Pharmaceutical B2C need to break the four major constraints need to carefully nurture new markets

with more and more enterprises into the field of medicine, pharmaceutical B2C contains tremendous prospects are also beginning to be the depth of excavation: according to Chinese Pharmaceutical (600056, shares) Commercial Association released data show that in 2010, the scale of Chinese drug retail market was 173 billion 900 million yuan, while net sales just billions of dollars, accounting for less than 0.1%. In contrast, in 2010 the United States reached a retail network of pharmaceutical products reached $170 billion, accounting for nearly 30% of the overall drug retail scale. Although the future of the field of medicine B2C has a broad imagination, but experts believe that only overcome the four constraints of the pharmaceutical industry B2C in order to get the expected development.

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Double 11 electricity supplier war prospective war heroes Lv Bu

from the "double 11" in less than a week’s time, although this online shopping festival was first put forward and promote the establishment of the Alibaba, but with the China from export-oriented economy to change consumer economy, people’s consumption patterns and habits change, "double 11" content and meaning are constantly upgrading and gradually evolved into a national consumer and consumer businesses to participate in the carnival.

Alibaba in order to consolidate its dominant position in the double 11 celebration, each year will be carefully planned new gameplay and burst point, to guide the consumer trends and trends, this year is no exception. Not only will be held early proposed double 11 party in November 10th, with consumer interactive, multi screen experience as the core element, the node is rendered into a comparable gala event of the year, Ma to pull the multinational envoys rally site, let double 11 out of the country to become the world’s read more

When the goods have snack spree nternet taste national annual long what kind of

Abstract: to create a "year." IP cooperation with the creative subject subdivision consumer scene, build brand with beautiful gift packaging, taking advantage of the last wave of "new year before the stockpile wave, leisure snacks brands are snatch special purchases for the Spring Festival market this big cake gift box.



network operators in the world by Liang Zhouqian

busy special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival has just concluded, the online gift box "to fight" special purchases for the Spring Festival are still in the climax stage. Today, consumers have to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival more and more young, tastes are becoming more and more elusive, well versed in the marketing of the road leisure snacks brand early stockpile stocking, scene of the marketing competition with "taste". read more

Taobao Tmall to enter Taiwan import and export of small and medium enterprises and individuals


technology news at noon on August 25th news, according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that Taobao university president Chen Qingtan, director of Tmall International Business Week Lanben week to participate in the seminar, the hope that the introduction of Taiwan small and medium-sized enterprises and individual buyers in Taobao and Tmall platform.

, according to reports, Chen Qingtan, Zhou Lan is expected tomorrow (26) to attend the seminar. Chen Qingtan will be in Taiwan small and medium enterprises in the future trend of e-commerce, the title of the speech, Zhou Lan to Alibaba from the perspective of how to help Taiwan sellers into the world as the theme, with the seller to communicate Taiwan. In addition, Zhou Lan will also meet with the media in Taiwan on Wednesday to share the industrial opportunities brought about by the Tmall international operation mode". Chen Qingtan and Zhou Lan will also call on Yuan Ze University, discuss cooperation matters related to teaching. read more

Taobao’s home O2O dream can do it Who is the biggest enemy

eat crab on the domestic Ali O2O, BT will follow

?Who is the biggest enemy of

Taobao O2O


following a taxi, catering, entertainment, recently, Taobao officially launched the mobile home O2O service platform – living.

this should be the first to enter the field so that put up a pageantry of the giants, although Ali and Tencent in the taxi, catering and other aspects of the fight over, but in the field of economics, there is no decent rival Ali, is the first to eat crab "".

home O2O potential is much?

