How to look at the search engine optimization and user experience of the difference

and UE in Shanghai Longfeng need as soon as possible to enter the website of vision

in addition to the scope of the outside obviously different between the two, another well-known conflict lies in Shanghai dragon and user experience in emphasizing service in different visitors. Shanghai dragon often or basically concentrated in machine or machine for the optimization algorithm, which is the search engine and sorting algorithm, and the user experience is obviously not a spider feel put more effort. The conflict of these two views can be coordinated? Experience decisions together, experience no boundaries, seem to experience should dominate the Shanghai dragon, but in the long run but not so.

user experience?

from the actual operation level, in fact, in addition to some obvious extreme or not too formal Shanghai dragon means, essence of the vast majority of Shanghai dragon skills and UE does not conflict with the practice opportunity won’t as legend or practice understanding so much conflict. At the same time, the fact is that. There are many great websites on the Internet, in addition to fully meet the needs of users, can also search engine based on the enough attention, and to obtain the rich income. After all, we all know that the user centered, all else will follow (a baby贵族宝贝/corporate/tenthings.html). read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER algorithm frequent adjustments to hold live

in February 2012, love Shanghai algorithm adjust the abnormal effect caused by the adjustment of algorithm frequent, mainly focus on medical classes, education classes, training classes for those sites; optimization over the site batch right down, there are a few sites survive, rise before the ranking is not ideal site appears on the front page!

, I suggest you Shanghai Longfeng ER to hold live, not because of frequent adjustment of love in Shanghai, the website ranking fluctuations in the moment and mess, or should be in accordance with their own plans to do daily updates, the construction of the chain, the search engine is not likely to abandon a day with "fresh blood" website.

love Shanghai adjustment algorithm since love Shanghai was established there, every website ranking fluctuations, Shanghai dragon ER in various forums, blogs on their love Shanghai algorithm to adjust how, how do you see these hot articles, there is no said stop web content update to stop the construction of the chain, discussion, in fact, to the final conclusion, or that a content + chain; read more

Taobao off profits high turnover products Wangzhuan mining GuideTaobao push customers to make money


through the above picture, we can find: the most common slogan is the 4 high: "high credibility, high unit price, Gao Yongjin, high conversion rate."".

but any Wangzhuan on the net profits of not more than two months, and soon someone will copy method, information spread, cause the attention of the administrator, put this diary are deleted, while shielding your connection, which is Taobao advertising does not go.

section address: club.alimama/thread-htm-fid-158.html

, if we go to Ali mother community "find Taobao customers" plate, it is not difficult to find, dispensers are invited Taobao customers to promote their products, such as figure.

, taoke.alimama/spreader/adShopDetail.htm, shopKeeperID=15042148& od=9

immediately let you have a mall, to promote their own mall, you can make money! read more

Three kinds of mobile user experience to help you improve website ranking

mobile Internet user modeThe ultimate goal of

two mobile devices. The appearance of the new

In the past few Another important factor affecting the user experience is the mobile

mobile users another use of the characteristics of the mobile phone is in free, need to pass the time, so it is needed to ER for Shanghai dragon to potential target users to provide entertainment or constructive content.

In recent years,


mobile devices is dedicated to the design of the Internet, but now the situation is changing rapidly. Apple’s iPhone series, led to the emergence of a large number of large screen, specifically for Internet users to mobile devices. So now just need to have a mobile network to meet the requirement of visitors — >

first, I want to emphasize is the Shanghai dragon to achieve profitability, then no matter what the consumers through the means of access to the site, you want him to achieve your intended target. For the mobile network, the limitation is very big, not much we can do, so we have to consider how to deal with. For example, a sales staff, he is the first thing is to understand the user in what place, there is a clear goal, he can arrive in time and occupy the local market share. As this example said, Shanghai mobile dragon first determine your target users. read more

Optimization of the enterprise site drainage not too fast otherwise the consequences

network promotion way, people feel more suitable for some content (news, educational sites, portals, etc.) through different ways to promote such as QQ group, forum, email, micro-blog, WeChat, public and so on, to find the target population; the fastest way to trapping the user, of course they need to organize promotion. When interned at large car news website, and later because of personal reasons. They promote several ways to see: for example, event marketing, such as encountered today what news, they through micro-blog, forum, QQ group immediately promotion, attention and communication of users. One day traffic can reach the explosive rise, this is the promotion of drainage. Is reading the crowd there know, time to drainage. Of course, this way is suitable for the enterprise site? Please read below read more

Love the sea K station are rational and relatively extreme crazy

, I found it in this period of time. Many domestic Shanghai dragon master are not involved in this kind of thing, take a look at the most lively, and even in the waves, I think they are anxious to webmasters and love against Shanghai.

