apparently also not end when the user leaves the site. The user experience should be very concerned about how to get to the site visitors, apparently also should pay attention to the website to give visitors online and offline experience know, also, Shanghai dragon should also pay attention to reach users of the site is especially practical significance, the visitor experience directly determines whether it will visit the site again, in the long run at the same time, it also determines the ultimate fate of the website of Shanghai Longfeng effect.

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