PCP: Beasts of the north, Cutler or Rodgers?

first_imgEric Wiegmann – Jay Cutler is awesomeBears down. With an injury plagued roster, the last few weeks of the season look pretty bleak. But, putting the horrors of a Caleb Hanie-directed offense behind us, it’s time to look to the future, a brighter future.That brightness emanates from one Jay Cutler.Even though he’s currently under the weather, a healthy Jay is no doubt the best quarterback touching the upper Mississippi. Now, before your head explodes in a splatter of cheddar cheese, hear me out.Yes, Jay Cutler may be slightly inferior to cheesehead QB counterparts in the numbers column with a 19-point deficit in his QB rating, no Superbowl ring and a 1-3 record versus the Pack.But, where he excels over Rodgers is in two ways: the lady-charming division and not being a jackass.Jay Cutler recently wooed his way back into Kristen Cavallari’s life and put a ring on it, for a SECOND time. Billiard.Unfortunately for Rodgers, the ladies are not his strong point. Resorting to a childhood crush, Rodgers is rumored to be dating Destiny Newton. Two words: tramp stamp. I guess that is something to championship belt to, right?Whether it’s a championship belt or a tramp stamp belt (no, literally it wraps around to her stomach), Chicago will be singing “Cutty Come Back” for the rest of the season.Welcome to Aaron Rodgers’ neighborhood; it’s the bestOk, let’s be real, is this even a question?Jay Cutler, better than Aaron Rodgers? Excuse me while I pass out from laughing.Cutler may have shown some of his worth this year leading the Bears to some decisive wins over Atlanta, New Orleans and Detroit, not to mention a mid-season six-game win streak, and is apparently essential to Chicago’s success given the three-game losing streak they’re currently on without him.But everyone saw these two quarterbacks face off in one of the most important games of last season. It was Rodgers who led the Packers to a National Football Conference title and ultimately a Super Bowl victory.Aaron boasts a 103.7 career passer rating with 16,848 yards and 126 touchdowns.Jay has a measly 84.5 career passer rating and 117 touchdowns, but does outpace Rodgers for 18,283 yards.End of argument.Also, Rodgers has led Green Bay to an undefeated season so far and 19-straight wins stretching back to last year.What has Cutler done? Been a little pussy.In the NFC Championship Game last season, he suffered a knee injury, sidelining him for much of the second half.Now I’m no football player, but I know guys are constantly suffering injuries and playing through them. When your Super Bowl hopes are on the line, you find a way to play through it. Seriously. And a sulky Cutler does not make for an interesting sideline shot, Fox Sports.Aaron Rodgers is far and away the better quarterback on the field and in the lady-charming division.last_img

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