There is no doubt that


yes, love Shanghai! Love Shanghai only light to a complaint entrance. Even apologies are basically collapse of most webmaster front. Now, still crazy and love against the Shanghai

crazy action is to let the network on the topic of the overwhelming information. Love Shanghai really feel the pressure. Finally, the opening of a website can make complaints to way to restore the site, for a long time before this, love has given any response to cocoa? It also shows that the pressure plays a role. The webmaster behavior has been paid attention to read more

You must first think Wangzhuan moneyEntrepreneurs say you need to know about the 3 things you need t

at the same time, I and my partner Josh also has many e-mail communication, although we also use instant messaging software, but I will explain my ideas for products, by mail to Josh and some marketing strategies. At the same time, Josh will answer many of my customers’ questions via mail. In addition, we also use the Asana system to manage our work tasks, so we receive a lot of reminder mail.

many jobs are actually related to mail,

a lot of people ask me, what was the day at Exist?. After a lot of thinking, I found that a lot of work started with mail.

Wangzhuan, especially free Wangzhuan, this misunderstanding. That is the network to make money, the day will be able to earn a few hundred, all of a sudden, very light through the. A long time ago, the reason is probably on the network there are people making money short time, such as Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, they are quite realistic industry, making money faster. On the other hand, nowadays, the increasing number of cheating courses on the Internet has made many people misunderstand. On the one hand, the Internet doesn’t make money. On the other hand, the Internet is very profitable and easy. read more

Website editor should understand the six Shanghai dragon knowledge

what kind of person production content? What editing! As Shanghai dragon er you should train your website from which the editor of the contents of the Shanghai dragon well? I think we should do from the following aspects.

keyword I think "> The

" in the title is very important, because this is the first visitors to see things, visitors can not see you the stuff inside is mostly watching your title is well written, why the "title party" to the title (Title) write so good? "Because the title of the party" he can be very good the site visitor’s psychological, there may be something to write really is not rotten rotten, let a person see will have the feeling of hot events All thoughts are blasted., many Internet and hot news are the "title party" to do it, they will effect every over every must see, see to scold, scold every will fire "," fire "your purpose is achieved, what flow, what ads have come…… read more

Keywords on the electricity supplier website how to reasonable layout of each page

, many commercial website owners are usually in the optimization has to pay attention to the layout of the keywords, especially the front page of the key words, from some of the electricity supplier can see on the website home page keywords deployed a lot, which often causes weight loss. Of course, webmaster want to understand is that the first page of the weight value is limited, if will lead to serious loss of weight deployment keywords too much in the home, the other is too many keywords deployed in the home page, the spider cannot decide which keywords are the main keywords and website is the core of what. In addition to the home page, channel page, content page layout is the same, do not too many words, to put the main keywords and long tail keywords separate deployment. The author and the majority of the electricity supplier webmaster exchange, keywords how to reasonable layout of each page. read more

Modaobuwukanchaigong search engine to collect principle you know not

is responsible for data collection sites but 2. spider spider behavior is controlled by. The search engine spiders crawling all over the network, it is a creeping regularity, the search engine will update according to law website to dispatch the spider so as to improve work efficiency, such as a daily updated website spider may every day to collect data, on the contrary, if a site updated once a week a spider crawling in a few times, seize the law may update a week to a crawl, so that regular update site is more conducive to the content of the recording and snapshot update.

1. is a collection of search engines rather than collect in search of the user in advance for real-time display of Web data collection, a huge amount of information on the network determines when the search engine may not search in each user to collect data, we get the query result is the search engine in advance with the data in the database. read more