2010 Shanghai family 8 million 250 thousand households, if the use of domestic service families account for 1/3, will be more than 3 million households. If the average household consumption per household reached 1000 yuan (including nanny, end workers, hourly workers, etc.), the total market capacity of Shanghai alone will be more than $3 billion. read more

Far Fung Group rural electricity supplier development has three major problems

for a long time, because the rural market is fragmented, unable to form a scale, it is difficult to effectively penetrate the traditional physical network, which led directly to the rural market looks great, is actually unable to start.

with the emergence and development of the rural electricity supplier, the decentralized management and long tail market with solutions in many places is the rural electricity supplier as the county’s economic development an important engine and to achieve an important starting point for precise poverty alleviation.

according to iResearch predicted that in 2016 the total online shopping market in rural areas will exceed 460 billion yuan.

it was predicted that the rural electricity supplier market space should be in the scale of one hundred thousand. read more

Electricity supplier of the new blue ocean rural spring light infinite good

sent a micro-blog yesterday: [blue ocean electricity market in the rural business environment now] a piece of the Red Sea, I think in the current differentiated business opportunities? In fact, rural product is a big blue ocean, if the electricity supplier docking, it can create a blue ocean market, go to the countryside do I think that business is a trend, the development of "virgin land" feel good! Do you think of


this blog one, flooding, received many dissenting opinions and views, so I think it is necessary to write a short essay to express my point of view, this article is pure Hu spray version, I think which wrote which, after all, if you go to the countryside to do business, I also considered to the agriculture policy do contribution, if in the village crazy, I am even more happy, less of a strong competitor. read more

Pat micro shop will become Ali’s nightmare

    Wen / Zhuang Shuai

Now the

C2C platform, it can be said that Taobao has dominated the monopoly market share, but this does not mean that the industry norms and mature, fake, fake goods, scalper, and so on the terms of overlord for businesses and consumers interests are potential threats, and even these "business sin" are becoming more become aggravated, let things drift, no substantive norms of behavior control. The old horse say they want to build a "new commercial civilization", but after the successful listing to Chinese business very big encouragement, we see the "civilization" is indeed not much.

Since the

the second pat Network incorporated from early July to Jingdong and independent development platform, from the rules, flow distribution system, resources and other aspects although there is no direct war with Taobao, but is always in the position of tit for tat. Especially in the recent fiery pat micro shop, a low-key beta strong launch, is on Taobao’s first "open" attitude, and the Tencent and the Jingdong do pat out endorsement signs, with a natural three absolute advantage. read more

Ya Tang electricity supplier double 12 home online shopping special surprise

November 2016 in the "north south snow, dew waist" days, quietly coming to an end, but on the recent past business at the double eleven online shopping Carnival lingering sound, business / frequent, dazzling discounts seckill dropping consumers are staying up late, grab seize every coupon preferential opportunity this year eleven the total turnover of over 100 billion new high electricity supplier, a few years from the electricity supplier constantly refresh the turnover, online shopping, the limelight is definitely the climax.

in the upcoming December, Ya Tang Home Furnishing also launched its own Ya Tang "shuangshier" Shopping Festival, this is in line with the electricity supplier development trend and a meet consumer demand. It is reported that ya Tang twelve Home Furnishing online shopping festival will be held from December 1, 2016 to 12, offers a number of activities carried out during the period, mainly in the Home Furnishing activities online shopping, limited coupon and VIP membership payment, and send new gift for new registered users during the event to focus on WeChat or micro-blog Ya Tang of the new and old customers and reward coupons. read more

Look at how the food e commerce website profit

Forecast China online shopping market trends 2007-2011 report "data and research show that

according to iResearch launched" at this stage, C2C shopping market is still the main power network shopping market growth, but the research iResearch expects that with the development of B2C platform, traditional retailers online sales business with more and more attention the online retail website, after a period of exploration has been basically across technical and operational barriers, will drive the B2C market started the explosive growth in 2009. With the gradual increase in the share of the B2C shopping market, iResearch consulting is expected to increase the proportion of B2C e-commerce will rise from 7.7% in 2007 to $31% in 2011.

The trend of

in the development of the industry, in August 2008, over more than half a century old central enterprises COFCO group’s China only a professional food B2C website "I buy network" officially launched operations, marked COFCO has opened up a new strategy to complete in early 2009 Changning COFCO chairman Ning Gao the proposed "to build the whole industry chain food giant" goals and ideas. read more