Example Site domain name is not on the method page keywords ranking all decreased

hard work pays off, and now I stand back to the first site domain name, the original keyword ranking also recovers to the home page, the position of the first point the day and await for it. Experience: in the event of a problem during the day I only do three things: 1, check the chain and inside the dead link; 2, just like before day 2 articles (original); 3, released the chain domain name only with WWW and only go to high weight website chain (A5 for release, classification of information station). Hope to help troubled is this issue webmaster, to tell the truth in the period right down that I once thought of giving up, but the fact is that I do Shanghai Longfeng with do other things "did not fall, as long as you work hard" site optimization can Difficult miscellaneous diseases as long as the webmaster, insisted that victory is forever not wait for us. The first A5, www.clczzc贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please specify the source of

was found in eleventh, when the heart is not the taste, after all, do stand has been used in several key technology and white love in Shanghai was also stable for more than a year, from second days to start with his comrades to "drop right" reason removed my link to change it all, nobody, in search of this site it is what reason, I found a friend chain station display "loveless Shanghai snapshot" immediately put it to withdraw; only released the news page chain long time, resulting in more than the home page weight. In the next month I still insist every day update site article 2, article and home address, I chose to go outside the chain of high quality publishing platform, such as A5. To my 26 home station site back to third, the main keywords are returning to less than 100.

when the position of the domain name




if site is not in the first long time domain, will bring great distress to the webmaster friends for their Links Gesanchaiwu was removed, but the time to exchange links with other people is to pour cold water, this time we should not be lost, but to take the initiative to analyze what is the reason. Take my own business a year and a half to the analysis.

in early October, there seems to be a website home page are not site in the first place, as is the case with the domain name site I ran to second pages or so have a lot of friends, this problem also plagued me more than a month, I am here to remind the webmaster friends of this kind of problem should be to deal with a common heart meet, look for reasons. The station after a month of hard work finally solved the problem.


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