Enermax develops case fans that clean themselves

first_imgCase fans are good at keeping your computer running at optimal temperatures. They’re also good at sucking up dust and getting themselves nice and dirty.Dust build-up on blades can seriously mess with a fan’s ability to move air. Even a thin coating can dramatically reduce efficiency. Cracking open your case and swabbing your fans down every now and then is a good idea. An even better one is replacing them with fans that clean themselves.The new D.F. Vegas fans from Enermax can actually do that (the D.F. stands for dust free). When your PC is powered on and the fans are keeping it cool, they spin one way. When you power your system on or wake it up, they momentarily spin themselves in the opposite direction at high speed to shake off any dust that’s built up on the blades.If you prefer to keep things spic and span, that’s easy to do with the D.F. Vegas fans, too. The blades pop off easily so that you can wipe them down outside of your case.These aren’t Enermax’s first self-cleaning fans. Earlier this year they unveiled the D.F. Pressure, which also reverse thrust to battle dust. The D.F. Vegas fans are different because, well, they light up like the Strip at nighttime and can be used as a general purpose fan anywhere in your case.There are actually two different Vegas models. The Vegas Duo has both red and green LEDs, while the Vegas only has blue. Both have the same lighting modes, though. You can light them up all the time, make them flash or sparkle, or put them in Vegas mode — which cycles through all three modes to attract tourists, gamblers, and Elvis impersonators.last_img

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