Horse incident in Gozo – allegations of animal cruelty being investigated

first_imgThe Police are investigating the alleged animal cruelty on a horse that transpired during a witness’ testimony in Court. This was stated by Minister for Home Affairs Michael Farrugia whilst he was replying to a parliamentary question made by MP Anton Refalo during a sitting at the House of Representatives.The incident is supposed to have happened in July 2018 when a 72-year-old Victoria resident was trampled by a horse whilst she was crossing the road during the traditional St’ George’s horse race in the Gozo capital. In this accident, the woman suffered from grievous injuries.Woman trampled by horse in GozoMinister Farrugia explained that during a testimony in May 2019, allegations of animal cruelty were made by the victim of the 2018 accident. The minister did not specify if the witness was referring to the horse involved in her case or not. However, he added that if the Police find enough proof they will be taking the necessary steps to prosecute.Meanwhile, criminal procedures were taken in regard to the jockey of the horse involved in the incident with the septuagenarian. Such procedures are still pending.Court disapproves of street horse racesMP Anton Refalo then asked the Minister for Home Affairs the reason behind the non-identification of the horse involved and why the Executive Police is still unaware of its whereabouts, and insisted that this is a clear case of animal cruelty. Minister Farrugia replied that the jockey and the horse had been identified but that the Police had no animal cruelty or doping reports.MP Refalo further asked why no report to open an inquest was filed from the Investigations Offices with the Magistrate on Duty. To this, Minister Farrugia replied that the Police did not inform the Magistrate as no crime carrying a sentence of more than three years in jail was committed and that the victim of the incident was not fighting for her life. He concluded his reply by saying that there was no need to act against a high Police Official because he did not make an immediate report to the Magistrate.WhatsApp <a href=’” alt=”last_img” />

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