Talk about the views of the four point on the exchange Links

here I mainly talk about four points, friends of the chain

, find relevant to our website industry chain.

this time to see the other side of the web site is included, if the other site contains less than 10 it is necessary to pay attention to, look at each other is right to be reduced by K or, if the exchange chain with such a station, our station is likely to be implicated, then it is not to and there is a look at the snapshot snapshot, at least not half a month later, I think this is their own, some people think it is a month, like my own chain stand, if the snapshot stay in half a month before.

set out to find the high quality from the four points

three, the website included quantity and snapshot time

? The number of

the other chain is also very important, when looking for friends of the chain to analyze the other friends of the chain how many, if more than 35 words is not necessary in the exchange links, even if the other side of the PR than you, it is not necessary, because such sites are easier to love Shanghai is the factory and link weight transfer is dispersed, can not give much weight, if such a chain is K or drop right, then our own station will be involved, so the station should as far as possible to avoid the exchange chain, if you really feel that the other side of the PR is tempted to change it.

now for friends of the chain also pay attention to a good match, your website is what type, then look for friends of the chain also want to find what type, such as your website is the website construction of the class, then you have to find a class the other is the website construction, so it is more friendly to search engines. We are all in the same industry station, so the search engine weight transfer has a relatively big help, so how to find the counterparts of the friends of the chain? Here to tell you a trick, is through your Links the Links to find this range is very large, is a geometric figure the growth of chain, the scope was picked. I am looking for friends of the chain is through this way to find. Of course, can also be through the love of Shanghai. But the chance through love the way Shanghai can turnover is not high, this is my experience.

Effect of

two, the other friends of the chain number

chain links on the web site is relatively large, may sometimes take a decisive factor, if there is exchange of friends of the chain of friends should know that a good friend chain can bring a lot of high quality YAHOO outside the chain, and the high quality of the chain of keywords ranking from an immeasurable effect I have been analyzed, such a station, Shanghai love chain little, 1200, search engines have dozens, but the number is very good, what’s the reason? The reason lies in his strong chain website YAHOO, YAHOO outside the chain of thousands, and most are of high quality YAHOO the chain. Said so much, a lot of people should be the heart of it, then I find someone to change link, change link right, but should know how to get high quality Links

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