Xining honest holiday measures hard

In order to further implement the central eight provisions and the provincial and municipal relevant implementing measures to strengthen the style construction during the Spring Festival and leading cadres honest self-discipline, and resolutely stop extravagance and waste and extravagant pleasures such as the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection from unwholesome tendencies, education, system and supervision in three aspects, to take effective measures to ensure that all levels of cadres holidays.

Xining 400 thousand file management will have local regulations

April 3rd, the seventeenth executive meeting of the municipal government to consider the adoption of the Xining Municipal Archives Management Regulations (Draft) has been submitted to the Municipal People’s Congress for consideration, which is the first file Xining local regulations. At the same time, the "Xining archives management regulations (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations" (Draft)) a number of content in the city’s archives work are the first, will further promote the city’s scientific development of archival undertakings.

file is the history of footprints, experience summary, is an important social resources and valuable wealth. Archival undertaking is an important part of social undertakings, and archival work is closely related to national economy and social development. At present, the city has the city, district (county) two national comprehensive archives (Museum), the 8 professional archives, the management of the city’s nearly 400 thousand volumes (volume) files and information. Since the implementation of the archives management measures of Xining Municipality in 2001, it has played an important role in regulating the archives management of our city. However, with the continuous development of our economy and social undertakings, we have put forward more and more requirements for the economic and social development of archival work. Such as the formation of a large number of electronic information storage and management in the construction of information technology, the bankruptcy of enterprises, temporary agencies, intermediary organizations, such as the attribution of the management of the lack of a viable legal basis. read more

Xining strive to three years of private investment

in order to enhance the economic strength of Xining city and the development of private economy development plan to double the implementation of Xining City, by the end of 2015, the city’s private enterprises more than 17000 households; the city’s private economy added value of more than 60 billion yuan, increasing the proportion of the city’s GDP to 45%; private investment more than 90 billion yuan, and strive to reach 100 billion yuan; the city’s private enterprises patent applications for more than 1300 pieces of patents reached more than 700.

Xining City, before the formal introduction of the development of the private economy in Xining city "doubling plan" put forward clearly, to the end of 2015, the number of employment of private enterprises in the city exceeded 210 thousand people, and strive to reach 220 thousand people; the city’s private enterprise tax revenue exceeded 9 billion yuan, and strive to reach 10 billion yuan. read more

Wang Guosheng in the province two study to do a report on the progress of learning and education co

9 26, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng chaired the "two a" learning progress report will emphasize the spirit, we should study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai’s important speech throughout the "two a" learning the whole process of the education, strengthen guidance, strengthen the public opinion, promoting the work continuously to promote the province "two do" education achieved tangible results.

Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee attended the meeting of


Wang Guosheng in his speech fully affirmed the previous stage of our province, "two learning and doing" learning and learning achievements. He pointed out that the province’s party members in the "two a" learning education, learn the Party Constitution Party and Learning Series speech to unify, combine and learn important speech of General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai through learning, the more firm political stance, political direction more clear, "Four Consciousness" more firmly. To grasp the party building and promote the development of the combination, the general secretary of Qinghai when he visited the proposed four solid major requirements of the specific. To adhere to the problem oriented, guide the majority of Party members and cadres to solve the practical problems in the standard of qualified party members stand up, the image of qualified party members. read more

Qinghai Grand Theater staged a Russian style repertoire Red Star dancing Swan Dance

red star singing and dancing

I love you China, I love you china……" The evening of January 7th, "forever Red Star" to the Chinese song "I love you China," the opening, the artists one opening, won thunderous applause from the audience. From time to time the audience exclaimed, "for the first time to listen to so many Russian friends sing such a standard Chinese song, too wonderful." After the Russian army staged dance, dance, dance and other Russian Cossack army seaman, both the magnificent atmosphere, write and draw freely as one wishes, and the Russian national passion. The audience in the rhythm of the rhythm of the rhythm of the music, applause after another, the excitement of the entire theater.

is reported that the Russian Red Army Red Star Song and dance ensemble was founded in 1977, is an army song and dance ensemble, and the Ministry of the Red Army Song and dance troupe, Alexander red flag song and dance ensemble and known as the three largest Russian art. The red star has absorbed the Russian army and the most talented young people, creating a unique style of performance, become the art group currently Russia’s most powerful and energetic, including choir, band, dance and soloists, nearly 350 people. The song and dance troupe has also participated in the celebration of the return of Hongkong in 1997 and a special performance, and its high performance has received a lot of praise. read more

