Bob Dylan Shares Rehearsal Recording Of 1980 “Every Grain Of Sand”

first_imgIn 1978, Bob Dylan spent a great deal of time writing gospel tunes, many of which never made it on record simply because there wasn’t enough time to release them all. Most of the unrecorded songs lived on gospel tours from 1979 to 1981 (that eventually turned into bootlegs), or they never left the rehearsal room at all. Now in 2017, Bob Dylan is gearing up to release the songs from his spiritual period in the upcoming box set Trouble No More – The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981. Following the release of “Making A Liar Out Of Me,” which never made it out of a rehearsal room, and rehearsal version of “Slow Train,” Dylan shares the another single from the box set: “Every Grain Of Sand.” This particular recording was taken from a September 26, 1980 session for Shot Of Love.“Every Grain Of Sand” will be featured in a six disc set from Bob Dylan’s gospel era to be released on November 3, 2017. The box set will feature both studio and live recordings, including two discs of rare and unreleased outtakes and rehearsal recordings, from this era to place Dylan in his own period of sound, creativity, and ultimate mastery.Listen to 1980’s outtake of “Every Grain Of Sand” below:Check out some of the other recordings from the upcoming compilation below: Trouble No More – The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-198Disc 1: LiveSlow Train (Nov. 16, 1979)Gotta Serve Somebody (Nov. 15, 1979)I Believe in You (May 16, 1980)When You Gonna Wake Up? (July 9, 1981)When He Returns (Dec. 5, 1979)Man Gave Names to All the Animals (Jan. 16, 1980)Precious Angel (Nov. 16, 1979)Covenant Woman (Nov. 20, 1979)Gonna Change My Way of Thinking (Jan. 31, 1980)Do Right to Me Baby (Do Unto Others)(Jan. 28, 1980)Solid Rock (Nov. 27, 1979)What Can I Do for You? (Nov. 27, 1979)Saved (Jan. 12, 1980)In the Garden (Jan. 27, 1980)Disc 2: LiveSlow Train (June 29, 1981)Ain’t Gonna Go to Hell for Anybody (Unreleased song – Apr. 24, 1980)Gotta Serve Somebody (July 15, 1981)Ain’t No Man Righteous, No Not One (Unreleased song – Nov. 16, 1979)Saving Grace (Nov. 6, 1979)Blessed Is the Name (Unreleased song – Nov. 20, 1979)Solid Rock (Oct. 23, 1981)Are You Ready? (Apr. 30, 1980)Pressing On (Nov. 6, 1979)Shot of Love (July 25, 1981)Dead Man, Dead Man (June 21, 1981)Watered-Down Love (June 12, 1981)In the Summertime (Oct. 21, 1981)The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar (Nov. 13, 1980)Caribbean Wind (Nov. 12, 1980)Every Grain of Sand (Nov. 21, 1981)Disc 3: Rare and UnreleasedSlow Train (Soundcheck – Oct. 5, 1978)Do Right to Me Baby (Do Unto Others)(Soundcheck – Dec. 7, 1978)Help Me Understand (Unreleased song – Oct. 5, 1978)Gonna Change My Way of Thinking (Rehearsal – Oct. 2, 1979)Gotta Serve Somebody (Outtake – May 4, 1979)When He Returns (Outtake – May 4, 1979)Ain’t No Man Righteous, No Not One (Unreleased song – May 1, 1979)Trouble in Mind (Outtake – April 30, 1979)Ye Shall Be Changed (Outtake – May 2, 1979)Covenant Woman (Outtake –February 11, 1980)Stand by Faith (Unreleased song – Sept. 26, 1979)I Will Love Him (Unreleased song – Apr. 19, 1980)Jesus Is the One (Unreleased song – Jul. 17, 1981)City of Gold (Unreleased song – Nov. 22, 1980)Thief on the Cross (Unreleased song – Nov. 10, 1981)Pressing On (Outtake – Feb. 13, 1980)Disc 4: Rare and UnreleasedSlow Train (Rehearsal – Oct. 2, 1979)Gotta Serve Somebody (Rehearsal – Oct. 9, 1979)Making a Liar Out of Me (Unreleased song – Sept. 26, 1980)Yonder Comes Sin (Unreleased song – Oct. 1, 1980)Radio Spot January 1980, Portland, OR showCover Down, Pray Through (Unreleased song – May 1, 1980)Rise Again (Unreleased song – Oct. 16, 1980)Ain’t Gonna Go to Hell for Anybody (Unreleased song – Dec. 2, 1980)The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar (Outtake – May 1, 1981)Caribbean Wind (Rehearsal – Sept. 23, 1980)You Changed My Life (Outtake – April 23, 1981)Shot of Love (Outtake – March 25, 1981)Watered-Down Love (Outtake – May 15, 1981)Dead Man, Dead Man (Outtake – April 24, 1981)Every Grain of Sand (Rehearsal – Sept. 26, 1980)Disc 5 – Live in Toronto 1980Gotta Serve Somebody (April 18, 1980)I Believe In You (April 18, 1980)Covenant Woman (April 19, 1980)When You Gonna Wake Up? (April 18, 1980)When He Returns (April 20, 1980)Ain’t Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (Unreleased song – April 18, 1980)Cover Down, Pray Through (Unreleased song – April 19, 1980)Man Gave Names To All The Animals (April 19, 1980)Precious Angel (April 19, 1980)Disc 6 – Live in Toronto 1980Slow Train (April 18, 1980)Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)(April 20, 1980)Solid Rock (April 20, 1980)Saving Grace (April 18, 1980)What Can I Do For You? (April 19, 1980)In The Garden (April 20, 1980)Band Introductions (April 19, 1980)Are You Ready? (April 19, 1980)Pressing On (April 18, 1980)Disc 7 – Live in Earl’s Court, London – June 27, 1981Gotta Serve SomebodyI Believe In YouLike A Rolling StoneMan Gave Names To All The AnimalsMaggie’s FarmI Don’t Believe YouDead Man, Dead ManGirl From The North CountryBallad Of A Thin ManDisc 8 – Live in Earl’s Court – London – June 27, 1981Slow TrainLet’s BeginLenny BruceMr. Tambourine ManSolid RockJust Like A WomanWatered-Down LoveForever YoungWhen You Gonna Wake UpIn The GardenBand IntroductionsBlowin’ In The WindIt’s All Over Now, Baby BlueKnockin’ On Heaven’s DoorDisc 9: Bonus DVDTrouble No More – A Musical FilmDVD EXTRAS:Shot of LoveCover Down, Pray ThroughJesus Met the Woman at the Well (Alternate version)Ain’t Gonna Go to Hell for Anybody (Complete version)Precious Angel (Complete version)Slow Train (Complete version)last_img

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