Super Mario Bros get serious in hilarious indieesque SXSW trailer

first_imgThe Interactive part of the South by Southwest’s festival may be over, but we’re in the midst of the film section now. The film series, which runs from March 11 to March 19, offers a unique venue for filmmakers to show their work, and listen to world-class speakers discuss the latest filmmaking trends. According to SXSW, the “truly diverse program … includes provocative documentaries, subversive comedies, DIY narratives, genre standouts and more.” The “and more” area is where we find an extremely funny film about our dear friend Mario.SXSW airs shorts, called “bumpers” between some of its screenings, and “Mario,” by Joe Nicolosi, shows a twist on Mario’s classic struggles, complete will all the cliches you’d expect to find in an artsy, indie movie. The quick 2-minute-long video is more like a movie trailer. It shows Mario dealing with drug abuse with his mushroom dependency, a broken heart after losing Peach to Bowser, and arguing with his brother Luigi about missing work. Yes, they’re still plumbers, not hipsters who work in a coffee shop or sell screen prints.Seeing Bowser portrayed as an “yuppie” telling Mario that his princess is in another castle is pretty hilarious. We also see Mario being a creepy stalker and surprising Peach at night in her bedroom. When she asks who’s there, Mario responds with puffy red eyes, “It’s me, Mario.” There’s a nice Mario Kart reference in between Luigi telling his brother to stay off the mushrooms, and the shot of the little Power-Star pills Mario holds in his hand that will make him invincible. There’s even a nod to Fear and Loathing while Mario’s tripping and sees people in a bar with turtle heads. And let’s not forget the Mario’s Missing reference that comes from Peach’s concerned voice.Check out the video below and let us know what you think.last_img

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