Qinghai Province high end innovative talent thousand people plan the implementation of the introdu

to promote the implementation of thousands of high-end innovative talents plan to regulate the introduction and training of high-end innovative talent work program to promote the province’s economic and social development of high-end creative talent team building. Recently, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department in conjunction with the Provincial Department of human resources and social security and other 16 units to develop the introduction of the Qinghai Province, the top ten thousand people plan to implement the detailed rules.

the "implementation rules" standard "in Qinghai province high level innovative talents people plan reporting procedures and assessment procedures, clear by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security according to the employer demand for high-end talent plan, published" the demand for high-end innovative talents in Qinghai province "directory, reporting, assessment and accreditation work organized every year two. In addition, in order to achieve the precision and depth of the goal of training talents, that the employer must formulate the personnel training project to declare the high-end talent (team) training plan, training methods, clear goal; declare to the introduction of talent project and the introduction of personnel (team) signed a work contract or intention agreement, the two sides clear responsibility and obligation. read more

Xining 125 college graduates will enter the grassroots service

Xining city will college-graduate village official training work as a key task of boosting rural development, strengthen the grassroots talent reserve, actively serve the precise poverty, innovative training methods, strengthen training, delivery of "fresh blood for the grassroots". In August 14th, a reporter from the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department was informed that in 2015 in Xining City, "college-graduate village official" "three help" personnel selection work has entered the physical link, 125 college graduates will enter the base, carry out service.

West District of Xining city youth activities popular science education base inaugurated

  in January 25th, Xining City West District youth activities popular science education base in Xining zoo science museum inaugurated.

serves the public and plays the role of the public welfare of the zoo. In October 2012, Xining wildlife park was named a national science education base. In order to better play the role of zoo science education platform, the Xining wild zoo to spend nearly one million yuan, maintenance, renovation of the old museum facilities for a month, and the new "animal teeth" and "animal camouflage" more than 20 kinds of interactive electronic equipment, so that visitors in a relaxed and fun atmosphere to learn science knowledge. (author: Zhang Pu)

The provincial government held 1 10 months of industrial economic situation analysis

recently, the provincial government held 1-10 months of the province’s industrial economic situation analysis. Vice governor Wang Liming presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.


meeting that this year, the province’s industrial system and resolutely implement the provincial government decision to deploy, and effectively strengthen the operation and protection elements, take a series of effective measures, the province’s industrial economy continued to maintain a steady overall growth.

meeting pointed out that the current downward pressure on the economy is still large, the trend is not yet clear stabilization, industrial operation is still facing many problems and difficulties. All localities and departments to correctly judge the situation, serious analysis of new situations and new problems, targeted response. To strengthen the regulation of industrial operation, strengthen the protection of production factors, to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and tasks. To pay close attention to the construction and investment of industrial projects, and strengthen services to accelerate the signing of the project will be contracted to meet the existing problems in the construction project, give full play to the role of investment in steady growth support. To innovative ideas and methods of investment, do a good job in the early stages, to speed up the reserve with a number of strong power, high growth of good projects, solid industrial development potential. We should vigorously promote structural reforms in the supply side of the industrial sector, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development. To sum up this year’s work, an accurate analysis of the situation, early planning for next year. read more

Xining has built 66 judicial

October 25th, the reporter learned from the city’s grassroots judicial work conference was informed that, at present, the city has built 66 judicial offices, in addition to the 9 two in one justice, the realization of a township (town) one of the coverage.

it is reported that, in recent years, the city Bureau of justice to the building as an important starting point for the strategic task concerning the overall development of the administration of justice and the grassroots, laying the foundation to grasp, justice always in the judicial administrative work shows the basic power and the work force. In the 66 judicial, 18 judicial was named the provincial standardized judicial justice, the judicial administrative basic line of work in front of the ability to perform their duties effectively, enhance service level and capability of serving the masses. To carry out a comprehensive work of dual leadership in the district and township streets under the Bureau of justice, give full play to their functions, to participate in the construction of local economic and social practice, the principle of justice for the people, for the realization of play, highlighting the leading role in the construction of the rule of law, effectively enhance the judicial administrative work of the city’s influence. (author: Wang Xiaofang)
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